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Kasam 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

During the fight, a little girl cheers Rishi calling him Papa and asks Tanuja to cheer for him too. Rishi was moved at the sight of the girl but he couldn’t see her mother. Tanuja makes Natasha sit, her dad would win anyway.
Rishi gets beaten up badly by the other boxer. Tanuja stands up shouting Rishi!. Natasha looks towards Tanuja blankly. Tanuja wonders why after 7 years she felt Rishi is in pain. Rishi hears Tanuja’s cry for him, he wonders why he feels Tanuja is in pain because he is hurt. He hears his daughter shouts at him to get up. They were at different games. Rishi finally gets up.

Tanuja hears Natasha enjoy the game and cheer her dad.
There Rishi takes the victorious edge at the game and win. Naitra and their daughter cheer, Rishi watches his daughter run towards him.
There, Tanuja looks over Natasha as she runs towards the stage. Tanuja watches them play together. Naitra comes to stage where Rishi cheers with his daughter.
Natasha cheers we won and argues she had been clapping for her father. Natasha complains one forgets the old friends after getting victorious. He asks for Tanuja’s hand, she stares for once then holds it and walks ahead with him.

In the changing room, Tanuja wonders why they play these fighting games. He says he was hurt for the first time in six years and Tanuja was in pain, he says I like it. Natasha says Tanuja didn’t take his name when she shouted. He asks whose name did she take, Tanuja was shocked as Natasha recalls the name from R. The man says Tanuja must have taken Rocky’s name, was she supporting his opponent. Tanuja comes to scold them both, both instead repeats what she was about to say. Tanuja breaks into a smile as they enjoy it, then gets annoyed and turns to leave. Abhishek stops Tanuja as his friends have been waiting to celebrate, Tanuja argues Natasha is too young to party. Natasha insists on him to let them go. Abhishek goes to change.

There, Rishi was injured at hand. Naitra and his daughter goes to get the first aid box. He recalls Tanuja deterred to break the other leg as well if he gets it broken the next time, she was applying tincture and was being hurt herself. Naitra comes to apply the medicine over his leg, Rishi recalls Tanuja’s hatred for him and pours a bottle full of tincture over it. He walks away. Their daughter tells Naitra that Rishi is strong.
In London, Tanuja and Abhishek arrive at the party with Natasha. Abhishek make Tanuja and Natasha comfortable and goes with his friends. Tanuja makes Natasha have dinner, she will get late for school tomorrow. Natasha asks for a drink, Tanuja says elders don’t take drinks. Natasha murmurs Tanuja to be boring. Tanuja thinks their daughter always reminds her of Rishi.


Kasam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishi asks Manpreet who is Abhishek Khurana and where he entered his life from. Rishi makes a call, Tanuja picks it up. Both recognize each other immediately.