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Kasam 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kasam 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Naitra brings Rano in corner and says I want to tell you something. Rano thinks I was avoiding her, she has been trying to win over Rishi and I am thinking about giving Kanika a chance. Naitra says to Rano that she has come in party, Rano says yes I know Kanika has come, Naitra says not Kanika but Tanuja, Rano is shocked and says what? Rano thinks it means Manpreet was talking about Tanuja, she says it means storm is in your life, Naitra says no Tanuja is married and has a daughter too, Rano is stunned.

Ahana says to Manpreet that you know I met Tanuja but she is married, Manpret says I know, Ahana says her daughter is so cute, Manpreet says I know her name is Natasha. Ahana says you knew everything and didn tell me? Manpreet says I was trying to tell you, Ahana says dont say bullshit, I will break your face, Manpreet says keep up my respect atleast in party, Ahana glares at him and leaves. Manpreet sees Samar there, he gets an idea, he smirks and Samar you have come, I am pregnant Samar, he laughs to himself.

Abhi sees Rishi staring at Tanuja, he asks why you are staring her? Rishi says mine.. Abhi says what? Rishi says its my eyes and I can see anything, Abhi says but not my wife, Rishi says but she is really nice, Abhi says I know. Rano comes there, Naitra makes her meet Abhi and says he is Tanuja’s husband, Abhi touches her feet. Rano says Tanuja is lucky to have such nice husband, Abhi says how do you know her? Naitra says I made her meet him, Rano says it seems like they both keep each other very happy, Rishi feels jealous. Beeji comes there and drags Rano away. Beeji says to Rano that meet Tanuja nicely today and dont taunt her, Rano says she is like my daughter,she is married in such nice house and I am happy, lets meet her.
Rishi says to Abhi that you dont seem like traditional person, Abhi says I know how to respect women, you were jealous when your mom was praising me, I mean I have wife like Tanuja and daughter like Natasha, i am a lucky man. Rishi says I will clear your misunderstanding soon.
Rano comes to Tanuja and says my daughter.. how pretty.. I have got to see you after so many years, how are you? Tanu is confused with her behavior. Rano says my blessings are with you that you remain happy with your husband always, she leaves.
Tanuja sees Rishi and Abhi drinking wine. Manpreet takes everyone’s attention and thanks them. Abhi says its boring party, there should be some music, Rishi asks Manpreet to play it. Song pyaar ho plays. all couples come on dance floor and start waltzing around. Rishi comes to Tanuja and offers her hand and hints at her to take it, Tanu moves away from him, she goes to Abhi and says lets dance, Abhi says I dont want to dance, she says please, Abhi says okay. Tanu takes him to dance floor, Rishi gets angry. Rishi brings Naitra on dance floor. Rishi and Tanu starts dancing with their partners while glaring at each other. They can keep eyes stray from each other, all family members look on. Couples exchange partners, Abhi moves to Naitra and Rishi moves to Tanuja, she tries to leave but Rishi grabs her waist and dances with her, she feels uncomfortable and moves away. She goes to Abhi, Abhi dances with Naitra and Tanu. Abhi twirls Tanu and Tanu is about to fall but Rishi holds her, Abhi says sorry Tanu, thanks Rishi. Tanu says why thanking him you would have saved Naitra too. Abhi nods. Abhi sees Kanika smiling at him, he thinks I have to meet her, Tanu asks Abhi to not drink much, Abhi nods and leaves. Rishi says your husband is weird, he pushes you away in dance, Tanu says I slipped, it was not his mistake, she turns to leave but Rishi says I have one small request, please tuck this broach on my shirt, she says ask your wife, Rishi I am saying to her only, Tanu glares at him, he gives her puppy eyes. Tanu sighs and takes it from him. Tanu moves closer to him and tucks his broach, pyar ho plays as rishi stares at her in awe. Tanu glance at him and moves away. Rishi thanks her. Rishi says you still dance very nicely, Tanu says yes I danced nicely with my husband, she turns to leave but Rishi holds Tanu’s hand and drags her away. He brings her to empty room and pushes her inside.

Scene 2
Tanya says to Natasha that you keep playing games, Natasha says I am bored, Tanya says I have an idea, Raj comes and asks where are they going? Tanya says dadu(grandpa) I am going to show her house, Natasha says yes dadu, bye, they leave. Raj says she called me dadu like Tanu called me bauji first time.

Abhi comes to Kanika near bar. Abhi asks if she wants to go on dates and shopping? she says tonight? meet me at hotel, he says done, she leaves. Abhi says I have to tell Tanuja. He asks Naitra if she saw Tanu? she says no, Abhi goes to search her, NAitra thinks if she is with Rishi?

Rishi asks Tanu what is all this? Tanu says I dont want to stay here, Rishi says answer me first, why you left me? Tanu says you left me 7 years back, Rishi says why were you dancing with that Abhi? he is weird, he threw you away and i held you, there is still time, please comeback and leave Abhi. Tanu says Abhi must be waiting for me,. Rishi pulls her in room and says what about me? I have given this party for you, my blood boils when I see you with Abhi, do you like to hold his hand? Tanu says why did you hold Naitra’s hand that? Rishi says she held my hand, Tanu says I dont care, our relation has ended. Rishi says our relation is for births, you left me, Tanu says you asked me to leave, Rishi says I said it in anger, Tanu says relations break with words said bitterly, Rishi says my heart broke, I am in pain, leave Abhi and come to me. Tanu says I am with Abhi and I am very happy, Rishi says you were not happy with me? Tanu says you are asking me that? when I was with you, I was blind in your love, so much that I couldnt see anything other than you, I got lost in storm, I couldnt handle myself but I thought you would handle me but how could you? you yourself slipped, when I am with Abhi, I see everything clearly, even if I fall down, I dont feel pain because you have given me pain not him, you have given me fake trust, fake love, fake promises, fake dreams, fake kasam.. Rishi says no my love, my promises are all true, you know it, tell me if anyone loved anyone with this intensity? I loved you for years and I still love you. Tanu recalls seeing Rishi in bed with Naitra, recalls Rishi leaving her. Rishi says how to make you trust me? Tanu says I wont be able to trust you, you are talking about trust? but you broke it seven years back and trust can never be repaired if once broken.


Kasam 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tanu says I have buried all my memories, this is my present and that was my past and my past has died for me, I love my present a lot and my present is my Natasha and Abhishek, I am sorry.. I am sorry.. I mean MY ABHISHEK. Rishi is stunned to hear it and glares at her.

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Kasam Details

Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki (lit. Swear of your love) is an Indian Hindi romantic television series. Kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra play the roles of Tanu/Tanuja and Rishi is story of two couples whose marriage arranged by god since their birth they promised to live whole life Poonum Janum of Tanu was seen in this story that tanu was dead and after 20 years tanu was reborn in the soul of Tanuja remembers all the memories of previous birth.


Rajesh Puri
Parveen Kaur
Malhar Pandya
Kratika Sengar
Jyoti Gauba
Amit Tandon
Aditi Sharma
Zuber K. Khan
Vibha Chibber
Smriti Khanna
Shraddha Arya
Shivani Tomar
Shivani Tomar
Sharad Malhotra
Renee Dhyani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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