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Kaala Teeka 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Mai takes out Pavitra’s photo and sees it.
Mai says Naina lost her sister in childhood. And now she says she sees her sister in badki. What if Badki is actually her sister? No no this can’t happen. Badki comes in and says what book is this? Mai says this is calculation book. Badki says will you miss me? Mai says every single day. Mai says I didn’t give birth to you but I raised you.

Naina says I feel stuck up mama. I can’t find Pavitra I can’t save Badki. Please ask God to save Badki. Please ask him to guide me. You are with him. She is looking at the skies. Badki sees someone walking. Its Badki. Naina says what is badki doing here so late?
Naina follows her. Badki has an idol there. She says you are mom. I won’t ever meet you. Please give me your blessings. In ashram nothing can be taken from here. I can only take your blessings with me. Badki looks behind she says who is there? Badki sees Naina. Naina says what was that? And why were you calling it mom? Badki says I lost my mom. Mai is not my real mom. She brought me up.

Mai looks at Kali’s picture. She says I am badki’s mom. I will never call her from her real name. Not Pavitra. I can’t ever imagine badki calling someone else mother. She will be away from me. That is why I never told her about you and this diary.
Chutki comes in and says Naina didi lost this photo here. Badki didn’t return it to her. She shows Mai the photo. Mai is shocked. Its Pavitra’s photo with Naina. Chutki says keep it mai and return it to naina. Mai compares both photos. She is shocked.
Naina says so you have no relation with her? Badki says I am her distant relative. I don’t remember my real mom’s face. I made this idol of her. Whenever I feel like I come here and talk to her my heart out.
Mai says this means Naina is Badki’s sister. badki will go away from me.
Badki says didi don’t tell this to anyone. If mai gets to know she will be hurt. Mai really loves me and so do I.

Naina comes to temple and says are you happy God? You look at all this and remain silent. Naina says your eyes are close? While these girls will have their lives taken from them. She throws all the sindur up in the air. Naina says prove everyone that you exist and save those girls. Save badki. Don’t you feel sympathy for her? She even lost her parents. My mother lived her life like a kala teeka. I won’t let anything like that happen to badki. Do something. Or you are just a stone to me. If you can’t do anything then at least don’t support these devils. I won’t leave my mission.

Naina is sitting outside temple. She recalls the injection. Dimpy comes and says you are here I had been looking for you everywhere. Aunty was so worried. Mahant says wow so lucky of us. Look who is here at the temple. would you like showering the stairs? She says I sure will. That will be an honor.
Badki comes home and says mai where are you going? Mai says nowhere. Badki runs to shut the stove. Mai hides the diary. Mai says in heart I will put this truth in river today.


Kaala Teeka 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna says ama I want you to know truth. Thakurain slaps him and says I don’t want to. Naina asks badki whats Badki’s real name? Mai says badki asked you to ask me that? Naina says no I am just asking because you are not her real mom.

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