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Kasam 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishi comes downstairs. Rano takes him to Naitra and makes him compliment her. Rano asks Manpreet about engagement ring, Manpreet says he would bring it to Rishi. Rishi watches Tanuja coming downstairs. He asks for Naitra’s hand to dance. Tanuja was upset watching them dance intimately. Rishi continuously keeps an eye over Naitra. A waiter passing by hits and spoils Naitra’s clothes, Rano takes her to change. Tanuja comes to Rishi and make him dance with her, Rishi thinks about her love confessions, they dance together. After the dance has finished, everyone claps. Rishi realizes at once and jerks Tanuja away from him.

Rishi comes aside and takes a drink for himself. Manpreet comes to him and asks what he is doing. Rishi says he is so confused, he has to decide now. Manpreet thinks he thought Rishi won’t get engaged to Naitra but now he must get a ring for him. Tanuja heads towards Rishi but Naitra had already come by his side. Tanuja stops as Rishi takes Naitra’s hand and introduces her to the guests as his better half. Tanuja comes there and drags Rishi inside.

In Tanuja’s room, Manpreet takes a ring. He speaks to Tanuja’s photo that he is sorry, he is taking her ring on debt. This engagement would never take place, he would return this.

Tanuja tells Rishi Naitra isn’t his better half, she is his wife and would always be. Divia calls Rishi for engagement. Rishi demands her to prove for one last time and sign the papers. Tanuja thinks she must sign the papers now, she will find another way and won’t let this property go after Poorab and Malaika’s name. She assures Rishi to bring the papers. Rishi gives her fifteen minutes time, not a single second more. Tanuja hurries to the room and signs the papers. The door behind Tanuja is shut and locked by Malaika. Inside, Tanuja says she will look after Malaika, Divia and Poorab later. She comes to knock at the door and keeps on shouting. Malaika recalls Poorab wanted them to leave the engagement party, he was sure Tanuja is very lucky. Malaika says every person has one day in life when he loses everything, she relaxed Poorab and went to drink water. She had heard Tanuja and Rishi’s talk.

Tanuja wonders if someone locked the room deliberately. Malaika walks away.
Rishi thinks Tanuja has changed her mind again. He comes to Rano and says he is ready. Divia hurries Naitra to stage. Rano asks Manpreet for the ring, Manpreet wish someone doesn’t recognize this is Tanuja’s ring. Rishi recalls his engagement with Tanuja. He puts the ring on. Naitra recalls Tanuja’s challenge for her, Rishi recalls how Tanuja requested him not to get engaged. He takes the ring off, he thinks Tanuja has again betrayed him. He engaged to Naitra only because of Tanuja.


Kasam 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishi tells Tanuja she can’t see the pain in his eyes. Tanuja was crying, she says she can see that and tried to stop him but he didn’t.