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Kaala Teeka 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Pavitra and Chutki take Naina and Dimpy with them. She tells them everything thats special about the village. She says we have Goddess of river here. Thank God she saved me. Naina says I saved you no? Pavitra says God made us meet each other.
A thug with covered face sees them.
Mahanji says to pavitra where were you? and who are these people? Pavitra says they are my guests. He says Go give thakur meds. Pavitra runs in. Naina says to chutli was he so rudely talking to her? Chutki says because she got late otherwise he is a good human. He knows everyone by name.
Thakur is coughing.
pavitra comes there with meds. The man says why are you so late? Pavitra says I am sorry it wont happen again.

Naina comes to mananji and says chutki told me you know everyone here? Can you tell 14 years ago did you find a little girl in the lake? I am looking for someone. Mahanji says yes. But wait no. I don’t think any such thing happened. Naina says please try to recall. He says we have good memory. Your bus is broken spend the night here and leave.
Naina says I looked for you everywhere Pavitra. When will you meet me?

Mai sees Pavitra’s old photo that she found from her diary. She reads the name behind it. She says Pavitra.. I didn’t tell anyone that I picked badki from lake. Everyone thinks she is relative. I named her badki. When she calls me mai I don’t remember my lost daughter. She starts coughing. She bleeds again.

Kaala Teeka 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-

Dimpy does arti. Pavitra and naina both cough. Mai says I thought only my barki has this disease you are her partner too now.

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