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Kalash 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Inspector comes in and says who shot him? Everyone is quite. Inspector says you have to answer me. Who shot him and where is the gun? He asks rekha who are you? She says I am Monty’s mother in law. He asks Palavi? Palavi says he was my brother in law. He asks everyone. Guriwinder says why are you all silent then? Gurwinder says they are silent because they don’t care. Why are you all silent? Say something. How can you be so selfish. This Ravi has shot my son. He killed my son. Ravi says the gun was in my hand but I never pulled the trigger. How can I kill my brother? Inspector says we will do our investigation. Tell me where is the gun? Ravi says I threw it somewhere here. But I never shot. Inspector says why would you say truth? We know how to get truth out. Search this house. Devika says Ravi can never shoot. I know he didn’t do this. Trust me. He is innocent.

A sergeant finds the gun from under the table. Inspector says this will be the greatest proof. I need answers to all my questions. Whose gun is it? Gruwinder says they won’t say a word. Because their hearts are of stone. This is the gun with which Ravi shot Monty. Ravi says I don’t know whose gun is that. Devika says that gun is mine. It was in my purse. I put it on the table when Ravi and Monty were fighting. Ravi fell on the table and found this gun and was just scaring monty. I took it with me for my safety. Its license is on Ma’s name. Janki says yes she is right. I have its license. Inspector says Ravi accepted that he pointed it at Monty then how can he not shoot?
The butler says yes the gun was in Ravi’s hand. Ravi says check the gun all the bullets would be in it. I never shot. Inspector says we have to search the house first and no one can go out of house. Take the body for post mortem.

Scene 2
Ravi says to devika I never shot. Please trust me. Devika says I trust you. I know you can never do this. Don’t worry. We have to be strong. I am here with you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Janki comes in. She says Gurwinder and waiter are ready to give their statement as eye witness. I don’t know what to do. Devika says Ravi never shot. I won’t let Ravi go anywhere. Ma please call someone. Janki says things are not in our hands. Inspector says ravi we have statements of three people. We have to arrest you. Devika says you can’t take him. Ravi says I will come with you. Devika says don’t take him. Inspector says you can’t interfere in our matter. Devika says that gun was mine. Arrest me. Ravi says Devika calm down. Nothing would happen. Devika says everything went well after so long but this can’t happen. Janki says I want to talk to commissioner. Inspector says okay go ahead but it will go in vain as well. Devika says I won’t let you go anywhere. ravi says don’t worry. Gurwinder says what are you waiting for? He killed my son. That janki can’t save this murderer with her money. Janki comes back. She says to devika commissioner said Ravi has to go with them at this time. If he is innocent he will be released. Gurwinder says what you think you can save this murderer? He will be in jail all his life. Devika says ravi has not done anything. Inspector arrests Ravi. Devika is crying. sakshi faints.

Scene 3
In jail Inspector says to Ravi I have an old thing with you as well. I am transferred here. The in charge of this cell was my cousin. The one you insulted in front of media. When he told me that I was so mad. Now I am your investigating your case. Its your bad luck. You better be used to of being in jail. The case is clear. your brother tried exposing you so you killed him.

Devika is crying. Janki hugs her. Devika says our happiness is gone forever. Sakshi is so upset and Ravi is in jail for sin he never did. What should I do. Why we always suffer. This all will never be sorted. Janki says don’t cry. Sometimes we don’t have answers. Who thought monty would die this way? But I am sure Ravi didn’t shoot Monty. For now I am really worried for sakshi and Gurwinder as well. Gurwinder thinks Ravi shot him. Rekha says why my daughters always suffer. Why all this happens with them. Janki says don’t cry like this. I can’t see you this way. We can’t changed what has happened. Palavi comes in. Janki says how is sakshi now? Palavi says doctor gave her injection. Devika says how will I face sakshi? What will I say to her? Rekha says don’t worry. We will take care of Sakshi. She is wise like you. She knows you and Ravi. I trust Ravi. I know he can never do this. you have to talk to sakshi once. You have to be her support. Janki says Rekha is right. You two have to be there for each. Devika says I will talk to her. I won’t let her shatter.

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