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Kasam 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kasam 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

Bee ji finds Tanuja crying. She comes to Rishi’s room where Rishi was shouting at Tanuja to leave the room. Rishi tells Bee ji it’s not only about project but about their respect. She fall so much that she complained against him to jail. Bee ji cries and apologizes him. Rishi tells Bee ji Tanuja is used to breaking hearts. Bee ji says she filed the report in police, not Tanuja. Rishi hugs Bee ji and says he loves Tanuja so much, he is aware it is blind but Tanuja isn’t worth it. Rishi says he himself saw the lady inspector thanking Tanuja. He wasn’t ready to listen to any explanations by Bee ji. Bee ji leaves. Bee ji comes to her room where Tanuja was crying beside the bed. She tells Bee ji that Rishi isn’t ready to listen to her, he hates her. Bee ji tells Tanuja he is only angry at her but doesn’t hate her.

She gives Tanuja a glass of water to drink. The phone bell rings, Tanuja goes to take the call.Poorab asks Tanuja how she is, she asks why he called. Poorab says he had been missing her, he remembers the slap she gave in her basement. He tells Tanuja he replied her of the slap, it hurt the whole Bedi family. He got the project finally from the Oberoi, he only had to blackmail the Oberois a little bit. He is only thankful to his well-wisher who brought him the quotations. Bee ji snatches the phone and calls him name, Tanuja tells Bee ji this is only because of the betrayer who took the quotations to Poorab and Malaika. Tanuja takes Bee ji downstairs to tell the whole truth.

Downstairs, UV tells everyone that Poorab has won the project. Tanuja comes there and says there is time they take some action. Naitra tells Tanuja to leave Rishi, it’s because of her that Poorab hurt them. Tanuja must have given half of shares to Poorab. Tanuja asks Naitra why she is on Poorab’s side. Naitra wonders why she sided Poorab. Tanuja stares towards Divia and says she already has to take some action. Divia thinks she is the enemy and can’t come forward. Tanuja turns to ask Manpreet and UV what they must do. Rano says this is Tanuja’s business, but Tanuja corrects it Bedi’s business, its Bedi’s house and they must take an action to save this business. Bee ji thinks this time Tanuja is up to finding some proof this time. Divia thinks about discovering the truth what Tanuja is up to.

Tanuja tells UV and Manpreet that Rishi think they lost the project because of her. Bee ji comes correcting Poorab blackmailed the Oberois to get the project. Tanuja notices Divia was there and offers Bee ji to join them. Divia heard their conversation. Tanuja tells UV it was his project, is he ready to revenge. She suggests they must tape all the phones, and all mobiles would get itemized bills as well. She then suggests about sending goons to Poorab who will beat him and will find out the name of the one who helped them.
Divia calls through UV’s cell phone to Malaika and calls them to a venue. Tanuja hears this from a window. Bee ji comes to Tanuja, Tanuja tells Bee ji about Divia’s call to Malaika. She says she would also go there. Manpreet comes to Tanuja and says he has arranged the goons, Bee ji tells Manpreet to send his goons day after tomorrow. Manpreet was alert, as Bee ji asks Tanuja to go and sleep. They leave.

Rishi was in the room when Tanuja comes in. She tries to explain to Rishi about the misunderstanding but Rishi walks out of the room with his beddings. Tanuja follows him downstairs, Naitra comes there. Rishi says everything happened because of her, she didn’t give Poorab his share and gulped their property. May be she won the challenge with betrayal as well. He says to Tanuja that Poorab and their quotations were almost the same, and only he Manpreet, UV, Raaj and Tanuja knew about it. Tanuja asks if he considers her to share them with Poorab. Rishi feels disgusted at Tanuja for accusing herself and goes to lay on the couch. Tanuja asks him for 24 hours to prove herself. Rishi gives her 72 hours instead, if she can’t bring any proof he would resign Bedi Enterprises and move away from Tanuja.
Naitra was determined to clear the whole story till 10 tomorrow.


Kasam 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tanuja comes behind Poorab and Divia. Raaj calls Rishi to come home, they have found who was leaking their quotation and information.

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Kasam Details

Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki (lit. Swear of your love) is an Indian Hindi romantic television series. Kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra play the roles of Tanu/Tanuja and Rishi is story of two couples whose marriage arranged by god since their birth they promised to live whole life Poonum Janum of Tanu was seen in this story that tanu was dead and after 20 years tanu was reborn in the soul of Tanuja remembers all the memories of previous birth.


Rajesh Puri
Parveen Kaur
Malhar Pandya
Kratika Sengar
Jyoti Gauba
Amit Tandon
Aditi Sharma
Zuber K. Khan
Vibha Chibber
Smriti Khanna
Shraddha Arya
Shivani Tomar
Shivani Tomar
Sharad Malhotra
Renee Dhyani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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