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Kasam 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Naitra asks Rishi if he saw Tanuja? he says Tanuja? he is shocked and asks did you see her? did you find her in a mall? or near home? or in shop? where did you see her? Naitra gets tensed. Naitra says no I didnt see her, i just saw her photo, I lost it, she starts searching for it. She opens cupboard and finds balloon with lipstick mark in there, she recalls Rishi asking her to not let anyone touch his cupboard, she thinks that oh Tanuja have given this balloon with lipstick mark.

Tanuja wakes up in morning and asks Abhi and Natasha to come down, servant brings tea, she says Abhi doesnt drink tea. She suddenly recalls how once she gave tea to Rishi and he said its not sweet, she tasted it and said its sweet, he drank again and said now its sweet, flashback ends. Servant takes away tea, Tanuja recalls seeing Rishi again. Abhi brings Natasha there and sees Tanuja lost in thoughts, Natasha says she seems tensed, did you do something? he says no, Natasha says let me think why she is tensed, oh right we cant guess more, lets ask her. They silently come down.

Rishi says to Tanya that we are late for school. Tanya says Naitra keep giving me high calorie food, my figure will be destroyed, Naitra says she needs to be strong, Rishi laughs and leaves with Tanya. Rano asks Naitra why you are tensed? Naitra says to Rano that if Tanuja comes back then I will lose Rishi and Tanya. Rano says it will not happen, did you ask Rishi if he met Tanuja? Naitra says there was balloon in his cupboard with lipstick mark on it, I am sure Tanuja gave it to him, Rano says dont worry, she looks on.

Natasha says to Tanu why you are tensed? Tanu says I am not tensed, Abhi asks what happened? I was discussing with Natasha, she says what were you discussing with a kid? Natasha says I am not a kid, I know why you are tensed, you stole something of someone, give it back, stealing is a bad thing, Tanu asks Abhi what she is saying? Abhi says she is a child and can say anything, just go to work, Tanu says you must have taught her, Tanu goes to pack her bag. Natasha says to Abhi that you are scared of mama, he says no, Tanu says lets go to school, Natasha asks Abhi to drop her school, Tanu says no need, he has to flirt.. I mean he has work, she takes Natasha.

Rishi drops Tanya at school, she runs to class but falls down after striking with Natasha and cries. Rishi shouts Tanya.. he runs to her and goes to Natasha first without seeing their faces, Tanya says I am here papa, he comes to Tanya and says its nothing. Natasha says so she is your daughter Mr. Handsome? ask her to say sorry, Tanya says she pushed me, Natasha says she is pushed, Tanya says papa.. Natasha copies her and says papa to Rishi too, Rishi says it was mistake, leave it. Natasha says to Rishi that you are handsome but that doesnt mean you can take your daughter’s side, ask her to request sorry gently otherwise I wont say sorry, Tanya says I wont do it! Natasha says fine, let my mummy come, she will set you both right, Rishi’s jaw drop hearing her threat. He says hello.. Natasha says your daughter doesnt know how to walk and cant even say sorry, Tanya says she is new admission, I wont say sorry to her, she leaves. Natasha asks Rishi to say sorry. Principal comes there and says to Natasha that you are lucky girl to have such nice papa, she leaves. Natasha says to Rishi that start trying to be nice papa too, all the best, she huffs and leaves, Rishi is stunned.

Scene 2
Rishi is in car, Abhi calls him and says my bankers are coming to my office, bring your bankers too, Rishi says why not and I am coming there too, Abhi asks why? Rishi says I want to see your jealous face, remember your secretary Riya? she was getting touchy and you got jealous and I want to see it again, he ends call. Abhi says he wants to see me jealous but Riya doesnt mean anything to me, i should call Tanuja to office, everyone thinks she is pretty so that Rishi will get jealous seeing her with me, he calls Tanu and says I have something important to tell you come to my office, she says why? he says just come, she says okay and ends call.

Natasha comes in class and ask one guy to get up from bench, he says its my bench, she starts twisting his hand, Tanya says its not your bench, Natasha says I didnt talk to you, I will break your hand too, she pushes Tanya and she falls down. Teacher comes there, Natasha sees her, she falls down and starts crying, teacher asks whats going on? Natasha says she pushed me, Tanya says she is lying, she pushed me, teacher ask them to not shout, she says you both will share bench, you both are partners now, they both say no to it, teacher says I am your teacher so follow me. Natasha and Tanya sit on bench and says to each other that you cant be my friend ever.

Tanuja is in car, she gets call from school, receptionist asks her to come to school, your daughter is fighting, come here as soon as you can, Tanu says i am coming, she ends call and asks driver to take her to school.

Abhi says to his bankers that I want Rishi’s company to end soon. Tanu calls him and says why you are not taking my call? he says I was in meeting, she says I dont call you if its not important, he says sorry, what is it? Tanu says I got call from school, she again fought with some classmate, I am going to school, I cant come to office, Abhi says to bankers that lets cancel meeting, Tanu says dont cancel meeting, I will handle everything at school, he says okay, she ends call. Abhi says to Samar that lets resume meeting and bring photo frame of me, Natasha and Tanuja, that Rishi said that I cant have family but now I will show him my family, I want to jealous him, Samar nods and goes.

Natasha and Tanya are out of class. Natasha says because of you, teacher called my mother, Tanya says she called my father because of you, he will come here and you will see what he do, he is favorite of teacher, Natasha says my papa is favorite of everyone. Tanu comes there, Natasha hugs her, Tanu asks whom you fought with this time? Tanya says she did with me, she pushed me and lied that i pushed her, Natasha says she is lying, nobody likes her, she fights with everyone, dont listen to her. Teacher asks Tanu to meet principal, Tanu takes Natasha with her.
Naitra comes to school, she calls Rishi and says I am at school, Rishi says I am traffic, call me when you talk to teacher, he ends call. Rishi is in traffic jam. Banker calls Rishi and says we are in Abhi’s office, when are you coming? Abhi takes call and says are you scared to come here? Rishi enters there and says hello gentleman. Abhi says not bad, before I snatch it, give your company to me, Rishi says how much will it cost to boy your company? they ask banker to tell their company’s worth, banker says we need time to tell that, Rishi says I cant to takeover this company. Abhi says in your dreams, Rishi leaves.

Principal says to Tanu that your daughter fights with everyone, she is not even scared of me, maybe she is badly treated at home that is why she fights with everyone, she fought with me, Tanu says to Natasha thats very bad, Tanu asks from where did it start? principal says she pushed Tanya and starts fighting, if you dont tell her to stop this behavior then we will put her in care center, we were trying to call her dad but he didnt take call, Tanu says he is busy in meeting and wont be able to come, Principal says no, he said he is coming, Tanu is stunned.
Naitra meets teacher and says Tanya’s dad was to come but he is stuck in traffic, teacher says Natasha’s mom is talking to principal then you can go inside.
Tanu asks Principal if she met Natasha’s father? she says yes, he is very nice father and he is very adorable person, Tanu thinks he didnt even spare teacher, Principal says to Natasha that go back to your class and no more fighting, Natasha nods. Tanuja comes out of office with Natasha. Naitra is in corridor of school, she sees Tanuja with her daughter and is shocked.


Kasam 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi says to Rishi that atleast meet my family before leaving, he gives him photo frame of his family, Rishi takes it out from envelop and is shocked.