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Kalash 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kalash 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Kalash 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Scene 1
Ravi says to monty you have drunk a lot. Lets go eat together. Monty says you go from here. He shoves Ravi. Monty says lower your gaze. You always belittled me. Took all my credit. Get lost from here. Ravi says you are not in your senses. Lets go eat and rest. Monty says don’t touch me. Stay away from me. You don’t care for me. You are a drama. You are a cheater. I have never seen a cheater like. Ravi says I brought you up. I loved you all my life. I supported you every moment of my life. Vicky says shame on you. You are talking to ravi like this. He says ravi lets go attend your guests. Don’t talk to this drinker. Monty says you feel bad because I exposed this liar. You would say this because that devika gave a you good post. You have no courage to talk. Ravi says don’t talk to him like this. Talk to me. Don’t insult Vicky. You have no manners. what did I cheat? Tell me. Monty I deserved this award. I worked on that project more than you. I selected its design. I deserve everything you got. I did not work you would not win any award. Ravi grasps his collars and says you copied those designs and I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to break your heart. Monthy says you are a liar. You always lie. Ravi says I am here with my hard work okay. You are jealous of your own brother? Go and ask everyone in the company. they all know you copied those designs. Monty says I deserve everything. I am more capable. I will ruin your life. I will kill you. He grasps Ravi’s collar. Ravi shoves him on the floor.

Nivi goes upstairs. Nivi comes to devika and tells her ravi and monty are fighting. She says monty is not in his sense. Please come with me. He will harm ravi.
Ravi says you are not in senses. Please calm down. Monty says I will ruin your life. Devika comes and says leave him monty what are you doing? He syas you shut up. I will kill him today. I will kill this devika as well. Ravi throttles Monty and says dont’ dare saying a word about my wife. You are the one who ruins lives, like you ruined sakshi’s life. DEvika says ravi please leave him. Ravhi says I have been seeing this attitude since so long. Ravi shoves him. He falls on the stage. Monty picks a broke bottle. He saus I can do anything. I will kill you. I got everything because of nivi. She gave you everything as well. You were nothing more than a clerk. You are your wife’s slave. Devika stands in front of Ravi. She says monty keep it down. Monty says you don’t come in between. He shoves devika and says you go from here. Ravi slaps monty and says how dare you touch my wife. Ravi keeps beating him. Devika says please stop all this. Monty picks up a bottle. Ravi takes out his gun. He says don’t you ever dare. DEvika says ravi please keep it in. Ravi says I will call police. Monty says I will everyone. Ravi says if you put a step forward I will shoot you. Someone shoots Monty in heart. Everyone is dazed. Ravi looks around. Everyone thinks he shot. Sakshi is crying. She says monty please open your eyes. Everyone is crying. Gurwinder faints and cries. Ravi says monty open your eyes. Gurwinder says you killed my child. Ravi says I didn’t shoot. Gurwainder says you called your self his brother? You killed him. You killed my son. Ravi says please listen. She doesn’t listen. Gurwinder says get lost. Ravi says I didn’t shoot. I didn’t kill him. Sakshi is crying as well. Gurwinder says you are lying. God won’t pardon you. I will kill you. Devika hugs ravi. Ravi says I didn’t shoot. The gun was in my hand but I never pulled the trigger. He is my brother. You know how much I love him. He was not in sense.s I don’t know where bullet came from. I just wanted to scare him. Janki says we know you didn’t fire. Devika says we are here for you. We trust you. Don’t worry. We all know you didn’t do this. REkah says I am sure you didn’t do this. Janki says we have to find out who did this? Police comes.


Kalash 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector says who shot him? Gurwinder says I will tell you. This ravi killed my son.

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