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Kasam 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ahana and UV also try to stop Tanuja. Tanuja leaves anyway.
Bee ji comes to take Rishi outside as Tanuja is leaving the house. Naitra decides to stop Tanuja and Rishi meet each other, else everyone would know why Tanuja is leaving the house and that she named the property after Rishi by herself.
On the door, Tanuja thinks about her wedding getting reversed. Rishi comes downstairs calling her from behind. Tanuja cries hearing his voice and thinking about Rishi and Naitra in bed together, she hurries outside. Naitra’s smiling face and flashes in front of her eyes. She cries outside. An auto passes by her. She was lost in thoughts of Rishi and her times together. She finally gets into a cab and leaves the house.

Rishi runs to the hall calling Tanuja from behind. Raaj stops Rishi and tells him to let her go, he wonders what happened between him and Tanuja but she had been suffocating in the house. She wanted to get away from the house, like Tannu went away from them. He cries saying Tanuja left as if she was a living corpse. He questions Rishi why he did so. Rishi tries to explain, Raaj says there was none of Tanuja’s mistake, it is his mistake. Everyone was shocked to hear. Raaj says Tanuja had to reap what her Bauji has sown. Raaj trembles as he gets unwell, he tries to tell Rishi that he asked Tanuja to take over the property. Everyone makes him sit on the couch. Bee ji sends Rishi to get Tanuja back home. Naitra was worried.

Malaika calls Naitra, Poorab asks why she is calling Naitra now. Naitra tells Malaika Rishi went behind Tanuja. Malaika tells her to call if Tanuja returns. Bee ji comes behind Naitra and blames Naitra for being responsible for all this, she curses Naitra would never get Rishi. UV comes to the room and looks around for a phone, he watches Divia happy that Rishi and Tanuja part their ways. He asks why she is happy. Divia gets weepy that UV is again suspecting her. UV says he understands Tanuja was right and tells Divia to pack her bags and leave for America right away.

Rishi comes to taxi station and looks for Tanuja. He thinks about railway station, he recalls Tanuja scolded him once for boxing. She told him if she is ever angry with him she would take the first train and leave Bombay.

Tanuja had reached the railway station. She was lost in thoughts of Rishi, his demands to never leave him, his confessions of love for her. The scene in Naitra’s room again flashes in front of her, she says she was mistaken and trusted him even after watching him with Naitra. Today, she has broken all the fake promises and left his house and him.

Rishi reaches the station looking for Tanuja. Rishi had reached close to Tanuja, Tanuja was standing on a side while Rishi passed by. He stops by as a train arrives, he thinks Tanuja would board the train and he would never be able to find out which station she got off. He gets into the train looking all around for Tanuja. He got of the train shattered and tired. There, Tanuja walks towards the train, crying and lost. Rishi spots her board, he cries and calls her name. Tanuja stops at once.


Kasam 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishi tells Tanuja if she dies he would die too. Not she, but he leaves her. Tanuja moves into the train without replying.