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Kaala Teeka 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

Scene 1
Naina recalls badki said that she met pavitra 14 years ago. Naina leaves a candle in the river. She is crying. Krishna comes there. Naina is sobbing. Krishna hugs her. He says first time you came here to find your sister, but now you came to save badki and you mission is still incomplete. Naina says God you took my sister but I won’t let badki be sacrificed. I have to save Badki. Krishna says be safe. I will be there in the morning.

Badki is near the river. She sees a candle. Mai says this is a lie. Why did you lie to naina that pavitra had died? Badki says Pavitra died. I am Badki your daughter. Mai says when Naina gets to know you are her sister she will take you from here and then you won’t have to go to ashram. Badki says that is why I didn’t tell her. Mai says why do you wanna go there? Is there something else you are hiding? Badki says to serve the Goddess. Mai says you wanna go because I get treated her well? and get paid 5 thousand? that I and chutki live a good life. badki says no. Mai says don’t lie. I didn’t give birth to you but I know everything you say.
Scene 2
Naina comes home. Chutki says why did you come here. BAdki didi saved you but you lit that doli. Thakurain comes and says she is only saying truth. You are saving villagers and I am not doing anything for them. I heard mahant saying they have kidnapped kajri in the jungle house. I will be with you this time.
Thakurain says go and take proofs from there.
Naina calls krishan but his phones are off. Niana called badki and tells her that she is going to jungle and tell Krishan.

Dimpy comes to mai and badki. She tells them that naina has gone to jungle. Badki picks a knife and says I won’t let anything happen to my sister.

Thakur comes in room and says to Thakurain stitch my button. He grasps her hand and says you think you heard me by luck? No. I made you hear that. I knew you would go and inform that niana. He laughs. He twists her arm. Thakur says now tell me who will save that naina from me.
Naina comes to the jungle house. Chutki is there as well. Niana says what are you doing here? Chutki syas I am against this ritual too. I want proofs as well. Naina says its dangerous here.
Chutki says I will be with you. They both come inside.

Chutki picks of the sheet there are only pillows there. Thakur says why did you come with her? She is mad. Naina says she knows that what devil you are. Thakur says yes we do sell those girls who are sent in the name rituals. You didn’t even think the person who can build an ashram in a day what else can’t he do? What if you know the truth. He says this chutki won’t be alive to tell the truth. And you.. I will make you suffer so much that you will beg me to kill you. He calls his thugs. He asks his men to take Chutki out. Chtuki is crying. Thakru says leave this spice for me. He comes near Naina. Naina steps back. She falls down. Nian throws sand in his eyes. Naina comes out and hits the thug on head with a rod. She and chutki run from there. The thugs run after them. Naina and chutki are running.

Thakur collides with Bakdi. He says are you looking for naina as well? Badki says how do you know? Thakur says I heard a villager saying naina was here in jungle so he came to save her. Krishna comes and says he doesn’t care about anyone. He is a liar. Thakur says I know you hate me but don’t say this. Krishan says I know you have kidnapped Kajri in the jungle house.
Thakur says go and check.

Chutki says how will make them believe about thakur? Naina says I made a video. She shows her.
Krishan says Naina told me kajri is kidnapped here. Badki says we have to look for naina first.


Kaala Teeka 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Thakur says I think we both have wrong news. Naina isn’t here. Bakdi says to niana is here. Thugs point gun at naina and chutki. Krishna and Badki come there. thugs shoot Chutki.

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