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Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kasam 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

Poorab washes his face as the scratches on his face ache. He was determined to return this pain to Tanuja multiplied by thousands.

Tanuja wakes up in the hospital to find Rishi sitting beside her, he slept in sitting positon. He wakes up, smiles at her and kiss her forehead. Tanuja asks if he really kissed her and withdraws her hand saying he always find a way to touch her. Rishi says they are spouses, he doesn’t need anyone’s permission to touch her. His hand goes to her injury, she screams. Rishi goes to call the doctor, Tanuja says she is his wife and their marriage has a whole six months to expire. Tanuja calls him closer, he smiles in a hope to get a kiss. Tanuja tells him to go and look at his face, it seems mosquitoes have kissed him enough. She tells him to go and call the nurse.

Ahana comes behind Manpreet and asks where he is going after getting ready to much. Manpreet says he has something important and is leaving. Ahana was sure Manpreet would leave her one day after lying her the way he lied to Rano. Manpreet seriously assures Ahana he would never betray her.

Poorab explains to Malaika about Rishi’s arrival last night. Rishi comes to meet him, Malaika was worried about the marks on Poorab’s face and tells him to do something. Rishi was sure about a connection of Poorab with the attacks. He remember the car in hospital last night. Poorab comes with mask applied on his face. Rishi asks Poorab where he had been. Poorab smiles and asks him for some cold drink, Rishi needs an answer and repeats his question. Poorab replies he was Malaika. Malaika says when Tanuja got hurt last night, they were his place. Rishi asks which car be drives, Poorab says its blue. Rishi asks if he didn’t come in a silver car. Poorab explains Rishi he isn’t as downtrodden, Rishi qualifies he lives with someone really downtrodden. Rishi reminds Poorab he decided to give Poorab his share because he thought him to be rightful. If his decision was proven wrong, Rishi Singh Bedi can destroy him completely.

Ahana comes to happily call Rano downstairs as Rishi and Tanuja are back home. Rano curtly sends Ahana away, she comes down to find Bee ji doing Tanuja’s aarti. Divia watches Rano come downstairs and thinks Rano would do the real Aarti for Tanuja. Bee ji asks them to enter together into the house. Raaj asks Tanuja if she is fine, she replies positive. He places his hand over her head. Ahana brings Tanuja inside and forwards her hand which Tanuja holds tightly. They confront the fuming Rano. They pass by Rano and Naitra, Bee ji sends Divia to bring sweets she has prepared. Rano brings Bee ji aside and asks what this all is, Bee ji tells Rano she has brought black magic in the aarti, it will get them rid of Tanuja’s influence. She winks at Rano saying she has mixed something in the laddu. Bee ji tells Manpreet he really loves Tanuja, Manpreet says he would only love Tanuja until Rishi loves her. Manpreet turns to find Rano and Rishi speaking to each other.

Rano asks Rishi if he is doing acting to Tanuja. Rishi says he would always care for Tanuja, he is sure what she is doing must have a reason. Rano shouts at once saying there is a reason; Tanuja wants to destroy them all. She shouts she doesn’t want Tanuja in this house, she begins to pant and wouldn’t calm down anyway. UV comes to hold Rano. Rano says only UV married the girl whom she asked. They all help Rano as she faints. Everyone tries to wake her up. Tanuja tells Rishi to call the doctor.

The doctor inspects Rano in the room. Everyone was waiting outside the room. Tanuja places a hand over Rishi’s shoulder assuringly. Naitra says some people here want Rano to stay faint. Bee ji asks Manpreet if Rano is a better actress, she thinks its only an acting to show Rishi. The doctor tells Rishi Rano got the same problem as earlier, they must take care of her. Tanuja follows the doctor and asks about him. The doctor says Rano’s body fat increased, she needs burn her calories and must indulge herself in physical activity. She needs to drink a lot of water as well.

The next morning, Divia calls John to get the juice. Rano calls John to bring tea and butter for her. Tanuja sat on the sofa and calls John towards her. She sends him to make milk shake for her. Rano scolds John to give her breakfast first, but Tanuja calmly sends him in. Rano questions Tanuja what this drama is early morning. Tanuja says its been 10 am, everyone has gone to breakfast. Tanuja says she woke up early and realized none of them take her seriously. She reminds them about her previous teaching. She shows a lot of dust to Divia and appoints her for dusting of house as well. She gives the responsibility of clearning to Naitra. Rano argues Naitra is a guest. Tanuja says alright, and gives the responsibility of cleaning the house to Rano. Everyone was shocked. Tanuja thinks nothing can be a better exercise for her.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Tanuja stands in front of Rishi and says he can practice to fight with her. He asks what she would do then. She encircles his neck and asks him to try it.

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