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Kalash 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Sakshi says to Monty why you came from here? He says so you want me to celebrate my defeat? He belittles me. Half of the designs in this project were mine. He gave all credit to his wife and himself. He got the award and forgot me. He says I hate him and his wife. She says we are all part of this project. Devika was there all the time so he took her name. He says I don’t know why I shared this with you. You never take my side. You only love that ravi and devika. I don’t need your sympathy. She says I am always with you. He says please go. Your presence suffocates me. Please go.

Sakshi is in balcony. She is crying. Devika comes and says why are you crying? Monty hurt you again? I will talk to him. Sakshi says no please don’t. His mood was off. I will talk to him when he is calm. Everything will be okay with time. Devika says don’t lie to yourself. Monty hurts you all the time. You are taking his side? Caring for him? Everyone changed in this house besides monty. He is still the same. For you for all of us this is not right. No one knows whats in his mind. He is always thinking negative. Anyone can use him against us. We should talk to him before something happens. I know your feelings but we can’t ignore all this. Someone has to talk to him. Sakshi says not now. I will talk to him when there is right time. He will listen to me. Forget all this and lets prepare for party. Devika says I have finalized everything.

Monty is in his room. There is someone outside.
Sakshi says di who is invited? Devika says I have made the list. I have called all of ravi’s friends and relatives. Sakshi says some colleagues too. Ravi comes in and says whats up? He says girls talk. He says girls talk are very interesting I want to listen. She says go. He says this is my room. Sakshi says I think he is very romantic. Devika says we are not talking sakshi and he will go. Sakshi says I am going. Devuja says why did you do this. He hugs her. she says you are behaving like we got married yesterday? He says I will love you always. He says door is open. He says so what? You are mine. We are official. He picks her up. Devika says mummy ji.. He says I know you are lying. She says I swear mummy is here. Ravi says close your eyes. MAnju says I need to close eyes more. Ravi is shocked. He says ma.. She has sprained her leg so I was checking that. Manju says okay okay carry on. Ravi leaves.
Manju says to devika I am very lucky to have you. I did so wrong with you. Devika says forget everything and move on. Things will only be good now.

Scene 2
Sakshi is getting ready. She says I will wear monty’s favorite dress. Palavi says sakshi what dress should I wear? Sakshi says I am confused too. Palavi says you bought a pink dress wear that. Sakshi says you take that dress. Palavi says thank you. Sakshi says it will look better on you. Monty comes in and says you are right it will look good on Palavi. Sakshi says what you wanna wear? Let me help you take off the coat. a pistol falls from his coat. Sakshi is shocked. She says what is this? He says its for safety. I want to be careful. So much happened in house. I can’t take any risks. sakshi says who can kill you? He says your sister devika who decides people’s fate like she decided for those four. Sakshi says why are you so mad at her? He says she gave the post I deserved to Vicky. I will show Vicky his worth. He will be kicked out of this business and won’t get another job. She says why are you saying all this? He says I know you will tell devika everything you are never on my side.

Vicky briefs Devika about the project. She says you are so talented. Janki says I heard Nivi is being released for some days. Ravi says what when? She says today evening. Everyone is shocked. Monty smiles. SAkshi wonders why is he so happy.
Devika is worried. Ravi says don’t worry. We have nothing to do with her. She can never come between us. She can’t harm you or us. I trust you. I really love. She says I trust you too. He says when will we have baby? She says shut up. He goes out with Vicky. Devika says I don’t need to worry. Nivi can’t harm us. She has no place in this house. Devika feels weak.


Kalash 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nivi says you people will be happy to know that I have changed totally. I am not the old Nivi.

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