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Kaala Teeka 9th February 2017 Written Update


Kaala Teeka 9th February 2017 Written Update and Kaala Teeka 9th February 2017 video watch online

Scene 1
Naina comes there. Badki says didi I believe in what is happening, let it be. Naina says I know. I just came to say good bye not to argue. You felt like someone known to me. That’s why I tried saving you but.. If you mind that then I am really sorry. Forgive me as a older sister. Dimpy says we are getting late Naina. Chutki says didi take my thank. Naina says for what? Chutki says you tried saving my sister from this. That is enough for me. Naina says my best wishes are you with. I hope everything goes well with you. Bye. She is leaving. A woman says let me do badki’s arti. Badki and Naina start coughing. Mai says don’t you know badki is allergic to steam. Mai gives them both water. Badki hugs Naina. Dimpy says lets go we are getting late. Dimpy and Naina leave.
Naina recalls the moment she spent with Naina. Naina says she is so innocent. I feel so worried.
Naina says we will go to Mithla and look for Pavitra. then I will come back here. Dimpy says I need energy drink. Naina says I think I forgot it at Badki’s place.
Badki looks at NAian’s childhood photo. SHe says I think this is naian’s childhood photo. I think she forgot it.

Dimpy says sit in the bus. Naina says I won’t go. I have to save badki. SHe has to know that she is not doing right. We have to take people out of this.
Naina gets a call from Prohit. she says Chulbuli has fainted Dimpy. We have to go back there. But I will come back here to save you badki.

Scene 2
Mai is looking at Pavitrra’s photo. she says I have a few days left with you. should I tell you reality of your life? Should I tell you about your mom and sister and their photos in this diary. Badki comes in and says mai.. Are you looking for something? Mai says shawl.. Its cold. Pavitra says it would be in trunk let me look. Mai says no no its not here. Pavitra says naina didi forgot something. Mai says we have nothing to do with that girl.

Thakur says to his men we had to choose that 9 year old. How did you choose her sister? What will we answer to the dealers? We have asked for sometime. There shouldn’t be any mistake this time.
Pavitra is sleeping. She recalls Naina fighting for her.
Chutki says I felt like NAina didi will stop this ritual and I will have you here always. BAdki says we both will see the same stars. Chutki says but I won’t be able to hug the stars.

Scene 3
Chulbui says to servant why did you tell naina about my health? Naian comes in and says I know you would have started eating sweets and wont be taking meds. Chulbuli says there is a good news. We had neighbors in Mithla. she called me today. She has Kali’s photo. Naina smiles and says really? chulbuli says you will see your mom Naina. You will have her photo. Doorbell rings.

Badki says to Mai don’t worry. Doctor will check you up. Badki goes in to bring her shawl. She picks it from the trunk. The diary falls.

Kaala Teeka 9th February 2017 Written Update Precap : naina goes to police station. She complains about thakur. He says do you know he is well reputed name. Naian says I saw a girl whose hand had same tattoos as sculptors in Thakur’s haveli.

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