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Kasam 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishi leaves the engagement and goes to drink. Rano comes behind, Rishi says he would only get engaged when drunk.
Malaika joins Poorab and says Rishi is waiting for Tanuja to come and stop the engagement, but Tanuja won’t come now.
Bee ji comes to Rishi and tells him to go and meet Tanuja once. Rishi says she doesn’t love him. Rishi agrees to meet Tanuja for one last time. Malaika was moved to see Rishi ready for engagement. She says they shouldn’t meet each other today, else this engagement would break. She goes to stop Tanuja and sends Poorab behind Rishi. Poorab stops Rishi’s way and congratulates him. Rishi asks what he is doing here, Poorab says he is his brother after all. Manpreet comes to send Rishi and warns Poorab to leave.

Malaika goes to unlock Tanuja’s door. Tanuja had been knocking the door. Malaika thinks if Tanuja watches her, she won’t accept any of her excuse. She looks around, a waiter says someone is knocking at the door. Malaika tells him to open the door. Tanuja questions the waiter, then comes to Bee ji. Bee ji tells her to wash and get fresh, Rishi is coming to speak to her. Bee ji turns towards a waiter, Malaika takes the chance to go inside the room while Bee ji waits outside. She sends Rishi inside to speak to Tanuja. Rishi says it’s only because Bee ji said so. In the room, Tanuja watches Rishi drunk. Rishi says Bee ji told him to come here, she is unaware that Tanuja chose property and not him. Tanuja asks if he is drunk, Rishi says it’s good as a person always tells the truth after being drunk. He advices her to drink a bit, this would bring out the truth from her. She tries to hold him from falling, Rishi tells her not to show off. Tanuja says she has signed the property papers already, she looks around for the papers which weren’t there. Rishi laughs clapping and appreciates her acting skills. He doesn’t trust Tanuja and leaves the room. Tanuja tries to convince him that she signed the papers.

Naitra was tensed what if Rishi leaves her. Rano promises that Rishi would get engaged to her. Bee ji prays Rishi and Tanuja come downstairs together, she will take care of everything else. They watch Rishi come downstairs, he apologizes Rano for being late and comes for the engagement. Tanuja watches the engagement take place and fell over the stairs. Divia and Rano congratulates everyone. Rishi watches Tanuja crying over the stairs.
Malaika smirks as she comes to Poorab. Poorab asks why is she happy. Malaika asks when he would be happy? Poorab says he would be happy when Bedi’s are destroyed and Tanuja dies. Malaika says she wants to see Rishi and Tanuja part ways, this will make Rishi die each day. Poorab asks what is she going to do, Malaika wasn’t ready to share.

Rishi looks around and watches Tanuja standing in the backyard. Rishi thinks today he has proven he doesn’t care for her, like she doesn’t. He has killed himself, he is a living corpse now. Tanuja thinks both them them loved each other, why Rishi killed her love today and didn’t trust her. Rishi walks towards Tanuja, she turns around. He comes to stand beside her. Tanuja was crying. Tanuja says if he has smile on face, why such pain in eyes. Rishi says she couldn’t see his love. Tanuja says she can, she tried to stop him but he didn’t. Rishi asks if she won’t congratulate him, he got engaged. Tanuja leaves Rishi crying. Bee ji watches her pass by, upset. A waiter stands nearby with drinks, Rishi takes a glass and sips alcohol from it. Manpreet comes to support Rishi and sends the waiter away. Rishi tells Manpreet he can’t feel anything, he asks Manpreet what he must do with his heart. Manpreet consoles the crying Rishi. Rishi says he has turned to a joke and laughs, Manpreet hugs him and takes him to his room.
Tanuja sat in her room upset about Rishi’s words.


Kasam 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tanuja comes to Naitra’s room. Naitra lay with Rishi and to show it off to Tanuja asks him to leave her until they get married. Tanuja turns around in shock.