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Kasam 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bee ji comes to Tanuja and assures Rishi would be hers, it was only engagement. Tanuja cries asking why Rishi doesn’t trust her then. Bee ji suggest Tanuja to share the truth with Rishi.
Malaika tells Naitra she must do something to keep Tanuja away from Rishi, else Rishi would never be hers.
There, Raaj tells Bee ji he would also go with Tanuja and tell Rishi about everything. Tanuja hugs Raaj.
In the room, Ahana was upset. Manpreet comes to tell Ahana that he gave Rishi Tanuja’s ring for engagement with Naitra. They agree it was wrong. Ahana hopes everything between Rishi and Tanuja gets fine.

Raaj and Bee ji were coming with Tanuja. Tanuja tells Raaj she got courage because of him, its her lie and she would tell Rishi the truth. She was nervous as she walks towards the room. She knocks at the door when she hears Naitra’s voice resisting Rishi. Naitra told Rishi to get off her, he can’t do this before wedding. Tanuja was taken aback and turns to leave the room. Naitra pushes the drunk Rishi cheery that Tanuja has left forever now.

Malaika calls Naitra outside and gives her the property papers. She tells Naitra that she got Tanuja signed the papers. Malaika tells Naitra to get the credit of getting Rishi’s property back to him and rule the house. Malaika tells Naitra this was h er revenge from Tanuja, and from here Naitra’s drama begins.

Bee ji comes to Tanuja in the corridor and asks what Rishi said. Tanuja withdraws her hand and runs into her room, crying. She screams, cries and packs her bags to leave the house. Bee ji comes in asking what Tanuja is doing, if Rishi said something to her. Tanuja doesn’t hear and stuff her clothes. She joins her hands and pleads Bee ji to let her go. Bee ji asks what happened, what would happen to Rishi if she leaves. Tanuja says Rishi would live happy if she has left. Bee ji says Tanuja only thinks so, Tanuja corrects she thought so. She thought Rishi loved her, but he doesn’t love her; she was betrayed by Rishi and Naitra, she has seen them together herself. She came to this house alone, she considered them as her family but this all is an illusion, a betrayal. She turns to pack her bags and leave. Bee ji runs behind Tanuja.

Naitra comes to the room to wake Rishi up. She says he is so nice, loving, caring and the man of her dreams. She doesn’t want anything but him. She wakes Rishi up by sprinkling water over his face. Rishi sits up and asks how he came here. Naitra says he was drunk and fainted, she hands him lime water. Rishi’s head bang badly, he looks around and asks about Tanuja. Naitra asks why he is calling Tanuja, they got engaged. Rishi realizes and regrets doing so. Naitra tells Rishi she has done something bad with Tanuja. Rishi was shocked. Naitra tells Rishi she got Tanuja’s signatures on the Property papers. She tells Rishi she went to her, she was upset and signed the papers without reading him. Rishi pushes Naitra out of the way questioning why she came between his and Tanuja’s matter.

Raaj stops Tanuja, Rano and others had come there. Rano tells them to let Tanuja leave. Raaj shouts at Rano not to interfere, else he would take a serious step. He tells Tanuja to go to her room, he would speak to Rishi and make him apologize Tanuja. Tanuja gets flashes of what she saw between Rishi and Naitra. Tanuja cries saying everything between her and Rishi has finished. She stammers and swears Raaj of being his daughter not to stop her today.


Kasam 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tanuja leaves the house. Raaj was unwell as he tells Rishi he told her to be the owner of the property. Bee ji sends Rishi to stop Tanuja.