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Kasam 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Rish comes to counter to give teddy bear back, representative asks him to give from space beneath window, Tanuja is on other side of window, Rishi gives her teddy, their hands touch and they feel electric shock like they felt on their first meeting, they are both shocked and feels it, Rishi says Tanuja? Tanuja is in shock, she takes teddy and runs from there. Rishi comes inside room and looks around, he asks man where did woman go? Man says she left from back door, Tanuja comes out of room and looks for Rishi when he is inside looking for her, She thinks there is no one here, there was never anyone and never now, it was just my imagination. She starts leaving. Rishi comes out and says I felt Tanuja’s touch. Tanuja is leaving and thinks I am here thats why I am thinking about him, I cant think about him, my life iswith Natasha. Tanuja comes to Natasha, Natasha gets happy seeing her teddy, Abhishek says why did you take so much time? Tanuja says I.. um.. I will go drink water. Rishi is searching for Tanuja. He sees Natasha playing with teddy alongwith Abhishek. He looks around but doesnt find Tanuja. Mr. Johnson comes there and asks if he is okay? Rishi says yeah, I think we should leave, he leaves from there. Tanuja comes to Natasha and says lets leave. They come out of airport, Tanuja asks if he booked cab? Abhishek says obviously I booked cab, he must be in parking, I will go and check, he murmurs I forgot to book cab.

Rishi calls his driver and asks him to take Mr. Johnson to hotel.
Rishi’s driver sees Abhishek(Abhi) standing outside, he asks if he came from foreign? are you Johnson? Abhi says yes, he calls Tanuja and Natasha and says cab is here. Abhi makes Natasha and Tanuja sit in Rishi’s car and they leave. Rishi brings Johnson outside airport and doesnt find his driver, he calls him.Driver says to Abhi that I should tell him that I found you, Abhi says using phone during driving is bad habit. Tanuja says you should park and take his call. Driver takes his call and says what? this man said he is Mr. Johnson, Abhi says it was mistake and now will you throw us out in middle of road? Tanuja says you didnt book cab? she glares at him. Rishi asks driver to comeback, I am with client. Abhi asks driver to tell your boss to use cab, I will pay for it, let me talk to him. Abhi takes Rishi’s call and says Mr. Whatever my wife and daughter are with me so ask your driver to take us home, Rishi says its not possible, you cheated and took my car. Abhi says so what.. Tanuja says give me call. She takes call and says I am really sorry on my husband’s behalf but we are stuck in traffic now.. she says hello? Rishi is not listening to phone as he is searching for cab. Abhi takes call, Rishi takes call and says to Abhi that tell my driver he is fired, he should not come to work from tomorrow, he ends call. Abhi says to driver that your boss fired you but dont worry, I will give you job, come to my place tomorrow. Driver takes them to their place. Tanuja looks at her hand and recalls electric shock she felt.

Rishi hires cab. He looks at his hand and recalls electric shock he felt when his hand touched woman otherwise of window.

Abhi reaches home with family. Driver asks if he should take their luggage? Tanuja says dont worry, you give to your boss, he will scold you but take you. Abhi offers him money, he says no need, boss wont fire me, he said that in anger as it was my mistake. Tanuja says you have good boss, he nods.

Rishi comes to office. Manpreet meets him, Rishi says congrats we won match, Manpreet asks how he found out? Rishi says I know your foot didnt break too, lets start working, who was the man? yes Abhishek Khurana, Manpreet says yes I searched for him. Abhi comes to Bedi’s office. He asks receptionist about Rishi, she asks ifhe has appointment? he says I dont need appointment to give him shock, he starts walking inside, she says you cant go inside. Abhi comes to one girl and says you look really nice, where is your boss’s cabin? she tells him direction. Receptionist tries to stop him but Abhi comes in Rishi’s cabin. Receptionist says I tried to stop him but he didnt listen, she leaves. Rishi says good to see you Abhishek, Abhi says are you shocked? Rishi says if you didnt come then I would be shocked, Abhi says I just came to tell you that this company will be mine soon and you will be my MD, Rishi says this company will remain mine, you have to decide which post you deserve, Abhi says we will see that, I will meet you with bankers tomorrow, he says to manpreet that see you soon choto(worker), he leaves. Rishi says dogs bark but cant do anything, we have seen many like him, he cant do anything. Abhi comes out of office and finds Rishi’s driver that dropped him, he says what are you doing here? driver says I am Rishi’s driver.

Abhi says I took over his car and now I will takeover his empire, its all mine, he leaves. Rishi comes out and scolds his driver about not taking his car, driver says sorry, Rishi says lets go, he sits in car and finds Tanuja’s scarf, driver says it must be of madam whom I dropped. Rishi says keep it with you and lets go. Driver starts driving, scarf flies and falls on Rishi, driver asks if we should give it to ma’am on the way? Rishi says okay. Rishi sniffs scarf and recalls how Tanu’s scarf fell on his earlier too, he recalls how Tanuja said that she hates him. He feels something and keep looking at scarf, he is restless. Driver brings him to tanuja’s residence, Driver says I will give it, he takes scarf but Rishi stops him and says give it to me, I will give it, Driver goes to car. Rishi sees house. He knocks on door but no one opens it, he says seems like no one is at home, he turns to leave but door opens, Rishi turns towards it and looks on.


Kasam 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tanuja comes downstairs and asks who is at door? Rishi is standing at door. Tanuja’s is approaching it, Rishi tries to see her face.