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Kaala Teeka 8th February 2017 Written Update


Kaala Teeka 8th February 2017 Written Update and Kaala Teeka 8th February 2017 video watch online

Scene 1
Chutki says please dont’ go. How will we live without you. Pavitra says this is for everyone’s better. You will have money everything will be good now. Mai and Chutki are crying. BAdki says I am blessed that I have been chosen. All the problems will solve now. Badki goes to buy vegetables but the vendor doesn’t take money from her. He says you are doing this for us and we can’t take money from you. Naina says how can you believe this chutki? You know whats behind that river? Chutki says its just an asylum. Whats wrong with that? Naina says this is supersitition? This is all lie. You need to save your life. Pavitra says I don’t understand this city talks. Since we started giving girls to river no storms came. Naina says I will save you. Pavitra says why will you? This is my life. And who are you to stop me? Naina says no one she is leaving. Pavitra holds her hand. She looks at Naina and leaves.

Scene 2
Some men come and says to Naina thakur has called you. SHe says why? He says come you will know.
Mai is crying. She says badki with you so many secrets will go as well. You are going to give up on your life. This is a great a sacrifice and I know you are doing this for us. MAi says what will happen to chutki when badki leaves. She will be so alone.
Naina and dimpy come to thakur’s place. The man says to dimpy you stay here he will only meet her. Naina goes in.
Naina comes in and sees Thakur’s pictures. THakur says what are you looking at? She says I am trying to understand. Thakur comes downstairs. Naina says one thing I understand for sure, the one who pretends following God way too much is a liar. He says enough. Naina says everyone’s scared of you? He says they respect me. He says sit down. She says I didn’t come here for that. Tell me what you called me for? He says you are a guest. Let me be a good host. Naina says so you people throw stones at guests? He says I didn’t like it. I am the thakur here and I don’t want any guest takes bad image from here. This is a diamond and you do no take it as a glass. He says I called you here to ask you to respect our rituals and not talk to people about it in city. She says it sounds like a threat. But I am not scared. Anyway I came here to find someone but I couldn’t so I am going now. That is why aim in life. Good bye. He says drink water at least. I will drink it first and prove this is not toxic. And yes you city people doubt a lot but villagers hate questions of doubt. You throw questions they throw stone. Good bye. Naina leaves.
A servant says why are you giving her importance? He says these people ask a lot questions. She can provoke villagers. So I called her to convince.
Naina comes out. Dimpy says all fine? Naina says yeah. Dimpy says lets go home. We came to find pavitra not all this.

All the women come to Badki to take her blessings. A woman says first she used to work on people’s health and now on their fates. They all give her dupattas. Naina comes there.

Kaala Teeka 9th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Mai looks at Pavitra’s diary. She says I won’t tell you this has your mom’s picturem, you sister’s picture and the things your mom wrote in this diary. Pavitra overhears it.

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