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Kaala Teeka 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Scene 1
Pavitra hugs the photo. She says God you gave me such a big clue to my life. I will go and tell Naina didi I her younger sister. She runs towards the temple where Naina is.
Naina is fainted. Krishan and Dimpy are worried. Badki comes there. Krishna says a snake bit her. Please help us badki. Badki is dazed. Krishan says please do something. Badki says please don’t sleep didi. I am pulling out the poison. Badki says lets take her home. Mai will put medicine on it. Krishna picks her up and they run towards home.

Thakur is looking at Naina’s photo. He says you can’t go ahead of me.
Mai and Badki are treating Naina. Chubs says I hope she is alright. I will take her from here. She is crying. BAdki says Mai why is didi not opening her eyes. Mai says the meds are not affecting her. The poison is spreading in her body. Krishna says but these poisonous snakes are not even found here. Mai says yes. And if she doesn’t open eyes in half an hour then her life would be in danger.
Badki says in heart no God you can’t take my didi from me. You have to save her.
Badki runs out.
Badki comes to temple and her foot trips over. Badki says please God. After years I have someone from my family. You can’t take her from me. I prostrated before you all my life. Please return my sister back to me.
Mai is treating Naina. Badki takes rounds around the idol her with her injured foot. A flower drops from the idol. Badki picks it up and faints.
Naina starts moving her hand. Krishna says she moved her hand. Dimpy says Naina please open your eyes. Krishan says try to talk please. Mai says she is out of danger now. Chubs says thank God.
Mai says let me go and check Badki. I am sure she went to temple.
Naina tries to sit but she can’t. Krishan gives his hand to her. Naina holds his hand. The song ‘dil kia kare’ plays in background. Krishna gives her water. Naina says you dont’ look like Krishna when you help me. You look like Krishan when you tease me. He says I told you I will fight with you. She says you said that and snake bit me. He says it was brought there to kill you. That snake is not found here. They brought it here. They are very dangerous. They want to kill you. Those thugs, Mahant and.. And my father. What if something had happened to you.

Mai comes to temple. She sees Badki fainted there. Mai says God listened to you. She is out of danger now. Badki smiles. Baadki says really? She runs towards home. Badki says thank you God for saving my sister. Mai is dazed. Mai sees the photo there in the temple.
Thakur slaps mahant. He says how is she alive. She had to die. That snake bitten person is never saved. Mahant says mai and her daughter saved her. Thakur says people will think she is blessed and they will start listening to her. she will provoke them. Mahant says give me one more chance. The same villagers will kick her out of this village. Nothing is more important than ritual to them. Thakur says don’t dare making a mistake this time.

Krishna says to Naina you life is precious. Please go from here. She says no. My one life is not more important than lives of those hundreds of girls. I have to save all of them along with Badki. I won’t go back before that.
Mai says where did you find it? Badki says in your cloth. You knew? Mai says I just got to know two days before. Badki says why didn’t you tell me? Mai says you have few days left here. Badki says I could spend last few days with my real sister. Mai says don’t say that. I didn’t give birth to you but I kept you with me fourteen years. Now suddenly she is your family and I am not. Your mai is an outsider. Badki hugs her and says no Mai. you are my everything.


Kaala Teeka 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Thakur says one wrong step everything will be over. The people are scared of us. Naina says truth is not scared of anyone. Its about time you are exposed to people. He says you are threatening me in my own house? There is a hell waiting for you out there. Naina goes out people throw stones at her. Badki says stop. A stone hits her head.

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