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Kasam 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Divia comes to the hall and asks Tanuja for tea. Rishi and everyone else also wants to have tea made by Tanuja. Divia now apologize that family as she is eldest daughter in law and must end this argument and fighting with Tanuja.

Tanuja goes to the kitchen. Smiley comes asking for coffee. They look for the lighter, Tanuja remembers a phone call while Smiley finds a match stick. Tanuja goes towards the stairs then runs behind Smiley saying there is a gas leakage. Everyone hurries towards the kitchen. Divia connects the cylinder pipe. Manpreet thanks Tanuja, Tanuja wonders why she didn’t realize earlier that there was gas leakage.
Divia tells Malaika that Tanuja was saved again. She asks Malaika what to do. Malaika tells Divia to break Tanuja’s heart now. She suggests Divia to use Rano Bedi for it. Divia likes the idea and leaves. At home, Divia comes to Rano and asks about Naitra. She says this was what she was afraid of, she says Naitra watched Rishi and Tanuja close to each other. She tells Rano Rishi wants to marry Tanuja only, she says it seems Tanuja made the gas leakage. Rano agrees and says that’s the reason Tanuja took Smiley to the kitchen. Divia says Rishi and Tanuja gets one at night atleast, they would get close if they live together. Rano was determined to take some action now.

Raaj shows Bee ji the credit card details that Rano has shopped for 8 lacs now. Rano returns from wedding, she says Naitra had her Roka. She must get engaged as well. Everyone was shocked to hear this. She announces their engagement today. Tanuja wish Rishi denies to marry. Rishi wish Tanuja once desire he doesn’t marry Naitra, he will break this wedding at once. Tanuja leaves the hall, Naitra comes to show Rishi their shopping.

In the room, Tanuja wonders why Rishi didn’t stop anyone. Rano tells Tanuja she loves Rishi in front of everyone and behind the back she stabs him. She asks Tanuja to tell her truly today why she married Rishi. Tanuja agrees to Rano that she never loved Rishi, she only married him for property. Rishi had come at the doorway and leaves hearing this. Tanuja asks Rano if she wanted to hear this, she never accepted the truth she always said that she loves Rishi dearly and will always do. Rano calls it a lie. Tanuja insists this is the truth. Rano drags Tanuja out of the house. Tanuja insists she can’t take her out of this house and the room, this house belongs to her. Rano says her son would no longer come to this room.


Kasam 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naitra cries in front of Rishi and asks if he would leave her on the wedding stage, this is what Tanuja said and wants her not to marry him.