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Kalash 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kalash 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kalash 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Kalash 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap : Monty had a broken glass in his hand he was about to attack ravi. I thought he would attack ravi. Devika says I didn’t know what to do. There was a gun in my purse. It was for safety. Ravi found that gun and he tried to scare monty.

Kalash 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Devika lights went off and there was a shot fired. When lights turned on monty was dead. No one knows who shot him but Ravi had gun so everyone thought it was ravi but thats not how it is. Ravi has never fired a gun before. We have to investigate this case and find the real culprit. we all loved monty. We are all upset about losing him and we want justice for him. This is all a plan. We want law to find out who did all this. Lawyer says I want to ask Devika some questions. He says so you really love your husband? Devika says yeah i love him a lot. Is that a sin? Lawyer says no but I am impressed. You made up such a good story to save your husband. DO you watch suspense movies? You wanna make it a mystery? Its a clear murder case. Devika says this is truth common sense is enough to see it. Lawyer

picks the gun at devika and says is this how ravi pointed gun right? Devika says exactly holding the gun doesn’t mean that you are plotting my murder? No right? In the same way ravi was holding gun.But he didn’t murder Monty. The lights went off and no one knows who shot Monty.
Vicky someone near the gate. He goes after that man. Vicky goes after him but he runs away.
Lawyer says Monty’s wife is here as well? She would like to say something. Sakshi says all I want to say is that Devika di.. Whatever she said here is a lie. It was her perspective just to save her husband. I would have done the same. She is only seeing her husband. I can’t believe her. She is saying that to save Ravi. Monty was angry, Ravi did the same. Monty was drunk. He couldn’t say all that in his senses so he said that in drunk. What did ravi do? He said Monty doesn’t know anything. He could talk calmly. Monty never got credit for his work. They have had fights before. Ravi picked the gun and tried killing him this time to silent him. He had the gun and lights went off and ravi shot monty. There is no other layer to it. Ravi shot Monty and he should be punished for that. Devika and manji start crying.
Ravi’s lawyer says Sakshi we feel sorry for you. Monty considered ravi his enemy. He said Ravi takes his credit. This means that Ravi took advantage of Monty’s talent but he was proved wrong which shows ravi was better than Monty and Monty was jealous of ravi. So Ravi never had a reason to kill Monty.
Sakshi says its not like that. Lawyer says there were other people too. If monty had attacked Ravi Monty would have been here would you say that same? No one saw ravi shooting then how can you claim him murder? Like you said for devika you are only saving your husband’s name as well.
Sakshi says I saw Ravi shot Monty. He had the gun. Maybe these other people were also part of the plan. Devika also knows Ravi shot Monty. She might be part of the murder too.

Palavi says to Rekha I am so scared. I can’t see sakshi like this. I feel bad for her. Maybe she is right. Rekha says Ravi can never shoot. Sakshi is suffering too. I know her pain. I can’t see her like this. You know what she feels.
Manju says to Gurwinder are you happy now? Please don’t do this. Ravi can never do this. We are all crying for losing Monty. Save ravi please. Gurwinder says I knew you were cunning but you are the most selfish person ever. I lost my son and ravi killed him. I will never save him. Have some shame. What if you were in my place? What if ravi was shot by monty? You would forgive him? No.


strong>Devika sees a bullet in the house.

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