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Kasam 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Rishi shouts Tanuja’s name and runs to hug him, he comes to drag her aside. Tanuja was angry. Rishi wonders why she is furious, and calms himself down. He tells Tanuja to come home. Tanuja says she has no house, he and Naitra betrayed her there. Rishi thinks she is talking about Naitra’s taking signatures. Rishi tells Tanuja he did what Tanuja had done, she sow what she reap. Tanuja feels disgusted and accuses him of betraying her. Rishi doesn’t understand, he apologizes and asks Tanuja to go home. Tanuja says he hasn’t left any space to return, he must let her go. Rishi asks who would take care of her, would serve her food when he is late, put haldi over his injuries. Tanuja says Naitra would do this, Rishi says it’s only her right. Tanuja tells Rishi it’s late, he got Roka, engagement and what happened after that was a limit. He has been unfaithful to her. Rishi asks what if he breaks the engagement. Tanuja asks if he can fix the betrayal, she loved him and sacrificed her life to him as well. He turned her world over.

Rishi tells Tanuja he was married to Tanuja through betrayal. What he did, he accepted her. Tanuja says she didn’t get the property, she took it only to save it from Poorab’s destruction. Later, Divia turned to his enemy but Rishi didn’t believe her. Rishi says he understands Divia is wrong but they must not throw her out of the house for that. Rishi says he did to Tanuja what she had done. Tanuja corrects saying he did the worst to her. Rishi says he is ready to forget everything. Tanuja asks what he is going to say, that he would celebrate the wedding night with Naitra just like he did after the engagement. Rishi was shocked to hear and slaps Tanuja for the accusation. Both shout at each other, Rishi shouts at the crying Tanuja. Tanuja calls him a cheater. Rishi asks how she can blame his character. He isn’t a bad person, Tanuja insists he is a filthy man and leaves.

She says Tanuja who loved him has died, this Tanuja hates him. She boards the train. Rishi was left in shock, he follows Tanuja and tells her to leave. If he must find her after she blamed his character, he says if she has died, Rishi died as well. Both leave as well. Tanuja begins to move on, Rishi gets behind but Tanuja’s words echo in his mind and stops. Rishi cries devastated. Tanuja gets nausea tic in the train. A passenger lady asks Tanuja what month is she in, she is pregnant. Tanuja denies this. The lady says she felt so. Tanuja recalls the night with Rishi.

On the railway station, Rishi was crying thinking about Tanuja. Tanuja recalls having faint once before as well. She realizes she was expecting.
People had crowded around Rishi who had fallen. Tanuja tries to stop the train. Rishi screamed for Tanuja’s name. Tanuja tries to get down the train when she hears a couple, the lady was arguing men never change and cease betraying. Tanuja thinks she can’t trust Rishi. The captain comes to ask Tanuja who dragged the chain. Tanuja leaves towards her seat and cries, she decides not to bring her child under the shadow of a betraying father. She will give the love of a mother and father both, they will move away from all the betrayals and treacheries.

7 years later…
Rishi ties his arms with a bandage during a boxing match. It was finale of a boxing championship, Rishi and Shakti confronted each other. Both confront each other in s steaming match. Rishi earns the winning edge. He hears a little girl cheering for him, she shouts at him to punch tightly. Tanuja stops Natasha from calling dad, he would fight by himself. Rishi smiles watching her.


Kasam 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tanuja stands up worried at once as Rishi gets beaten up by the other boxer.