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Kasam 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kasam 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kasam 17th April 2017 watch online Episode on

Rishi comes to Tanuja and takes her along by dragging her hand. He reminds they must take seven rounds around the fire on Baisakhi night. Tanuja corrects him but he holds Manpreet witness and takes Tanuja to the rounds. There were other couples but all leave at a wink of Rishi. Tanuja and Rishi take rounds around the fire. Rishi recalls their wedding. Tanuja asks what happened, he replies nothing then smiles. Tanuja announces if seven rounds have completed. Rishi says the vows are remaining, the first one being what the wife feels for him. Tanuja gets his game and holding his hand she vows to be with her husband forever, but involves the business matters within. She turns to leave him while he laughs and dances enjoyably. He then brings juice for her, she denies taking it. Rishi says its her husband giving her, Tanuja reminds the same husband giving her Bhang on Holi.

Rishi qualifies its love now, he takes a sip by himself first and poses to fell dizzy. He then makes her drink the juice. Tanuja asks why is he smiling, there must surely be something mixed. Rishi says it’s a ritual, if husband and wife drink from each other’s glass or plate it increases love. Nakul comes to call Rishi and Tanuja.

Tanuja spots Poorab hugging UV. UV takes him along into the celebrations. She recalls their business was raid only when UV was taking care of it. Rishi comes calling Tanuja. Tanuja goes to meet Smiley’s family. Rohit’s mother tells Tanuja she had to speak to the owner of this house, she is a straight forward woman. They are ready to make Smiley their daughter in law even in this condition. Ahana questions what this means. Rohit’s father says pregnant girls never get shagun. Rohit’s mother argue they can’t marry Smiley to Rohit forcefully. She says they must bear all the expenses of the wedding and a complete dowry. Smiley asks if it wasn’t Rohit’s mistake at all. She replies Rohit is a son, he might get many girls even after all this mistake.

Tanuja confirms if these are her demands. Rohit’s mother reminds Tanuja boasted about her money. Tanuja tells them that beggars are there at their door on daily basis, they never sent anyone empty handed because they never hurt their daughters. But for them, she would not even hand a single penny. Rohit’s mother forces that a lot is given already in daughter’s weddings, why should they marry a girl who is not bringing money but a child as dowry. Rano calms them down and promises to marry her well. Ahana goes to join her hands to Rohit’s mother. Rishi also tells Tanuja they must find some solution to the matter. Tanuja argues they are demanding dowry. Rohit’s mother says they must give anything with happiness, it costs heavy though. Tanuja announces they don’t want to marry Smiley, they didn’t know their son if for sale. She clarifies to Rano she won’t marry Smiley there even for free. Rohit’s mother forbids Smiley to call Rohit again, she advices Smiley to abort this child. Tanuja shouts at her to get out of here. Rohit resists but his mother drags him outside. Smiley leaves inside.


Kasam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Rano tells Rishi to control Tanuja, Rishi turns to speak to her. Ahana says its about her and her daughter, she would speak to Naitra. Rano instigates Naitra that she is of no use in front of Tanuja. Naitra takes the challenge.

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Kasam Details

Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki (lit. Swear of your love) is an Indian Hindi romantic television series. Kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra play the roles of Tanu/Tanuja and Rishi is story of two couples whose marriage arranged by god since their birth they promised to live whole life Poonum Janum of Tanu was seen in this story that tanu was dead and after 20 years tanu was reborn in the soul of Tanuja remembers all the memories of previous birth.


Rajesh Puri
Parveen Kaur
Malhar Pandya
Kratika Sengar
Jyoti Gauba
Amit Tandon
Aditi Sharma
Zuber K. Khan
Vibha Chibber
Smriti Khanna
Shraddha Arya
Shivani Tomar
Shivani Tomar
Sharad Malhotra
Renee Dhyani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min