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Kalash 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kalash 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Kalash 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Scene 1
Devika says you prepared to go with me to amba ji. Why did you? Ravi recalls Devika asked him to take her to Amba ji. he said we will go wherever she wants. Devika says I was so stupid. I thought my husband loves me so much that he is taking me there. But he was planning my murder. Why did you let Nivi come with us? I didn’t even think. Everyone came. I didn’t wonder why. I thought its good. But you people took me to kill me.
Devika recalls Ravi said there is land slide and they can’t go any further. Monty called there. Agent said yes you can come. Devika says it was so well planned so you all can murder me. Ravi says you think so wrong. You wanted to go there. I just agreed to fulfill your wish. You were upset. Because I really loved you. She says you always fooled me. What you think I would trust you?
don’t even take name of love. I have proof of all your lies. you left me alone that night and said there is a surprise for me. And that was my murder? When I stayed there. I hid from your mom saket and nivi. You called nivi and said devika’s shouldn’t know the reality. She shouldn’t know what am i here for? but you came to see me dying. You wanted to see me in pain You wanted to be sure that I die. Why didn’t you save me? You kept standing there. You never loved me. You only wanted my money. I don’t know why God saved me. My God saved me and made me devika from ambika. Gave me strength to fight the wrong. You can never know how much I suffered. I wished for death every moment. You didn’t save me. That is why I let go of my hand. Everything died. I am so unlucky that I never got love. I only got traitor. I loved that traitor. Gave him so many chances but it won’t happen again. You have to pay for what you did. When I came back you were marrying nivi. Bit I had control over my emotions. I planned to marry you. I took everything from nivi. Like she and you did from me. I wanted to punish her. But you still want to save her. She will suffer like I did. She has to die every moment. She should know what pain is. I exposed Shewta and got Saket killed. He wanted to kill you but I couldn’t let him because I have to kill you.
I got him killed like he planned yours. And Nivi was so scared of devika’s ghost. I made her scared of that. I did all this with her. I had to avenge what happened to sakshi. Now only you are left. She takes out her revolver.

Devika points it at him. She says your life full of lies will be over. Do you have any last wishes? Raiv says I want you to kill me. But shoot my heart. I am a traitor. I killed my wife. I dont’ wanna say a thing to clarify myself. Because you have decided that I am a traitor. Shoot and kill me. Take your revenge.

Scene 2
Rekah says I am so worried. I hope ravi and deivka are okay. Is ravi okay or not? what should I do? I should talk to janki.
Janki is worried as well. Rekha calls her. Rekah says did you talk to her? are they okay? Janki says I am worried too but just for devika. Whom are you worried for? You know why she went there. REkha says how can you let her do all that. She thinks wrong. Ravi really loves her. I am telling you this is all wrong. Stop devika please. janki says we told you what ravi did with her. You are taking his side. Ambika has a reason to go. She has a revolver with her. Ravi has to die today. Rekha says ravi is innocent. He can never do that. don’t provoke her. You are a mom. How can you take her happiness away from her? Please stop this. I know devika. She can’t be this stone hearted. don’t make her. Save them both. Janki says this is important for her. Ravi has to die for what he did.

Kalash 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi says I don’t want to live a life where my wife doesn’t trust me. Please kill me. Devika hugs him crying.

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