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Kaun Hai 30th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Story Of the Toy of Putulgunj


Kaun Hai 30th June 2018 Written Episode Update on

Kaun Hai 30th June 2018 Episode Start With dancer is shown while dancing fire caught. they all run with screaming . A woman hand is shown try to catch the toy .

At Calcutta Today,

three girls are seeing on the sculpture room. Tutul show the culptere to Anbesha. Anbesha tell put this back now . Girl toy shown with blink of eyes. Anbesha and tultul is seeing more meanwhile bulb is blinking . girl toy fall on the ground . tultul say how is see fallen down both girls pick the girl toy. Owner said what happen. Gilrs says nothing uncle. owner said you have to buy it. Anbesha said what to do tultul said now we have to buy. they decied to buy the that toy. Anbesha looks carefully to girl toy.

at night girls toy at Anbesha room blinking the eyes. behined the toy there is black shadow appear.slowly shadow hands towardsa Anbesha. Anbesha is seeing the dream about past life with dancing, fire caught and run. Anbesha awake with screaming. after awake she is on diffrent place with the toy girl. Anbesha says where i have been . what is about this . she aslk about tultul . Anbesha says kaun hai see enter on the room , see the old photo look like king.she see the girl toy on table seeing towards her. shw slowly try to touch the toy. some screaming sound appear . Anbesha ask kaun hai. She listen so sound paulima please escape me from this. Anbesha walk towards the door with saying kaun hai . Anebsha said i am not paulima i am anbesha. She open the door enter into it with saying kaun hai . i cannot see anything see switch on the tourch and see the toy girl . she see the girl which is crying .

She ask who are you why you are not saying anything . Girl heads up anbesha see same looks like her. she try to drag the anbesh towards her fire burn on anbesha and she awake .tutltul listen the screaming of Anbesh anbesh say what has happen its was dream , Tutul came and tell anbesh what happen, tuttul see the toy . tultul tell partho about the dream of anbesh. partho tell ask about dream. anbesh tell partho i was scared in the name of horror and tultul said anbesha you had seen the dream after we buy this toy isn’t it ? Partho tell about are you sure you haven’t seen any horror movie recently. anbesh think and say yess. Partho tell about the detective cousin Babul da.

Babul take the doll to shop. Shop owner say this doll is in my shop from so many years. but i don;t know where i have taken this . Babul show some money and shop owner says about the doll. Doll look Babul Shop owner give goludev theif address and tell about the doll he give me. shop owner say don’t tell goludev . Babul said if i forget .shop owner refund back. Babul meet goludev and catch him. goludev tell about the doll that he theft the doll from potulgunj.Babul see the black clound on the sky.babul tell about the potulgunj about the old haveli and the story of doll.he tell about the potul means doll and gunj means houuse means doll house. anbesha ask what happen there and babul tell story there so many years there was upper floor a kotha one time there was in fire and Many dancers had live burned on that time.

People will says they still listen the dancers sound who will go on that floor they will prey for them.partho tell about the dream of anbesh. anbesh say i haven;t been there so why. Babul say so i have to go potulgunj to find the answer.Gurd is sleeping on chair . babul looks from the pillars. partho tell about you need assistant. babul sais you had come here for anbesha. they slowly moved . Gurd listen somesound and see wuith torch.Gurd is pleafding for life infront of the door. gurd is reading some mantra. Babul said about love of anbesh and pratho.they read some notice.they go inside and search on floor.they see the many doll on floor and babul say this is the place where fire caught. pratho say what we will find here. partho is scream after seeing fired curtain.partho is screaming. torched gone and partho see the ladies. Ladies is behined the partho and babul. Babul tell partho there is something behined.

partho runs. Ladies ghost is running towards partho. Partho close eye. Babul see the text written on floor and read it. babul says about the last name of anbesh is palouma. anbesha is hipnotized. tutltul say about the coma. doctor said you are far away from us . rember about college day, school day and go back to past life.anbesh gone on previous life. Doctor ask about about what have you seen. anebesh said i am on potulgunj. doctor said what are you doing there. anbesh tell about i have been here which out my permission. i will run from here. anbesha tell about goldi babu. doctor ask about it doctor give pressure to tell about goldi babu. Anbesh cry i am not anbesh i am ask who were there with you . there is fire with my reason. and surangini died on fire i cannot save her. Doctor ask about suruangini. black soul insert on anbesh and anbesh catch doctor neck and tell surangini is my friend and as my little sister. when she will not take revenge her soul is not became silent.

Anbesh leave doctor soul goes back to doll and doll fall. anbesha is back. Babul and anbesh on car and babul said this handwritten is written with same hand same bangla. anbesh tell about i will not know about the bangla language.

babul tell about surangini to anbesh who is died on fire.she give that address to us where we have to go. they reaches to haveli. babul and anbesha ask is there anyone. someone said i am sure you will come palouma. partho and tutul talk about doll. tultul think and see on doll and tell about anbesh is my best friend . anbesha and babul reach to old woman . old woman ask about plouma and said so you had came daughter. anebsha see photo. and tell old woman and yes mom i am came anbesh tell mom don;t cry and sleep. now i can sleep forever. mom ask about surangini.

Tultul put the doll on dustbin abd back to room. Doll eyes open tutul at room and see the doll again on room. tultul afraid . babul tell about surangini she hadn’t came with us . lady enter on room and ask who are you . she tell about poulma babul tell this is anebesha and she give the introduction she is saloni and she is there to look after amma. she didn;t belive same face as poluma. tutul see the doll and afraid . she try to catch the doll and say what is this. tutul tried to call babul and doll speak don;t call and don’t try . you have tried who will theft your love . you love partho and partho love anbesh don;t do this tultul. tultul cry please stop. she throw the doll on floor and doll break. after doll break tultul see the girl on floor towards her. tultul scream and tried to open the door.girl near tultul and girl cath the tultul face.

saloni tell about surangini and palouma.saloni is worked on calcutaa after sometime surangini also call palouma to calcuta. srungini is worked on subroto das gupta factory as secratery. she also call poluma and workd on same company as receptionst . babul asked about the dream of anbesha and babul asked about subroto das gupta full name. babul said subroto das gupta is not same person who is the owner of potulgunj. amma awake and said don’t send my daughetr to ptungunj. she will not go potulgun. Partho came on room and ask about phone. he search about tultul, he see doll is broken, he tries to wake up tultul. he see the message surangini is back. partho tried to wake up the tultul. amma said anbesha don;t go. i cannot search more. babul and anbesha came back to room . babul ask about tultul.

anbesha tell it’s all about me. babul tell about surangini and palouma connection. babul said if surangini is back where is she been. partho tell about on all qustion there is answer on this doll. now doll is break so potulgunj mystrey will finished with doll. At back there is a ghost. Ghost says i am back poluma . story will not finished yet it had just begning.

Precap :

Kaun Hai 1st July 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Tuttul wake up . tultul say on surangini story there will know on three person. tultul say three person is Plouma, Surangini and potulgunj, anbesha on potulgunj havel and tell i have been there before, anbesh open door . she see surangini…

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Kaun Hain Details

Kaun Hai (Hindi: कौन है) is an upcoming Hindi TV Serial on Colors TV channel. Not Known are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production of Conitloe Pictures. It is Starts/Launch on 29 June 2018, Friday-Sunday, 10:30pm.



Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : Approx 45 Min