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Kasam 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update


Episode start with lady(Mandir) says that she is your tannu. But rishi do not listen to her and says that tannuja is nothing more than my mother who loves me before birth. Due to her my mom is paralysed and family is suffering. Papa takes Mom in room and yuvi and manpreet throw that lady(mandir) out.
But she yells that she is back, she is back with oath which she took.. now your turn and rishi thinks.

Lady(mandir) search for tanuja in temple. Tanuja is walking and feel hungry, one lady pays for her saying she is her daughter. Tanuja faints. She gets up and that lady give her soup and ask her to relex. Rishi feeds soup to mom and everyone tries to cheer her up.
Lady says that she is from NGO and ask why is she upset, i shall help you out. Tanuja says that I want to go away from here. Lady(NGO) ask her name?? Tanuja tell.

Mom ask rishi to remarry. Dad says that due to serial you are becoming dumb and say sorry. Mom says I am scared of being return of tannuja. I do not want to loose you rishi. Lady (NGO) talk to someone and tell that she is so sweet, alone, Kasam se beautiful. And I want more more money and smile devilly. The person ask for pic of tannuja.

Rishi ensure that Tanuja will never return to our lives. Mom ask rishi to forget her, rishi says I can’t forget Tanuja. Tanuja says that Rishi is every where else in my Desitny. But due to my appearance near him, he may die even. Rishi says I will not forget her but will never talk about her and never marry again. Mom tries to emotional blackmail him but he denies.

Tanuja talks to Devi Maa that why gained by memory. What type of kasam?
We can’t be together. I should far Rishi. Lady(devil) talks about pic and says that she will not recognise what happened to her. She ask that man to take atleast Rs. 50 lac Tanuja hears. And strikes with utensils in shock.

Kasam 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-

Rishi and Tanuja see each other and tanuja shout for help. Rishi ask men to leave tanuja. They fire bullet from gun towards rishi and tanuja shouts

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