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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kanishka as guardian angel for Kulfi, David abduct Kulfi for his physically challenged wife


Upcoming Twist Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: David abduct Kulfi for his physically challenged wife

Star Plus daily TV Show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is witnessing a challenging time in Sikandar’s life after Kulfi has gone missing.Where David had kidnapped Kulfi and Amyra and her gang keeps it as a secret, Lovely tries her best to hide Amyra’s mistake.While there David had kept Kulfi captive in his house and finally he reveals his real motive when Kulfi sleeps and he confronts his wife, who is physically challenged.David to unveil a big secret.

The coming up episodes will unveil David’s real motive behind kidnapping Kulfi.Where Kulfi assumes him as her father, David brings Kulfi to his house for his wife and reveals to his wife that Kulfi is their son.Amyra gears up with new plan to send Kulfi away, where she smartly spreads Kulfi father being missing pamphlet everywhere.Where some person named David reaches and takes Kulfi with him, where David and his wife needs baby.Sikandar burst out at Amyra, Lovely irked.

However where further at this point Sikandar burst out at Amyra for doing such thing where Lovely get shocked and thinks that Tevar can b better father than Sikandar.Sikandar is searching for Kulfi where he get shocked knowing that this was planned by Amyra to send Kulfi away.However where on other hand, David kidnapped Kulfi where he is troubling her by captivating her in room, and Kulfi misses Sikandar.Kanishka Soni new entry as Kulfi life savior.

However where further Diya Aur Baati Hum famous Kanishka Sharma entered in the show to play role of cop where she will be seen changing Kulfi life.However where Cop will rescue Kulfi bring her back to Sikandar House, this time this drama will put Amyra in big problem. Will Sikandar and Mahendra be able to track Kulfi’s whereabouts?

Or something danger will happen to Kulfi? Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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