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Kasam 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Abhi gives cheque to Tanuja, Tanu thanks him, he says you are caretaker of this house and I am paying you for that so dont say thank you, Tanu says this cheque from me as we live here too, Abhi says I splurge more money in parties than this, its not needed, Tanu says I know you have money but this is for my self respect and honor, It makes me feel good and you ask same question everytime and I have to give this answer everytime so take this cheque, he says okay and takes it.

Rishi is lying in bed and recalls how he has felt Tanu’s presence in last few days, he thinks why I feel her close but cant see her? does she not want to be seen? he looks at balloon that has lipstick mark, he holds it and recalls Tanu leaving him, he says if you are here then there is reason behind it, my heart is beating so fast so it means this balloon has come from Tanuja, if she is here then where she is? she has to come to me, we can fight and have grudges but just tell her to come infront of me.

Tanu opens drawer and finds jewelry box, she brings it our with shivering hands. She finds one anklet in it which Rishi made her wear it, she says i have kept Rishi’s anklet for 7 years and rishi couldnt even handle one relation, he made relation with someone else and started loving someone else? I kept this anklet for 7 years.. no.. I didnt keep it with care, I must have forgotten it in this box, I didnt keep it, I shouldnt have it, she tries to throw it away but cant.. Tanu says what love is and what he did.. she silently weeps.
Rishi looks at balloon and says I love Tanuja a lot
Abhi is looking at Tanuja and Natasha’s photo in his phone lovingly. Three of them are in love and agony.

In morning, Tanya is going school, Ahana comes to Naitra and asks where is Tanya? Naitra says she left for school, you had some work with her? Ahana says yes.. no.. I just wanted to say bye to her. Naitra says have breakfast, she leaves. Ahana thinks I have to Tanya’s school, I might Tanuja there, she leaves. Naitra thinks why Ahana was asking about Tanya’s school all of a sudden.

Rishi comes to school, he sees Tanya and Natasha holding hands, Natasha says we have become temporary friends, Rishi laughs, Tanya says I forgot my water bottle, she goes to find it, Natasha says you havent told her how to take care of things. Rishi recalls how Beeji asked him to start knowing Abhi’s weakness. Rishi asks Natasha if her papa is her real papa? Natasha so are you my papa if not him? Rishi says you are cute but your papa is not, Natasha says my papa plays football and I do boxing, rishi says I do it too, Natasha says have a match then, are you scared? Rishi says from you? never. Abhi comes there and asks Rishi if he is scared? Natashs gives Abhi hug and says he is scared of me. Tanya comes there and asks Rishi to accept challenge, Rishi says okay challenge accepted, if I am able to touch your forehead in boxing then I win, challenge? We cant play real boxing as you will get injured so you have to follow my rules, Natasha says you have to lose either way, she accepts his challenge.

Tanya asks Rishi to not get beaten, Rishi says she is so tiny, I am worried to not beat her.

Abhi says to Natasha that we can put stones in your gloves and he will be knocked out with one punch, Natasha says no cheating, I have another idea.
Tanya makes Rishi touch her feet and take her blessing and says now you will win.

Rishi, Natasha, Abhi and Tanya comes in boxing ring. All kids gather around them. Rishi says to Natasha that if rule is if I touch your forehead then you lose match, she nods. Natasha says start match, Rishi says I cant believe I am going to fight a tiny like you, Natasha asks if he is scared? he laughs. Rishi says ready, he is about to attack her but she passes from middle of his legs, Tanya says she is cheating, Rishi tries to attack her again but Natasha dodges it, Rishi runs behind her and tries to touch her forehead, Natasha runs around and slips, she falls down, Abhi, Rishi and Tanya rushes to her and asks if she is fine? Natasha wakes up and suddenly punches Rishi hard. Abhi cheers and says princess you won, Natasha says I told you my idea would work, Rishi laughs. Tanya laughs too and takes selfie with Rishi and Natasha. Rishi says to Abhi that your daughter is smart and clever, Abhi says she is like her father, Rishi says to Natasha that you are really naughty, Natasha says my mama says I am Krishan Kaniya, Natasha makes faces at him, Abhi laughs and says lets go, he leaves. Tanya says to Rishi that you had to win, Rishi hugs her and says next time, he leaves.

