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Kaala Teeka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 30th March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Thakur says to Naina I liked that you agreed to what I said. You love you loved ones. Naina recalls, Thakur brought her to a place where has kidnapped chutki, chachi and Dimpy. He is going to hang them. Thakur says they came here with you and got stuck here. Naina says let them go. What have they done to you. Thakur says that’s what I am saying. If you want them free you have to do a little thing. you have to say that thakurain attacked you and to save yourself you attacked her. Naina says I won’t do that ever. He says as you wish.
His men are about to hang them three. Naina says stop. I will do what you say. Thakur says you did right. THe day you stop listebning to me they will die. He laugsh, locks her and leaves. Naina says please forgive me pavitra. I broke your trust but I don’t have another option.

Thakur comes to his room. He replaces Thakurain’s med with another one. Mai comes in to apply medicine on Thakurain head. She picks the one thakur placed there. Thakurain can’t breathe, thkaur says what is happening to her. Mai says I think I will need to change the med. I am going to jungle to get herbs. He says please take my driver and come back son. Mai leaves. Thakur bribes a doctor and gets a syringe from him. He says if you tell this to someone I will kill you. He sits next to thakurain. Pavitra comes and shoves him away. He says how dare you. Pavitra shows him knife and says God gives strength. You fooled police but I know truth. He says truth is that you can’t do anything. He says naina you.. Pavitra turns back. Thakur snatches the knife and says you thought you can warn me? thakur calls his men and says is everything okay there? Wait for my next call. He hears some gunshots. His ment tell him some robbers have attacked the house.

Pavitra knocks at Naina’s door and says are you okay? Please talk to me. Naina says I don’t wanna meet anyone. Pavitra says I know your hands were bound. I have to talk to you. I am breaking this lock. She tries to break the lock.
The robbers have face covered and they shoot Thakur’s men. thakur comes out firing. Pavitra is busy in breaking the lock. Pavitra breaks the lock. Naina comes out.
Krishna is one of the robbers. His face is hidden. He points the gun at thakur. Thakur holds it on his head. He says shoot me if you have courage. Krishna’s mask falls off. Thakur is dazed. Thakur says you..

Pavitra says please tell me what truth is. I know you said all that in trouble. Please don’t be silent. You told me say truth. How can you be weak? Please tell me truth.
Thakur shoves Krishna and is going inside.
Pavitra says thakur threatened you? Naina says truth is what I told you. It can’t change if you don’t believe it. Pavitra turns back and looks at Thakur.

Scene 2
He says you all think I am forcing niana but she is doing everything on her own. Thakur says just like that Naina will celebrate her wedding night with me tonight all with her own will.
She is my wife afterall. Krishna says baba shut up. He says if you don’t trust me ask Naina. Before I countdown to three she will say yes. Naina recalls he said that I will call my friends in half an hour, if I don’t they will kill me.
Thakur counts.. 1.. 2.. Naina says yes yes.

Thakur says I wanted that is why you two were living here. I will kick you both out tomorrow. And thakurain will be my and my naina’s servant. Pavitra says shame on you. You have a wife and you keep an eye on a girl who is your daughter’s age. He says you think I will feel ashamed with that lecture? You know it doesn’t bother me then why you do all this drama?

Pavitra says I am so worried. Krishna says don’t worry I wont’ let anything happen to Naina.


Kaala Teeka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishna comes to the room and says naina.. Thakur’s man catch both Krishna and Pavitra. Krishna says where is Naina? Thakur says where a bride should be?

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