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Kaala Teeka 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Naina is in temple. She washes the stairs. Naina recalls Badki saying she lost her parents. Mahant says in heart this snake will bite her and she will die. Naina sees mai. Mai says what happened? Naina says what is badki’s real name? Mai says badki. Naina says how old was she when she came to you? Mai says very young. Naina says where she used to live? Mai says a village nearby, why? Badki asked you to ask me all this. Naina says I am just asking because you are not her real mom. I mean you brought her up. Mai says no one asked me this before. I am badki’s mom. I had been there on all her sleepless nights. Mai says don’t ever call me not her real mom. She leaves.

Krishna says what will I say to naina now? Its not just about baba’s name. Its about the girls living in ashram.
Thakur is with a girl. Krishna comes in. She says I am the maid. Krishan says what is happening here? Thakur says you should have knocked. Don’t you know whom are you talking to? Krishan says you forgot that you have a wife too who keeps praying for you. I am so ashamed of your deeds. Thakur grasps his collar and says go and tell your mom. Come with me. He takes him to thakurain. He says say what you wanted to tell your mom. Krishna says you have to know a truth./ Your husband.. Thakurain says I don’t wanna know any truth go from here. Krishna says what you mean. You know it all? i want to listen it from you. Why you accept all this? I will stand by you. don’t be scared. Thakurain slaps him and says enough. I said go from here. Krishna leaves. Thakur comes to him and says you have to become thakur too in some days.

The snake is in water pot.
Mai comes to river with all the photos and pavitra’s diary. She says this truth has to die today. She throws it in the water.

Naina starts washing the stairs. Krishna and bublo come there. Naihna says what happened? Krishna says I wanna tell you something. I feel like there is something going in ashram. There was drug in that inject according to the report. Naina says I told you. He says I wanna help you. Mahant says what is krishna talking to her about.
Badki is near lake. She sees Mata rani’s photo fall. Naina says this is so wrong. Badki says I hope everything is fine. She sees a red cloth in the river. Badki says this is Mai’s cloth. Naina says I am glad you know the truth. I am glad you will help me. He says I will help you at any cost without any fear. We will find out ashram’s truth together.

Badki says I think mai forgot it here and it fell in river. she takes out the cloth. Badki sees a diary. She says what book is this? She sees the photo of Nainan’s childhood. Badki says this is the photo naina didi forgot here last time. Badki sees another photo in dairy. She turns it. The photo floats with the air. Badki runs after it and comes to temple. Badki picks the photo. Its her photo with Kali and Naina. Badki is shocked. She sits there in a shock.
A snake bites Naina. Krishna says someone save her.Mahant says she has to die now.


Kaala Teeka 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Badki says Naina’s childhood picture with her chachi and mine with her as well? This means Naian didi is my sister.

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