Scene 2
Ahana says people who dont want to see Tanuja are seeing her and those who wants to meet her cant see her, I couldnt find her near school, maybe she lives somewhere else, I know she is in Mumbai, I will do anything but find her.

Rishi comes in kitchen, he takes tea for Naitra. Ahana and Naitra are laughing at him, he asks what happened? they say nothing. Rishi comes in lounge and Rano, Beeji and Manpreet are laughing at him, Rishi asks whats so funny? Tanya says papa you cut your nose from a kid, all laugh. Rishi says that grumpy girl cheated, Beeji says such small baby cheated with you? Naitra says I used to think rishi wouldnt lose from anyone but he lost from a kid, Ahana says yes, he lost to a small, tiny girl, Rano asks if that girl really punched your face? all make fun of him, Rishi says she is not a toddler, I mean she is but she is oversmart and very clever, Manpreet says she made you lose, Tanya says tell them how she punched you, Rishi says she did ‘babaji ka thullu’, all laugh. Tanya shows her, Natasha’s and Rishi’s selfie to Beeji. Beeji says she is exactly like Rishi, Rishi is stunned to hear it. Rano says Beeji says anything without thinking, they all leave. Beeji thinks my eyes are sharp, I can see what others cant, this toddler girl have something which feels like my own.

Samar calls Abhi and says bankers are waiting, you called them, Abhi says I am coming, did Rishi come? Samar says you have to call him first, Abhi says I am calling him, he ends call. Abhi calls Rishi, Rishi takes call, Abhi says bankers are waiting for us in my office, come there soon, he ends call. Rishi is tensed. He gets his manager’s call, Rishi says bring all documents, what Rishi Singh Bedi wants will happen.

Rishi is changing shirt, he says my shirt’s button is broken too, is anyone here to help me? Tanu comes there and starts stitching it, Rishi is shocked and says you? Tanu says who else? you were waiting for someone else? you said to never leave so I came to you, Rishi is mesmerized and says where did you go? I missed you a lot, dont leave me again, I know we had a fight

I said bad words but I love you a lot, I have missed you so much in these years, I have searched you for years. Tanuja caresses his face lovingly, she comes closer to him and breaks thread of button with her teeth, Rishi is in tears and smiling at her, he is about to touch her face but his phone rings, Tanu says dont take call, phone is not important, Rishi says I am coming.. this all turns out to be Rishi’s dream, Naitra comes there and asks him to wake up, he wakes up with jerk and looks around for Tanuja but she is just his hallucination.

Abhi is waiting for Rishi in his office, Samar says I called him but he was sleeping, Abhi says I am not free for him whole day. His phone rings, he thinks its Rishi, he picks call and says yes bitter man.. Tanuja says what? Abhi says I am sorry, I didnt it was you on call, Tanuja says dont say sorry, you have to go to shopping today but you left wallet at home, Abhi says do one thing, meet me in glamour restaurant, I cant come home, I have meeting, she says okay and ends call. Samar smiles at him and says you say she doesnt love you, you say that you dont like her then what is this? this is relation, husbands talk to wives like you talked to her, Abhi says remember how she slapped you? Samar says that was relation too, I will record it sometime and then you will understand your relation with her.

Rishi brings out his shirt which he wore in dream, he sees its button not broken, he breaks it and says my button is broken, wont anyone help me, Tanuja tuck it, he looks around but she doesnt come to his help. Rishi thinks why I feel that Tanuja is near me and I am going to meet her soon.


Kasam 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi says to Rishi that someone else’s likeness wont be Abhi’s likeness ever. Rishi says to Abhi that dont ever try to trap the girl that I like or the who like me because Rishi’s relation is not for one birth but for lives.