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Kasam 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Tanuja comes out of Principal’s office with Natasha. Naitra is in corridor of school, she sees Tanuja’s back with her daughter and is suspicious. Tanu and Natasha leaves before Naitra can see her face. Naitra goes to principal’s office. Tanu says to Natasha that I told you to not fight, now they they I havent taught you manners, Natasha says you taught me manners but Mr. Handsome didnt teach manners to her daughter, Tanu says same man who met you at airport? Natasha says yes, his daughter was saying rubbish so I pushed her, Tanu says dont do it again, Natasha says okay.

Abhi and Rishi comes in meeting room. Abhi brings out darts, Rishi wow you are so serious about work that you play games here, Abhi says if I hit bulls eye on dart board then goodluck is with me, Abhi hits bulls eyes, Rishi hits bulls eye too, he says this is goodluck. Banker comes there and says we discussed and results are surprising,you both have same business and same style of dealing so if you both work in collaboration then that will benefit you both, Rishi and Abhi both say no together, banker says I will give you both time to think about it, he leaves.

Naitra comes out to school and says I should call Rishi and tell him that everything is fine. She is about to call Rishi but she sees Tanuja leaving, she is frozen at her place seeing her face. Tanuja doesnt see her and is busy talking with teacher. Naitra says Tanuja? She recalls Tanuja telling her that Rishi will always be hers. Naitra thinks Tanuja cant comeback, Rishi has just become my friend, I will talk to Tanuja and request her to not come in Rishi’s life, she goes behind Tanu.

Abhi says to rishi that you said I wont get married because of my antics so see my family before leaving. Abhi says to Rishi that atleast meet my family before leaving, he gives him photo frame of his family, Rishi takes it out from envelop and is shocked. Its photo of Abhi, Tanu and Natasha but their faces are covered with props and Rishi is not able to recognize any face in it. Rishi says what a photo, you cant change your fate with a photo,

Rishi asks driver to take home. Naitra asks her driver to take her home too.
Rishi is at home, Naitra comes there, Rishi says you were tensed on call? Naitra says everything is fine, there was small brawl at school, Rishi says you are hiding something, Naitra says if you are here then everything is fine.. Rishi says why are you so tensed? Naitra says I found Tanuja.. I mean I found her photo, Rishi is confused. Naitra is in tears and says Tanuja have returned..Rishi says what? Naitra says I mean to say if Tanuja comes back then what will you do? what will you do if she comes back? Rishi avoids her, Naitra cries and says something. Rishi holds her hand and says you have high fever, he calls Ahana and asks to call doctor. Rishi takes Naitra to room.

Tanuja comes to Natasha’s room, Natasha acts like sleeping. Tanu says I know you are acting of sleeping, finish this milk, she sees teddy bear and says Natasha is sleeping so I have to take milk back, she turns to leave, Natasha gets up, Tanu turns and says caught you, Natasha says I dont want to drink milk, papa didnt come? Tanu says he didnt but even then you have to drink milk. Natasha sees Abhi coming, Abhi hugs her and says you are so cute, Natasha says handle your hitler wife, she is making me forcefully drink milk. Abhi says Tanuja! Tanuja glares at him and says dont come between me and her, you have already spoiled her, Natasha says

Abhi and Natasha comes downstairs for breakfast. Natasha says there is basketball match in my school, Tanu says I know,Abhi says I practiced with her, we will go to school, Tanu says you dont need to go, Natasha says but papa promised, Tanu says Abhi you have work and I dont want you to go out of the way for her, Abhi says but.. Tanu says I said, you are not going so you are not, he pouts at her.

Tanya comes to Rishi and says there is basketball match, Naitra says I will drop her school, Tanya says no I want papa to take me, Rishi says okay I will drop her, he goes with Tanya, Naitra smiles.

Tanu says to Natasha that I will go with you to school, Natasha says you remember someone kidnapped me in London when I was playing basketball, Tanu says you got hurt so I took you from field, I didnt kidnap you, Natasha says injuries happen games, Abhi angrily leaves from there, Tanu says what happened to him now?


Kasam 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi says to Tanu that I told you to never come inbetwee me and Natasha, our deal was to never interfere in each others life but there was no such deal for Natasha, Tanu looks on.