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Kasam 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kasam 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rohit fakes that his car is no more working. Tanuja was worried how she would reach Puna now. Rohit asks to what extent can love get? Tanuja says love has no limits.
Naitra comes to the room and tells Rishi she has a head ache. He tells Naitra to take rest and goes to get freshen up. He gets UV’s message that all is well in the office. Rishi says he is sure Tanuja wanted to stop him from coming to Puna and crack the deal.
Tanuja gets Bee ji’s call who tells Tanuja they must never be stopped by any hurdles in the ways of love. Tanuja was determined to leave. Rohit tries to stop her so that he can retry starting a car. Tanuja takes a lift towards Puna.

Naitra was in Rishi’s room. On the way, Tanuja calls the hotel number to call Rishi. Naitra picks up the call. Tanuja speaks as soon as the phone is picked, she apologizes Rishi saying she loves him dearly. Naitra laughs saying its her. Tanuja shouts what is she doing in Rishi’s room? Naitra says she is entering Rishi’s life now, and will stay in Rishi’s room. Tanuja warns her to be in her limits, Naitra says she is going to get a divorce with Rishi. Tanuja says she knew she can fall to any extent to get Rishi. Naitra slaps the phone shut. Tanuja asks the driver to drive fast. Naitra was worried and thinks she must do something to make Rishi as hers before Tanuja arrives.

Manpreet calls Rishi and says its Rano’s plan to send Naitra with him in his room. Rishi says he only came here for the project. Manpreet says Rano sent Naitra with a planning, his respect is endangered. He tells Manpreet that Naitra is unwell and is taking rest, meanwhile she would go to meet her mom and he would do the meeting. Manpreet says there has been a planning against Rishi. Raaj comes there and asks who is planning against Rishi. Manpreet says its Poorab. Raaj thinks even Tanuja has gone to Puna, he must speak to Poorab for not hurting Rishi.
Rishi comes to the room and asks Naitra if she is still unwell. He goes outside for a casual meeting with clients. He notices the phone wasn’t in its place and asks why she placed the receiver upside down. If she doesn’t want him to speak to anyone. Naitra says hotel manager was calling for an apology, it was irritating. Rishi keeps the receiver in place. Naitra hopes he returns soon, she has a surprise for him.
Divia looks at her phone and watches 9 missed calls from Poorab. She calls him but he doesn’t respond now. She thinks to go and meet him.
At Poorab’s place, Raaj tells Poorab he accepts he was mistaken. He would have apologized his mother if she was alive, but today he apologizes him. Poorab had poured a drink for himself and places his feet on table. Raaj asks what is here that he doesn’t want to go back. He knows well Poorab never does what he says, he wants to know about Poorab’s intentions. Poorab offers Raaj a drink, then says he awaited a whole twentyfour years to find his illegitimate father, he must atleast search for a whole twentyfour days about his plans. Raaj turns to leave, Poorab breaks the glass on the floor. Raaj turns around, afraid. Poorab says he only wants to see this fear in his eyes and laughs hysterically. Divia comes to Poorab’s place wondering why he isn’t opening the door. Raaj was coming towards the door. Poorab calls her. The servant opens the door for Raaj. Raaj was shocked to see Malaika enter the house. He leaves her side angrily, Malaika comes to take Divia inside from behind the door.

On the way, Tanuja recalls how Ahana and Bee ji had bucked her up. She spots Rishi and Naitra sipping coconut juice, she runs towards them but it was some other couple. She leaves apologizing and curses herself to be blind in love. A man comes to inform her of her dupatta stuck outside.
Divia questions Poorab why is he doing this all. Poorab replies she needn’t understand this. Malaika warns Divia not to come here without informing, there was a chance she had been caught by Raaj today.

In the room, Rishi comes calling Naitra. Naitra comes in night gown. He asks what is she wearing, her mom was unwell. He goes to get a car arranged for her. Naitra says she won’t go, her dad called her saying mom is fine, and she doesn’t need to go. Rishi was studying his file and looks for a page of contract. He wish Tanuja was here, she takes care of all her papers. Naitra comes to search the paper for him. He tells her to come to business centre if she finds the papers.

Tanuja asks the driver to let her drive, she needs to reach Puna really soon. She promises to pay the driver double fees. They had an accident, the other party tells Tanuja to go to police station. Police has also arrived and insists on Tanuja to come along them.


Kasam 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishi tells Tanuja he wandered around her saying I love you, I love you only and neglected his family as well. Now, he is done with it. Tanuja requests a single chance but Rishi walks away.