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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 12th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Gitanjali saying you will stay with us now. He says no one likes me here. She says everyone will like you. He says like last time, after our marriage, they accepted me. She says I called you many times, you came in this innocent avatar, don’t know what to name our relation, you are a small kid, we have many years difference, but I promise I will always take care of you. He asks will you leave me. She says no.

She removes his shoes and makes him sleep. He holds her hand. She thinks of Abhimanyu. Kavya holds Rajveer and asks what’s wrong with you. He says tell Gitanjali she is doing wrong. Rishabh asks servant to take Rajveer to room. Kavya says he was saying… Rishabh asks her to go to her room.

Kavya goes to Gitanjali and asks what do you want,Rajveer is emotionally hurt, do you want him to die, he is my friend too, he loves you since childhood, I can’t see him hurt, he cares for you, did you see his state, he is injured and saying your name. Gitanjali asks where is he, I did not know about him.

Chanda takes haldi milk for Rajveer. Rajveer refuses. Gitanjali asks him to have milk. He says I went to Priyam’s house. She asks what are you doing and why. He says I will explain later, that boy is hiding something, he is not right. She says he is a small innocent kid, his parents can be wrong, they are greedy, he is Abhimanyu. He says he is not Abhimanyu. She says that boy knows everything about Abhimanyu, have milk, leave all this. She feeds the milk to him and talks of their childhood.

She asks him not to get hurt for her. He asks her to say it, should he wait for her or not. She says I don’t know. Rishabh comes there. She leaves. Rishabh says she does not want you to interfere in any matter. Rajveer says Priyam’s parents. Rishabh says they left, matter is over. Rajveer says no, matter does not end here.

Priyam’s parents come home. They tell people that they left Priyam to his Mama’s house. Rajveer says I have seen something strange in that house. Priyam’s parents remove the pics from the board and throw the pistol in well. Rajveer says I have seen pistol too. Rishabh asks why did you not go to police. Rajveer says someone has hit on my head and I fainted. The clocks ring.

Priyam’s parents burn all pics. Priyam’s dad says its dangerous, we have to tell them, get a pen and paper. He posts a letter. Rajveer says I will investigate this case. Rishabh says no need, I know you are doing this for Gitanjali, can you take her away from this darkness, can you drag her to mandap and marry her, can you make her your wife. Rajveer says no, I love her, and I can’t force her. Rishabh says you can’t become a man. Rajveer says I don’t care what you say. Rishabh taunts him. Rajveer says I m not Rajput, but I m army officer, manhood is not just to Rajputs, you can never understand an officer’s commitment, till I expose Priyam’s secret, I will not sit quiet.

Someone comes to Priyam’s parents and kills them. Gitanjali wakes up and gets scared. She takes a torch and looks around. She sees Priyam and gets scared. Priyam says there is someone across the wall, just go there and hear. Gitanjali tries to hear and gets scared. Priyam asks who stays in these walls. She recalls his words. They fall down.

Its morning, Abhimanyu comes to her and fills sindoor in her maang. He wishes her happy holi. He asks will you not apply color to me. Her imagination ends. She sees Priyam. He applies color to her. She says I will beat you. He asks her to catch her first. Chanda collides with her and sees color in her maang. She asks did the boy fill sindoor in your maang. Gitanjali looks at herself in the mirror.

Chanda and servant argue. Choti Maa asks about Kavya. The servant says her friends came in jeep and took her along. Choti Maa worries. The guys stop the jeep. Kavya asks why did you stop the jeep, we were going your home. The guy says why to wait till reaching home, we will play holi here itself. Kavya scolds him and slaps. Choti Maa says Rishabh should not know this. Rishabh asks what are you hiding.

He asks where is Kavya. The guys try to molest Kavya. Kavya shouts for help. Rajveer hears her and stops the jeep. Rajveer beats the guys. He offers lift to the girl. He gets shocked seeing Kavya.

Rishabh scolds Choti Maa. She says she does not understand anything. He says explain her, she can’t do this. Rajveer comes home with Kavya. Rishabh asks where were you. He raises hand. Rajveer holds his hand. Gitanjali hugs Kavya. Rajveer says protecting women is called manhood, not forcing them, I came to drop Kavya safe, ethics are not just of Rajputs. He leaves. Gitanjali asks Rishabh not to get angry today, I promise Kavya will not do such mistake again. Kavya apologizes.

Rishabh says its okay. They wish happy holi. The man gives bhaang to servant. Gitanjali asks Rishabh to play holi with them, forget all annoyances, I want to see you singing, dancing and smiling. Rishabh agrees. He sings Holi khele…….and dances.

Abhimanyu plays dhol and walks in, with face colored red. He applies color to Rishabh. Rishabh recalls Abhimanyu and holds his hand. Abhimanyu asks Rishabh to remember him. Rishabh asks where did you hide, come in front of me. Gitanjali asks what happened. He says Abhimanyu came here, he applied me color. She says there is no one here. She hears the whistle. She gets a letter from a man. She reads Priyam’s dad’s letter asking her to meet. She rushes to meet him.

Rajveer takes police to Priyam’s house. Rajveer gets shocked seeing kids’ study charts on the board, and toy gun. Rajveer says I have seen something else that day. Gitanjali waits at the temple. Rajveer gets suspicious. The village people stop him and leave.

Chanda tells Choti Maa that chandelier will fall one day, the rope is very loose. Choti Maa smiles. Someone cuts the rope. The boy gives Priyam’s father’s note to Gitanjali. She reads Priyam’s life is in danger. She rushes home.

Choti Maa goes to Priyam. He gets scared. Gitanjali says I should have not left Priyam alone. She gets stuck in traffic. She calls home. Choti Maa takes Priyam and asks him to play a game, they can get friendly. She asks him questions to make him walk to the place right under the chandelier. She asks why did you come here, you came here which is imp than Gitanjali, tell me. He stops. She asks him to say. He smiles.


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Servant says I have seen Abhimanyu. Gitanjali comes home and sees chandelier falling over Priyam. She shouts Abhimanyu.

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