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Kaala Teeka 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Kaala Teeka 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap : Mai says you have few days left here. Badki says I could spend last few days with my real sister. Mai says don’t say that. I didn’t give birth to you but I kept you with me fourteen years. Now suddenly she is your family and I am not. Your mai is an outsider. Badki hugs her and says no Mai. you are my everything.

Kaala Teeka 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Naina calls women empowerment head and tells her that in a village koshipur, girls are being smuggled to red light area in name of ritual. A girl was see in Mumbai. She was from village. The woman says how do you know? Naina says I can’t say that yet but please we need your help. She says I will take help from police and start investigating.
Krishna says whom was she? Naina say an NGO head. She is supported by police as well. Kirshna says will they be able to arrest baba and mahaant? Naina says at least pressurize them.
Chutki comes in and gives Naina tea she made for her. Naina says where is badki? Badki and Mai come in. Badki hugs Naina. She is crying. Chutki says you took her name and she is here. It feels like she is attached to you by heart. You both would be sisters

in some past life. Naina says I knew nothing would happen to my sister. We won’t let anything happen to her. Chubs says I know you went to temple to pray for Naina. It was your prayers that saved her. That’s a favor on me. Badki says your family doesn’t give you favors in terms of prayers.
Mahant says very good game is played. Lets see what happens now. Thakur gets a all. His man tells him NGO and police attacked his banglow in city where Kajri was. He says I saved and took her from there.
The NGO head calls Naina and tells her they saw Kanjri there but some men fled with her from the banglow. She says now even police knows. Something will be done.
Mahant says what should we do now? Thakur says I will talk to officers. We won’t do anything ourselves. These villagers are scared of us. Naina says truth is not scared of anyone. She comes in. Thakur is dazed. Naina says you have fooled the innocent people here enough here. Its about time you take off this mask. You might be powerful but not more than law. Thakur says you are threatening me in my own house? I saved you from villagers. The place outside is hell for you. Thakur’s men throw her stuff out. Naina says I have won their trust. They won’t kick me out of here. Naina goes out and sees people protesting against her.
Mahant recalls he burnt the doli for Badki and told everyone in the village naina did that.
Krishan says you lied just to provoke people against Naina? Thakur says better be on my side or you will be called not my son but someone’s sin. Thakur says I better be called a sin than your son. He says come Naina I will calm them down.
They go out. Villagers say kick her out. Krishna says calm down. Mai says stop. What are you doing. She didn’t burn the doli.
Badki is in temple. She says I couldn’t even tell didi that I am her sister. What if she asks me to come with her? Chutki comes and tells her people are protesting against Naina. Badki runs towards the palace. People are throwing stones at Naina. Thakur’s men grab Krishna. Badki come and says stop. She comes in front of Naina Mai says stop. Badki says she didn’t burn the doli. I did that by mistake. Badki says I placed dia near doli. Mai says you heard it? Go from here now.

Mai says to badki why you came in front of her? What if they hurt you? badki says but.. Naina comes in. Naina says thank you for saving my life. Badki says why don’t you go from here. Naina says my bus brought here. I went to find Pavitra but destiny.. Badki says destiny brought you into the right house. Naina says means? Badki gives her the diary. Naina says this is ma’s diary. Where did you find it? Badki says your sister gave it to Mai. Naina says years ago mai went on a journey. I was with her as well. I was very young. So I saw there was a girl of my age, near the bank of river. My tried to save her but she passed away. Mai found this diary in her hand. Naina starts crying. She says Pavitra.. She sobs. Pavitra says in heart I am sorry I had to lie to you to save your life.

Kaala Teeka 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Precap-Thakurain says to Naina I heard Mahant said to thakuur they have tied Kajri in jungle cell. Naina goes to that cell. Badki says I will not let anything happen to my sister.

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