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Kaala Teeka 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 5th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Thakur says I know you ran away and you are alive but not for long. He points his gun at Naian. Pavitra runs towards him but Krishna stops her. Thakur says you are gone Naina. Naina keeps smiling. Thakur fires but his bullets doesn’t go to Naina. Naina laughs. Thakur is scared. Pavitra is shocked. Krishan tells her he replaced Thakur’s bullets with the fake ones. Naina says you can’t kill the dead but can die. I will save my family but who will save you? Thakur says this isn’t possible. Naina walks towards him. Pavitra and Krishna come too as ghosts. Krishan says you killed your son now that son is back to kill you. Pavitra walks towards him. his bullets are ineffective. He says don’t come near me. They all walks towards him. Thakur sits down and cries. They all hide. Thaurain comes and says what happened? He says they.. They were here. Thakurian says who? He says the photos.. All the photos are on the wall. He says no they fell. Thakur says they all three came here and said they want to punish me and send me where I sent them. Thakurain laughs and says you are getting punished for your sins. you better repent. He shoves her and leaves.

Scene 2
Thakur tells Bansi to look everywhere for them. Thakur is asleep/ He sees all the ghosys coming towards him. He feels like they are throttling him. He stands up screaming.
Pavitra says what should be our next step? Krishan says scare him more until he gets mad. We will do another mishap with him. Naina says how will we while sitting here? Krishna says not us. Our supporter will. Bell rings. Naina says who could this be? Krishna says our fifth supporter. He opens the door its thakurain.
Pavitra says this means she is with us too. Are you okay? Thakurain says yes I am fine. We have to do what was left incomplete. Thakur has sent his people to look for you all dead or alive. Krishan says we knew that. We have arranged something already.
Mai says did you get to know about chutki, chubs and Dimpy? Thakurain says I dont’ know where they are but he won’t do anything. He is really scared.

Thakur calls his man. the thug says okay. Chubs says please don’t kill us. He walks towards them with a knife. They are scared. He is about to stab Chutki but stops. They cut their ropes instead and say lets go to eat. They leave. Chubs says how is this possible? I am not understanding anything.

Thakur is eating. He opens the pot and says blood in one. He calls thakurain and says you made this food? She says yes. He says where did this blood come from? She opens the pot and says its vegetable. Thakur says what is wrong with me.
Thakur’s man comes and says Heera met an accident. Thakur comes to hospital. Heera tells him he saw some burned bones in palace. He says when I was driving back. I saw all of them on road in white and met an accident. they will kill us all. They are back to seek revenge.

Thakur comes to wash his face. The towel he touches burns. He screams and pours water on it. Thakurain comes. He comes out and sees blood on his shirt.
Thakur comes in hall and sees lights sparking. He says who is here. They all run around him. Pavitra’s sleeve gets stuck in a nail. Her hand bleeds. Thakur goes towards her. She runs away. Krishna and Pavitra hide under a sheet. There is Pavitra’s blood on the floor. Krishna puts his hand on it before Thakur could step on it. He says to Pavitra your hand is bleeding. He ties his handkerchief around her arm.

Thakur is doing havan. He says I am calling the evil souls. So I can send them from here forever. He says come I am calling you. The gate opens with steam and they all walk in. Pavitra says you can’t burn us or kill us. But you can burn in this fire. Thakurain says please don’t kill him. Pavitra says okay we won’t kill him if he repents for his sins. Thakur laughs. he says what repentance? Naina says first leave our family. Krishna says second confess in front of police. Thakur says I don’t believe in ghosts.Mai says but you are scared. The fire creates a ball around him. He screams and says no no. He says I will kill you all. Mai says you can’t kill the dead. Naina says will you tell police or not? Or should we burn you right here?


Kaala Teeka 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina says Pavitra I am so happy you got your sister back. Pavitra says I will get my sister back when you have your memory back that you came here to find me. Krishna says lets go we have to go before Thakur reaches there.

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