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Kasam 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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MP tells rishi what he is feeling and doing is wrong as tanuja has moved on and she is married and has a kid. Rishi tells him so what and tells him to go and sleep. Rishi is thinking about tanuja and how she was looking at him and was lost in car and how she wasnt even aware of when the car had stopped and was lost in thoughts and how she didnt want to leave and looked at him. Rishi then curses himself that he didnt stop her and that tanuja wanted him to stop her. He calls her to tell sorry, tanuja doesnt pick up his call.

Tanuja also thinks about how she is getting affected by rishi and she has remain strong and not get affected. She remembers rishi had seen her wearing the payal, she removes the payal and keeps in cupboard.

Rishi comes to tanuja’s room through window. Tanuja tells him to go. Rishi tells her to come back to him. Tanuja tells him he has a family and she has a family and still he is talking like this. Rishi tells her he knows both have family but they love each other and he can see love in her eyes.

Rishi tells her it was u who saved him from terrorists that day and says everytime she saves him and if this is not love, then wat is love. He tells her he still loves her and she loves him and tells her to come back. Tanuja tells him they are no longer young kids to fall in love and that she has moved on in her life.

Rishi says their love is of janam janam and they are made for each other and tells her she loves him and tells her the proof is she is still wearing the payal given by him. Tanuja shows him her feet and where is the payal and tells him it is his illusion, rishi gets confused.

Rishi says he can clearly see love in her eyes and tells her to leave abhishek and come back. Tanuja tells him she has lot of respect for AK and to take his name with respect. Rishi tells her they both will give him respect but begs her to come back. Tanuja tells him how somehow hurt her and tells him how much AK cares for her. Tanuja tells him to leave. Rishi opens the door and asks her if she has ever remembered him even once, tanuja says no, rishi leaves in anger.

Tanuja comes to close the door and sees rishi standing there, rishi smiles at her and leaves from there.

AK calls tanuja and tells her to join rishi’s office. Tanuja doesnt want to go. AK tells her he knows why she doesnt want to go and that she also dislikes him. Tanuja says yes but finally gives in and agrees to go to office. Natz also talks with AK and complains to him how tanuja is making her eat.

MP comes to rishi’s room and wakes him up, rishi tells him to go and let him sleep. MP says sorry if he is hurt by wat he said and hugs him.

Natz asks tanuja why she is worried and tanuja tells her rishi, hers, AK story in a fairy tale form and tells her she is confused as to wat she should do. Natz tells her she will think and tell her. Tanuja is confused if she should tell AK natz is rishi and her daughter.

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