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Kalash 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Devika is crying. She meets Ravi in jail. He swipes her tears and hugs her. He says dont’ worry. Devika says I am sorry that you are still here. I am sorry. I am so worried. Ravi says I know you are strong. You have to be strong for me. Devika says my tears won’t stop. I can’t live without you. He hugs her. He says I miss you as well but we can’t give up. We know our love can fight anything. After all the trouble nothing could part us. We have to stand together and face everything. Devika says you are right. We have to be strong and pass this test. I didn’t know my husband is so strong.
Devika says ma didn’t want me to meet you at this hour but I had to. I couldn’t stop myself. He kisses her forehead. Ravi says you won’t cry anymore. Constable comes and says you have to leave now. Devika holds ravi’s hand. He asks her to go. The song hamadard plays. They both look at each other.

Janki says to lawyer sorry to call you so late. Mehra says don’t worry. We are available. Janki tells him that ravi is arrested. He says tell me the whole story. Janki tells him what exactly happened. Janki says someone shot but it was not ravi. And moty died. We are sure Ravi didn’t fire. Please prove ravi innocent. He says this case is so complicated. It is very difficult to save him. Janki says please I will give you triple fees. He says I will fight and try my best.

Devika says to Nivi why are you still here? Please go the party is over. Nivi says how is ravi? Devika says he is sure I will get him out. He is only worried for me. He made me promise. I am so lucky I married him. He doesn’t care about himself. Nivi says you two are made for each other. He is charged with murder and he cares for you. Isn’t he such a big fool? DEvika is shocked. She says this is what you have to say? You were saying you had changed. And that you are happy about me and Ravi being together. You can never change. Nivi says I am not interested in long and boring lecture. You are right. I have changed a lot things and accept. One thing I couldn’t that Ravi rejected me and my love. And for you. You thought you would live happily ever after sending me to jail? I won’t let that happen ever. I won’t let you live happily together. Better he is in jail. He deserves it. Devika says you are glad he is in jail? Nivi says if I can’t be with him then everyone live separately. He chose you he deserves to be in jail. Devika says this isn’t love. Love means sacrifice. Nivi says not interested in your boring lecture. Your definition of love doesn’t exist. Love is different for everyone. You won’t get him and he won’t get you. No love will be successful if mine isn’t. You suffer like I did. Devika says no one can part me and ravi. This is my faith in our love. Do what you want. I know what I will do. My love will win over your hate.

Ravi says I shouldn’t have fought monty. I shouldn’t have pointed that gun. My devika is upsert because of me. I feel like giving up. I can’t stay away from you. I miss you so much. This is like a nightmare.
Devika looks at Ravi’s photo. She recall him telling her to be strong. Devika says I miss you. I promise you I will get you out. You won’t suffer anymore.


Kalash 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sakshi says to devika only we feel each other’s pain. That is why I have decided to support mummy ji in Monty’s decision.

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