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Kasam 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


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Rishi comes into the room, angry over Tanuja.
In the room, Tanuja dries her hair and prays for Mata Rani to be her side. She wants little time to discover who has been helping Poorab and what are they upto. Rishi enters the room and watches Tanuja. He thinks to himself if he must show his love for her or not. He sneezes of cold. Tanuja was concerned and dries his hair with a towel. Rishi smiles, then stops her hand strictly asking what is she doing. Tanuja shows her obvious concern then stops at once. She then backs up, trying to pose stubborn. Rishi says he already know whatever she did was an act, she still has love for him. Tanuja says a shrewd business woman can act for anything, he is her MD and her work would be effected if he falls ill. She goes to get him clothes from wardrobe. Rishi was lost in some thought, stunned by her words. He sneezes again, and asks Tanuja if she truly doesn’t love him? Tanuja was upset inside, but insensitive outside. Rishi says he would also jerk this love outside of his heart. He snatches his clothes and goes towards the washroom. Tanuja says its good he understood really soon.
The next morning, Tanuja was sitting in the kitchen when John was cooking. She tells him to pour some more black pepper and clove leaves as well. Raaj comes for his tea, Tanuja misbehaves with him that he always ask about the tea, she denies getting him tea. He had mentioned the deal, but only then John straightens. Raaj sends John away. Tanuja holds her ears to Raaj, Raaj appreciates her acting skills; both laugh. They enjoy discussing her entry, Tanuja shares her fear that she will soon be caught by Rishi. Raaj forbids her to let Rishi know that some family member is helping Poorab and Malaika, as he trusts his family a lot. Tanuja says she needs to focus to find out which member is helping Poorab, and to keep Naitra away from Rishi. Raaj laughs over her jealousy. Tanuja asks if a wife won’t be jealous if some girl try to flirt her husband. Raaj agrees he would also be jealous, if he was her place.
At home, Poorab throws a cup of tea that his servant brought, out of frustration. Malaika arrives at his place and taunts him of losing everything. She says she and the member from Bedi family also helped him, and only then he could attack Bedi’s property. The lawyer comes to inform Poorab his papers work would take 2 weeks, only then he would be able to file a case against Rishi.
Rano caught John eating an apple and asks who would prepare breakfast. John complains her about Tanuja. Rano goes to check for Tanuja concerned that Tanuja misbehaved with Raaj. In the kitchen, Tanuja serves Raaj with tea. Raaj shares with Tanuja that she is his friend, he shared with Tanuja only about the amount Poorab’s mother had taken from him. He says Rishi and Rano are angry from him and aren’t ready to listen to him. Tanuja tells Raaj that his goal has turned her Rishi sick. She goes to pour Qara for Rishi. Raaj blesses her. Rano had reached the door of kitchen. Raaj begins shouting at Tanuja that he can even hit her, if he can bless her. Tanuja shouts she will always serve him the worst of teas. She forbids Raaj be seen near to her kitchen again. Raaj questions if she would push him out of this house, he won’t make her own this house so easily. She calls them as old lad and lady and leaves with the cup of Qara. Rano pours her frustration slapping John, Raaj slaps John for informing Rano. Raaj enjoys saying people would now witness a lot of drama.
Rishi comes to terrace sneezing, Manpreet wakes up out of fear. Rishi teases him if he has controlled Ahana. Manpreet says he came out by himself. John comes there, Manpreet tells Rishi he made Ahana push him out of the room. John laughs over his boasting. Manpreet asks Rishi if he fall ill because of Tanuja… Rishi boasts he controlled Tanuja well. Manpreet asks him for a few tips, Rishi begins… Tanuja and Ahana had reached the door and hear Rishi telling Manpreet to order his wife get tea. The ladies laugh, when Manpreet says Ahana would break his face if he orders him. Rishi boasts his wife is afraid of him, he turns around to see Tanuja standing behind.


Kasam 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Poorab warns Rishi he would ruin the respect of this family if he doesn’t get his share. He is aware of all the secrets of this family.

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Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki (lit. Swear of your love) is an Indian Hindi romantic television series. Kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra play the roles of Tanu/Tanuja and Rishi is story of two couples whose marriage arranged by god since their birth they promised to live whole life Poonum Janum of Tanu was seen in this story that tanu was dead and after 20 years tanu was reborn in the soul of Tanuja remembers all the memories of previous birth.


Rajesh Puri
Parveen Kaur
Malhar Pandya
Kratika Sengar
Jyoti Gauba
Amit Tandon
Aditi Sharma
Zuber K. Khan
Vibha Chibber
Smriti Khanna
Shraddha Arya
Shivani Tomar
Shivani Tomar
Sharad Malhotra
Renee Dhyani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min