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Kaala Teeka 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Pavitra has dressed as a bride. She is in temple. She says I wont have any problem at the asylum. My friends are there as well. I will also treat everyone there. Kajri is running in the jungle. She sees Pavitra and comes there. She says badki.. But the men shut her up and drag her from there. Pavitra walks out of temple. Pavitra sees her leaving but she can’t say anything.

Scene 2
Mai comes to the choosing ceremony with chutki. Naina and dimpy are there too. Thakru comes there. Dimpy says where is badki? Dimpy says he looks like a villain. Pavitra comes there too. The pooja starts. All the girls sit in line. Thakur puts tika on foreheads of all the girls. He recalls the picture while seeing chutki’s face. Tge pooja is going on. They all pass coconuts. Chutki says to Pavitra throw it away fast before he chooses. So we both can be safe.

Naina overhears a woman saying to her daughter I have told them that you are not in village. So you don’t get chosen. The girl never comes back if she gets chosen. Lets go before someone sees you. Naina says if they are chosen one of them will go forever. I won’t let that happen. The mantra stops at chutki but badki takes it from her. Everyone is dazed. Mahanj says badki has been chosen by the Goddess of river. Naina comes and throws away his coconut. Everyone is dazed. He says who dared doing this. Thakur says who is this girl? A man says she is badki’s guest. I saw her there. THakur says you know what you did? Naina says I stopped a superstition. What you were doing is wrong. Manaj says who are you tell us what should we do? Should we let an outside decide our rituals. Naina says try to understand people this doesn’t take you anywhere. Only your daughters are taken from you. And you badki I thought you are wise. Are you so stupid that you will do whatever they ask you in the name of ritual.. Whats the point of sending girls in some asylum? Mahanj says this is our village. Who are you to say all this about our rituals? Naina says I am human. You can’t take their happiness and life away from them. Why would you send them there? Mahanj says so they can serve the Goddess. Naina says they should study and think about their careers in this age not in some asylum.
A woman says can’t you tell them that this all is not allowed here badki? Or did you ask her to come here and do all this. Mai says this is not badki’s fault. She said she is leaving for city. Naian says please go from here didi. Naian says don’t be scared I am here to save you. Pavitra says did I ask you? Naina says you just fear them and I know.. Trust me. Pavitra says you broke my trust. You disrupted our ritual. Don’t do anything else please go from here. NAian is dazed.
Pavitra picks up the coconut. Naina says you wanna go there by your will? I won’t let this happen. Come with me. Mahanj says enough of this drama. Go from here or we will punish you. Dimpy says leave it naina no one is on our side. Naina says I won’t leave humanity dying here. what is happening here is wrong and it should end. A man says she won’t listen this way. Hit her and ask her to leave the city. They are about to throw stones on her. Pavitra comes in front and says please stop. She saved my life, I apologize on her behalf. She is from city her thinking is different from us. Please as a guest let her go. I beg you. They all leave the stones. Pavitra says please go from here didi. I won’t see you being hurt by these people. Please go. Dimpy says Naian we didn’t come here for this. This is suicide mission.

Kaala Teeka 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :

Pavitra says mai this is God’s blessing that I got chosen. I will live there happily. Mai and chutki are crying. Chutki says I can’t live without you.

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