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Kaala Teeka 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Naina is on her way to a village. Her friend dimpy says you are going to another village now? Naina says my sister is alive and I will find her. Naina says this is all supersition I don’t believe it.
Mai says to Pavitra where were you? It was about to start. Pavitra hugs the bride and says you are very brave Kajri that you are going to asylum. Don’t cry I will take care of your parents. Thakur comes there.
Pabdit ji breaks the coconut in front of the boat. He gives a white cloth to thakur, Pandit ji says Kajri is very lucky that she has been chosen to save the village. She will live life isolated and will dedicate her life to the river. this will make the Goddess of river happy and there won’t be any storms. They take Kajri towards the board. Pavitra is crying. Kajri sits in the boat. Thakur shoves the boat and it starts floating. Pavitra runs towards her but mai stops her. Mai says your friend is going away from you but she will live a respected life in asylum. Her parents will also get five thousand each month.
Thakur says to Kajri’s father, your daughter’s sacrifice won’t go in vain. this is five thousand from us. Pavitra sees the boat going. It starts raining. Pavitra falls and so does Naina.
Niana’s fried says lets go to a spa instead. Niana says I have to go there.
They see a girl being harassed by a man. People are just seeing them. The girl tries to save herself. Naina comes to stop them. THe thug says first you attract us with clothes like these and then say that you will call police? Naina says who are you to comment on her dress? He says is she your sister? Naina says yes every girl who can’t raise her voice is my sister and I will raise voice for her. Listen you dog, she shoves him. Naina says learn to respect women. Naina throttles him.
The girl says thank you. You helped me even though you don’t even know me. Naina says don’t thank me. I won’t be here always to save you but these beasts are everywhere. Learn to protect yourself. Raise voice for yourself. come I will drop you. She drops that girl.

Naina says to dimpy pavitra would be so grown up. she would be 18 by now. Does she miss me like I miss her?
Pavitra is sitting near the river. Kali says you brought me here God, this Kotipur is my home. I can’t see people here upset by sending someone they love away from them. Please do something. Send someone who takes worries of this village away.

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