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Kaliren 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Vivan Gets Suspicious On Sunny’s Behavior


Kaliren 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update, Kaliren Written Update on

Kaliren 30th August 2018 Episode Start With Meera walks to Amar. Amar says he was searching her since long, where was she. She says to her god. He says he did not search her in temple. Meera says she wants to talk him to him something important. He says let him finish function arrangement, then they can talk peacefully. On the other side, Sunny warns Satinder and his wife if they try to act oversmart again, he will slit their son’s throat. Vivan walks in and asks what happened. Sunny says they lost his younger brother (showing pic in locket) a few years ago, but his parents cry remembering him even now. Satinder says he is a father and gets emotional. Sunny tightly holds his hand and says he has to control himself and says he will get food for him and mummy. Vivan consoles them and walks away, then sees their sad face and thinks something is wrong, he needs to find out.

Silky insists Laali to let her eat sweet. Laali snatches plate. Sweety enters with mansion papers and asks get Vivan’s sign on them. Meera walks in and asks to note down whatever they want, Vivan will give everything to them. Silky taunts her that she told she cannot get Vivan in this life, but she got engaged to Vivan. Meera says whatever Silky tries she cannot as Vivan is already hers and will not marry Silky. Vivan walks speaking over phone and finds locket on floor and asks how can they leave it like this.

Meera goes to Amar and massages his head. Amar says he has migraine and his daughter’s one touch cures it. Meera says she wants to tell him something important. Amar hears Sunny shouting in pain and rushes out. Sunny says he did not tie lace and fell down. Amar helps him and takes him towards room. Sunny thinks Meera cannot succeed however she tries.

Vvian goes to terrace when Meera calls him. Meera says I love you. He asks if she called him here to tell this. She says yes and asks why he is not reacting, if he does not love her. She holds him and says I. She asks I for imli. He says I love..the moon.. it is so beautiful. Meera feels sad. Vivan says it is beautiful as he sees it with her, her companion makes everything beautiful round him. She feels happy. He asks if she spoke to her father. She says she went to speak to papaji, but Sunny fell down. Vivan says something is wrong and explains whole locket incidence and says something is wrong with Sunny. Meera says Sunny is helping them so much. Vivan says Sunny was fighting with his parents. Meera says Punjabi children behavior with their parents similarly, even she does. He says she and Sunny are similar, why don’t she marry Sunny, even her father will be happy. She says she loves someone else who express his love in a weird way. He says he will express again and holds her emotionally. Tere naam ki koi dhadak haina….song….plays in the background… They get romaantic and hug each other. Someone watches them.

Silky beats thali/plaate and gather family. Amar asks what is she doing. Silky says she got a special news for her, she saw Meera and Vivan on terrace, Vivan told Meera to move ahead in life, but Meera does not want to and hugged Vivan, if Vivan had not backed off, Meera would have kissed her, Meera does not value her father’s promise. Meera says Silky is lying. Silky asks to ask her if she is not meeting Vivan repeatedly. Amar asks Meera if she broke her promise. Vivan says Silky is lying, if he and Meera go on terrace at same time, it is a sin. Laali asks if Silky is lying. Vivan says Silky is telling half truth, it was dark on terrace and Meera slipped, he held her, Silky twisted situation and created drama. Dolly scolds Silky to stop defaming her daughter. Amar says he will end this drama and announces he will get Meera and Sunny tomorrow itself and Vivan and Silky day after tomorrow. He says his decision is final and asks family to make arrangements. Everyone walk away. Vivan and Meera sadly walk to their rooms.

Meera sits sadly in her room. Vivan walks in and consoles her. He pampers her and says they have to find out what secret behind locket. They hide seeing Satinder’s wife walking into kitchen and taking pooja item on thali crying. Vivan then acting as passing by drops locket in front of Amar and says his locket fell, opens it and says it is Sunny’s mother’s locket and this is Sunny’s brother’s pic. Amar looks at photo carefully and then says as far as he remembers, Satinder has only one son Sunny. Vivan and Meera are shocked to hear that. Meera says she heard aunty praying for her son. Vivan says what if the man in locket is their son Sunny and the one with them is an imposter. They walk outside Satinder’s room and hear their conversation hiding. Satinder’s wife says her pooja for her son’s safety is complete, nothing will happen to their son. Satinder says they are spoiling Vivan and Meera’s life for their son. Wife says their son is in imposter Sunny’s grip, they are helpless. Vivan and Meera are shocked to hear that. Imposter Sunny walks towards room whistling.


Kaliren 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Amar tells Meera that his decision to get her married to Sunny is right, Vivan is not suitable for her. Meera says Vivan…Amar stands fuming.

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Kaliren Details

Kaliren is an Indian television series, which premiered on 5 February 2018 on Zee TV. The show stars Arjit Taneja and Aditi Sharma in the lead roles. This show produced by Nikhil Sinha and Sohanna Sinha.


Neena Cheema
Nisha Neha Nayak
Paramvir Cheema
Prachi Bansal
Sagar Saini
Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri
Aditi Sharma
Arjit Taneja
Ekroop Bedi
Jaswinder Gardner

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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