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Kalash 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Gurwinder is crying in her room. Manju says please open the door. Gurwinder says I won’t talk to anyone. I lost my only child. I lost everything. Manju says please talk to me once. I am your sister. Gurwinder opens the door. Manju says why have you locked yourself. You are my sister. I know what happened was wrong. You know Ravi loved him so much. He can never do this. Everyone knows he can never do anything. Gurwinder says so you are here for your son? You are so selfish. What about my son? What can I expect from you. Everything you did was drama. Monty was never a son to you. Ravi killed my son. i won’t pardon him ever. Manju says you are wrong. Ravi did so much for you both. its was monty’s mistake. Ravi was calming him down. Gurwinder says doesn’t mean he will kill monty? Ravi was jealous of Monty. Manju says Monty did so much but ravi never said a word. Ravi always supported you. Gurwinder says my son has died and you are taunting me. Ravi will be punished for what he did.

Devika hugs Sakshi. She says please calm down sakshi. I know you are in pain. You have to be strong. I am here for you and so is everyone else. Devika says we should never give up. We can’t change the truth and whatever happened I don’t know how. I know you are so upset. But Ravi is jailed too for a sin he never did. You know Ravi can never kill monty. He can never do that. He really loved monty. Ravi always supported him. I don’t know how it happened. Sakshi says I am sorry didi. What I am going to say.. The gun was in Ravi’s hand. He pointed it at monty. Whatever Monty said, Ravi was pissed. How can you say ravi didn’t shoot. There was no one else with gun there. Devika says I know they were both mad but ravi can never shoot. Ravi can never do this.
Sakshi says what will that change? monty has left the world. All I know is that my husband is dead and I am a widow. I don’t want you and ravi in trouble. But the way Ravi was pointing gun at monty I can never forget that. Devika hugs him. Nivi comes there and says Sakshi I am so sorry. You have to be strong now. This was all destiny. devika leaves crying. Nivi hugs Sakshi.
Janki comes to devika and says you have to strong for Sakshi. Rekha says yes you have to strong for all of us. You have save you ravi. You have to stand by him. Devika says Sakhshi thinks Ravi shot Monty. Ravi can never do this. Nivi comes and says I feel so bad for you. I never liked you but I don’t want this for you anymore. I am really worried for jail. that life is ever worse than death. I hope Ravi gets out soon. Devika says I won’t let anything happen to him.

Devika is crying. She says Ravi you saved me out of nowhere. She recalls when Ravi came to jail to save her. Devika recalls their times together. Janki comes and hugs her. Devika says you know I burned this shirt of ravi while ironing. Everyone was so happy. I am responsible for all this. I have to get him out anyway. He didn’t kill monty. Devika says that was my gun. I shouldn’t have taken it to party. How can I leave it on table. Janki says then I am responsible for it. I gave you that gun.

Gurwinder comes to sakshi and gives her water. She says how are you? Sakshi says I am okay. you? Gurwinder says the mother who saw her son dying how can she be? Sakshi says I know your pain. Gurwinder says what we lost is taken from us forever. No one else cares here. They are all worried for Ravi. Sakshi says don’t think like that. They all think Ravi didn’t shoot monty. Gurwinder says you think the same? Ravi had gun in his hand. SAkshi is silent. Gurwinder says Monty was your husband. You loved him. I won’t leave my husband’s killer. You have to decide if you want murderer of your husband behind bars.


Kalash 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Nivi says you all stay separated. No love will be successful if mine wasn’t. Devika says Ravi will be out of jail and no one can part us. You do what you want.

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