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Kasam 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Tanuja asks Divia about the password of the cell phone. Bee ji access the phone and says there is no number of Poorab or Malaika in the phone. Divia comes to snatch the phone and again cries saying Tanuja is after her only because she wants their family members to hate each other. Rano warns Tanuja to stay away from Divia. Tanuja hears this curiously. Rano says Tanuja belongs to a family which has a filthy blood. Bee ji forbids Rano strictly to say a word to Tanuja again. Ahana also comes forward and says there must a be a reason why Tanuja is accusing her. Rishi tells Ahana if Tanuja is wrong she must be called as wrong. Ahana says if Rishi had interrupted, she and Bee ji wouldn’t have needed to interrupt. Bee ji says she has complete faith over Tanuja, she doesn’t want to hear a single word against Tanuja again. Ahana says there is someone against this house for sure. Bee ji says she and Ahana would also find out who is behind this all, they take Tanuja upstairs.

In the room, Tanuja asks why they both confronted everyone. Ahana says she is the youngest daughter in law of the house, there is surely something wrong. Divia has been in the house for years but now for last two or three days she has been massaging Bee ji’s feet, loving Smiley and taking care of Rano a lot. Tanuja thanks them for trusting her unconditionally.
Divia was thankful of replacing the phone. She says now Tanuja isn’t alone, she can’t take the danger this time. If Malaika hears this… she was worried. At night, Divia comes to the hall where Ahana was massaging Bee ji’s shoulder. Tanuja brings milk to Bee ji and was coming upstairs. Bee ji’s words echo in Divia’s mind. She comes to the stairs and pushes Tanuja off. Rishi runs towards Tanuja as she rolls down the stairs. He questions Divia why she pushed Tanuja and shouted at Divia. Bee ji says Divia wants to kill Tanuja, she is actually with Poorab. Raaj also questions Divia and slaps her. Tanuja asks Divia what is she thinking, Divia realizes she held her hand to her face in her day dream. Tanuja tells Divia she is about to do something else now, Divia must force herself thinking what that is going to be.

In the office, Rishi’s assistant asks him to leave home early. He was with friends last night and now has to buy a gift for wife as a compensation.
Tanuja tells Ahana she must hire a detective agency. Divia has warned her clearly to destroy the family. She tells Ahana that the detective agency spies only meet the one who hires them. Divia over hears the conversation and wonders how she would handle the agency now. Bee ji comes to call them for dinner but Tanuja waits for Rishi.

Late at night, Tanuja serves dinner for Rishi. He had returned with a bracelet for her. Tanuja keenly looks towards him wondering why he doesn’t share his love for her. Rishi thinks he is helpless now, he forgets the whole world watching her. He asks if she has eaten and offers his plate to her. Tanuja wipes her tears, both eat from the same plate. After the dinner, Rishi brings out an anklet and ties it over Tanuja’s feet. Naitra watches this from upstairs and was curt. Divia was also irked by this. Tanuja stands up in disbelief. She sweats at once and says she feels really disturbed, then takes a leave from Rishi for some important work.

UV comes to the room and wakes Divia up. He shouts at Divia asking if she actually met Malaika? He shows her call recorded with Malaika. Rano comes from behind and slaps Divia. Divia wakes up from dream and wonders why she is always afraid of everyone slapping her. She wish to poison Tanuja. She says Tanuja prepared food for everyone today, tomorrow she would prepare tea for everyone. Then she would not be left worth doing anything.

The next morning, Divia comes to the kitchen. She sends John to market to get tomatoes, then mingles with the cylinder. She thinks this tea would be the biggest trouble in Tanuja’s life.


Kasam 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Naitra cries and asks Rishi if he would leave her in the midst of stage. Rishi asks why she is afraid. Naitra says Tanuja told her not to marry him, he would leave her .