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Kasam 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Tanya comes to Rishi and says get ready for school but look good, Natasha’s mom is going to meet you, Manpreet asks who is this second girl? Rishi says its small cute girl, Manpreet says the one who punched, Rishi beats him.

Abhi does push ups with Natasha on his beck, Tanu brings his phone, Abhi asks Natasha to give him hug, she says take bath first, you stink, he kisses her, she says eww, Tanu takes Natasha. Samar calls Abhi and says Mr. Kapoor have filed case on us in London, we might have to go to London, Abhi says I am fighting with Rishi and that is biggest case, Samar says do collaboration with Rishi, it will be beneficial, talk to him, Abhi says I will try.

Rishi is in school, he calls Manpreet and says its weird to wait for someone’s mother, Manpreet says girls used wait for us in college and now you are waiting for someone’s mother? eww, you know i have great news, I have found Tanuja’s house address, Rishi says great, now I will go to her house and bring her from there. Tanuja and Natasha enters school, Rishi is there too, peon asks Tanu to park her car in right spot, she leaves Natasha and goes out. Natasha comes to Rishi and scares him, he laughs and asks if she came alone? Natasha says mummy brought me here, nobody comes alone here. Teacher comes there and ask them to go inside class, Natasha says I want to make mummy meet papa, I mean I want my mummy to meet Tanya’s papa. Rishi asks how they became friends? Natasha says since you and papa fought, nobody is talking to us so we temporary became friends, Natasha says dont be angry because then who will save me from ghosts? Rishi says I will save you from everything that hurt you, he hugs her. Tanuja comes there and is shocked to see Rishi playing with their daughter, she is frozen on her place. Tanu hides and thinks so Rishi is Mr. handsome, what game fate is playing? the only person I wanted to hide Natasha from, that person is playing with her. She sees them bonding and laughing, she smiles seeing the sight with tears, she thinks they have created such nice friendship and love so soon. Rishi says to Natasha that bell has rung, you mom must have not got parking, Natasha says she must be scolding someone, she scolds me too thats why I call her hitler, Rishi laughs, Tanu is endeared seeing all this. Rishi says you know I had one hitler too, she used to scold me too, Natasha says if you meet my hitler then you will forget her, Rishi says if you meet my hitler then you will forget everything. Tanu smiles and hides, she recalls Natasha telling her about Rishi’s daughter and having fight with her, Tanu thinks Rishi have a daughter and she is in this school, it means he has moved on with someone else life, he was acting in police station like he is so alone without me, he is a liar, he is a father of a child, she recalls Rishi getting Naitra’s call, she thinks Rishi married Naitra and has a daughter with her, he was waiting for me to leave his life so he can get with Naitra. Tanu turns to leave but Rishi comes infornt of her, he is surprised to see her and says you here?

Scene 2
Samar says to Abhi that you should go to London and handle this case, Abhi says Natasha has started school and now I cant take them back, Samar says leave them here, Abhi says there was police case and you want me to leave them? Samar says i will take care of them, if you care so much then why didnt you let me find out who claimed Tanu as his wife, Abhi says Tanu didnt want it and I respect her decision and you know if I find out that person’s name and some other information about him then I might do anything and Tanuja wont like it, its her past so let it be, the day Tanuja tells me about her past then i will solve that problem once and for all, even if I have to do anything.

Rishi asks Tanuja what she is doing in school? Tanu thinks I cant tell him that Natasha is our daughter, Rishi says i was searching you, are you stalking me? Tanu turns to leave but rishi pulls her in classroom and asks what she is doing here? you have answers to my question, Tanu says you have so much in your life, you have moved on and so happy then what do you want more? Rishi says you think that I am happy but its not true, I am not happy, I am not at all happy, Tanu says you are happy, you really are happy, but your problem is that you dont value people in your life, you run behind people who are not in your life, if you start living happily with people in your life then it will be fine, people left behind are past and past can never turn into present and if you have a doubt that I have come here for you then leave it behind because I am happy, I am happy without you too. Rishi looks closer and says if you are so happy then what are you doing here with me? Tanu says I didnt come here, fate brought me here, maybe to tell me that your presence and absence dont matter to me, rishi nods, he pins her to wall angrily and grits his teeth, he looks in her eyes and pulls back, he says good.. good.. you know what? I waited for you for 7 years, I waited every moment, I dont know how I lived through those moments, I loved you, I loved only and only you and if you have any doubt then throw it away regarding that, Tanu says i am not mad to have misunderstandings in my heart, I know Rishi you say something else and do something else, Rishi says you have become intelligent after 7 years, Tanu says I became intelligent 7 years back only thats why I left you, Rishi says then what are you doing here? Tanu asys I didnt come here, you brought me here. He opens classroom door and says get out, she says thank you very much and leaves. She comes out of class room and weeps. Rishi is restless in class. Both are in pain and agony being separated once again, humari adhuri kahani plays, Tanu wipes her tears, she looks at classroom door one more time and leaves. Rishi comes out of classroom and sees her leaving, he wipes his tears, takes deep breath and leaves too.

Riya comes to Abhi and says our meeting got cancelled, Samar ordered table in hotel but it got cancelled, Samar goes to check. Riya seductively says that Rishi asked me to take care of you, Abhi smirks and says this office is mine, she nods, he says so I want you to leave right now, she nods and leaves. Samar comes there and says you sent her away? Abhi says I dont like things which i get easily, Samar says you have become of someone, Abhi says dont talk about Tanuja, she is not my wife nor love, she is someone special, leave it at that, Samar thinks someone special feeling is love.

Manpreet comes to Rishi and says I found Tanuja’s address, lets go there. Rishi sadly says who Tanuja? Manpreet gets sad and confused seeing his state, he leaves. Humari adhuri kahani plays. Rishi recalls Tanuja’s harsh words.
Tanuja comes home, she weeps and recalls Rishi’s words, seeing Rishi and Naitra sharing bed, she throws away vases in anger and cries, shouting ans sobbing in lounge.


Kasam 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tanuja says why I feel restless, why do I feel that something very wrong is going to happen?Some terrorists enter Tanya and Natasha’s class, they have guns. Rishi calls terrorist and says you have animosity with me so talk to me but dont hurt kids, terrorist says I swear on mother, we are waiting for you.