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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th March 2017 video watch online HD on 

The Episode starts with Priyam falling down. Gitanjali sees Abhimanyu in him. The people see Priyam falling and hold a cloth. They get Priyam. They ask if he got hurt. Gitanjali runs to him and asks is he fine. He asks her not to cry. Rishabh comes. The man says he is lucky to get saved, Abhimanyu…. Gitanjali asks Abhimanyu. The man says you were shouting Abhimanyu. Rishabh stops him and says I was just trying to know…. She asks Priyam to come. Priyam smiles and goes.

Choti Maa comes to some club. She hears music and goes to pool side. She sees Kavya. She takes Kavya and slaps her. She asks are you not ashamed to do this, you were taking drugs. She covers up Kavya and asks her to come. Kavya says let me live my life. Choti Maa says you have family name linked, you can’t do this. She throws water on Kavya’s face. She asks Kavya to come to senses, you know what will happen if Rishabh knows, he will shoot you, we are going home, its good I got a call, else what would have happened.

Kavya says maybe servant called. Someone comes and says no, I called, not the servant, Kavya gets shocked. Rishabh, Gitanjali and Priyam come home. Rishabh gets angry. Priyam’s mum hugs him. Gitanjali says don’t worry, he is fine. Priyam’s dad says your brother is mad, he is blind and was driving jeep. Priyam’s mum asks Gitanjali does she want to kill her son. She takes Priyam. Priyam refuses to go. Priyam’s dad threatens he will call police. Rishabh looks on.

Some soldiers enter the well and find Rajveer inside the water. They get Rajveer out. Rajveer says Gitanjali, Priyam… The man asks do you remember what happened, its good your mobile GPS was on, we reached here, you are in safe hands. Choti Maa asks Gitanjali to let Priyam go, as his parents are saying about calling police. She asks her to ask Rishabh. Gitanjali says what to ask him, I know what he wants, fine, if you all think this is fine, let them go. She goes.

Gitanjali recalls everyone’s words. She goes to take a shower and cries. Abhimanyu enters the bathroom and comes to her. He calls out Gaura. She turns to see. She wears the bathrobe and comes out to see. She gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu. He says we play hide and seek, we meet in jungles, don’t try to touch this silence, you just feel it, you will just hear someone calling you Gaura. She sees he disappeared.

Its morning, Priyam cries and asks Gitanjali not to let him go. Gitanjali asks him that few things can just be felt, you will understand on own when you grow up. She sees him wearing Abhimanyu’s watch. He asks her to take it back. She see the time. He asks what happened, you left Abhimanyu, now this watch will not work. She hugs him and cries. She asks Choti Maa to allow her to drop Priyam. She leaves.

The servant informs Rishabh. Rishabh gets angry and drinks. He gets angry and says I hated Abhimanyu with all my heart, you chose him, I did not kill him, it was an accident, his fate had death written, he died, too bad, but he is dead now, Priyam is a liar, he is making you dance on fingers, and you are dancing, its his planning. He breaks glass in anger. Gitanjali’s car tyre bursts. Servant says we don’t have stepney, I will go to nearby village and see.

They hear temple bells. Gitanjali takes Priyam. Choti Maa asks Priyam’s mum to relax, and sit in car, Gitanjali did not kidnap Priyam. Gitanjali prays to Lord and says Shiv ji and Parvati met each other in different avatars, did Abhimanyu came in front of me, heart asks me to believe, mind wants proof, end this confusion. The bells ring and wind blows. Gitanjali looks around.

They all reach the village. Gitanjali and everyone go to car garage. The man tells about his moustache. The man checks car and says you will not get such costly car tyre, but don’t worry, you will get it in my car. He sees a sign on the car, and says I repaired such car before also. Gitanjali asks which car. The man says it was black car, a man came in soldier’s uniform, maybe car brakes were damaged, I told him, he said its fine I will get it repaired later, he gave me money and went. Gitanjali says it means Abhimanyu came here that day.

Choti Maa says then Priyam would be knowing it, sorry Abhimanyu, tell me do you remember him. The man says he is just a little boy. Choti Maa says he is same soldier, he tells so, I m not joking. The man asks what. Choti Maa says its true, tell me what’s this man’s name, did you identify him. The man says he can’t forget my name, he laughed hearing my name and seeing my moustache, if this boy is his avatar, he will remember my name.

Gitanjali says don’t trouble Priyam. Choti Maa says you only say he is Abhimanyu. She sees Priyam and so tell this man’s name Abhimanyu. Gitanjali asks Priyam to recall and say. The worker says tyre is fixed. Choti Maa says I m glad that Gitanjali will not be hurt now, let Priyam go. They sit in the car. Choti Maa asks Gitanjali to drive. They leave. Priyam waves to the man and calls him out. The man says I agreed, you are the real avatar. Gitanjali stops the car and looks at Priyam.

Priyam smiles. He asks did you not understand till now. Gitanjali drives back to home. Rajveer is treated in hospital. Doctor says you can’t go.

Gitanjali tells Rishabh that Priyam is Abhimanyu, I will not let him go. Priyam’s parents argue. Gitanjali asks them what is their price. She asks Munshi to give them any price, but Priyam won’t go. Priyam’s mum says our son is not on sale.

Rishabh says we will buy your son, I always fulfilled Gitanjali’s wishes, if she wants this boy to stay here, he will stay here. Gitanjali hugs Rishabh. He asks them to call police if they want but they will ask you about mistreating Priyam. Priyam’s parents agree to sell him. Gitanjali says you will get the price. Priyam stops her. He thanks his parents for raising him and asks them not to take price for the love, you just leave. Rishabh says we will legally adopt him, then you will leave and forget him. He asks Munshi to prepare papers. He hugs Gauri.

Rajveer says Gitanjali…. they are dangerous, they have some other plan, don’t know what, its big danger, stay away from them. Doctor asks Rajveer not to go. Rajveer takes his clothes and runs. Munshi says lawyer made adoption papers. Choti Maa asks Rishabh to think again.

Rishabh says he is sure. Kavya asks Gitanjali is she sure. Gitanjali says yes, Munshi ji make the cheque, I will sign. Rajveer drives the jeep and is dizzy. He says Gitanjali they are trapping you, you will be trapped, don’t believe them. Gitanjali signs the cheque and gives them. Priyam gets away from his parents. He says you would have not sold me if you were my parents, I m not Priyam form today, I m Gaura’s Abhimanyu. His parents leave.

Rajveer reaches there. Kavya holds him and asks are you fine. He asks about Priyam. She says our family adopted him, his parents left. He asks what, where is Gitanjali. He walks upstairs. He hears Priyam whistling Lag jaa gale and holding Gitanjali’s hand. Rajveer stops. Abhimanyu is seen in Priyam.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gitanjali says you will stay with me here. Priyam says but no one likes me here. Chanda tells about Chandelier’s loose rope. Choti Maa smiles and talks to Abhimanyu/Priyam. She asks are you really Abhimanyu. He goes ahead and stands under chandelier. Gitanjali sees him.

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