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Kalash 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kalash 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Kalash 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

Scene 1
Janki says I hope everything is okay. I hope Ambika is not in trouble.
Devika recalls when she was begging manju saket and Nivi not to kill her. She sees her own conscience. She says how are you ambika, this is the place where I died. Ambika says I am here to avenge devika’s murder. Your happiness was taken away from you devika. Only one enemy is left. I will avenge my greatest enemy.

Ravi comes near well. He says where is ambika? Ambika says I have to go against my love and get devika justice. Ravi has to be punished. I hope my hands don’t shiver. Ravi comes there and says Ambika what are you doing here? This place is dangerous. I lost my devika here. She turns back. Ravi says this is devika’s mangsutra and bangles. What are they doing with you.. Devika says they are where they should. These are mine I am devika. Ravi is dazed. Ravi hugs her and says I am so happy. My devika you are alive. You know first time I touched you I realized you are my devika. I died every day without you. You changed everything. You changed. I saw your truthfulness. It never changed. What was the reason to change everything? She says I had to. So I don’t become your victim again. I had to transform completely. I even changed my finger prints. He says but why? You were alive. Why didn’t you come back to me? Devika says it wasn’t an accident. I was murdered. According to a plan. You wanna know why I became ambika? why I didn’t come back? I had to punish you for what you did. I didn’t die because I had to punish you. My janki ma saved me and gave me a new life, a new identity. It was not easy. I kept crying I wanted to kill myself but ma never let me do it. She made me realize that God gave me this new life to avenge my murder. I was given this life so I can punish my enemies and I did that. First shewta then your mom, then Saket and Nivi. All of them are done. Then I came close to you so you don’t doubt me. I married you so I can keep an eye on all my enemies. All my plans worked. He says why didn’t you tell me when all of them were punished? I would have trusted you. Why didn’t you tell me. Devika says my greatest enemy is left. The person who is closest to you. the person you trust with eyes closest. He can stab you deepest. I waited all this time to seek revenge from him. Ravi says whom are you talking about? Devika says you.. Ravi is dazed. Devika its you. My husband, that traitor who planned my murder. She says you are doing this drama so you can fool me again. But I won’t trust you this time. I loved you and you back stabbed me. I don’t trust you at all. No matter what you say or do. I know why you married me and killed me. You wanted my property and then you wanted to marry Nivi. This is the truth. You planned my murder with saket and nivi so you can have my property. You wanted me to die. You wanted to get rid of me. I loved you so much if you asked me for my money I would have given you all of it happily and I would have gone away from your life. I really loved you. You shouldn’t have betrayed me. Your shouldn’t have murdered me. You married me by saying that you wanted to save me from saket. Those promises, our marriage everything was a joke to you. You are a stain on the name of marriage. You shoudn’t have done this. But enough. I will punish you for everything you did. I didn’t die so I can punish you and I will.
Ravi says enough.. not a single word more. I didn’t kill you. I didn’t do anything I didn’t plan anything. I loved you every moment of my life. I did everything to make you smile. We spent such good time together and you think that was all drama? You have this poison filled for me? I loved you so much. Remember when we jumped in the cliff that kidnapping night. You said you love you. What kind of love is this which has no trust? You saved me so many times. You accused me so many times before as well but you were proved wrong every time. Then you promised me you will always trust me. You have really hurt me today. How can you blame me for all this? How can I kill you. Devika says enough. you can’t fool me anymore. You have lost my trust forever. Not again. You betrayed me so many times. I won’t let it happen this time. You think I saying this all this without any reason? I have proofs. You got ready to go to amba ji temple. Why? Because you wanted to kill me.

Kalash 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devika says Mr. Ravi you are sentenced to death for killing your wife. She points pistol at him.

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