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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Priyam talking to servants and playing with them. Priyam and Chanda go to hide. Sevakram says Choti Maa went for shopping and made me stuck here with this boy. Priyam asks him to follow the sound of his clap. Sevakram asks them to clap now. Chanda and Priyam clap. Priyam asks Chanda to come there. He asks Chanda to get inside the cupboard passage. Chanda asks what’s this place which I did not know till now. Priyam locks her and smiles.

Choti Maa asks servant where did Chanda go, call her parents and find out. Sevakram says Chanda is nowhere. Kavya tells Rishabh that Chanda is missing. Sevakram says Priyam was playing with Chanda. Rishabh gets angry and asks Priyam where is Chanda, where did you take her. Gitanjali says leave him, don’t do anything today,

his parents died. Priyam gets shocked and cries. He runs to room and shuts door. She asks him to listen to him. He asks her to go. She asks will you not listen to your Gaura.

Priyam cries and asks who killed my parents, tell me, did Rishabh kill them. She says no. He says they would have got hurt. She recalls them and gets shocked. She says no, they did not get hurt, they were sleeping and dreaming, while they died. Priyam says Rishabh hates me, Choti Maa does not like me, now I got alone. She asks can you be alone when I m here. He asks where will I go when I get scared. She asks why, there is no one here. She says you got my knife also, where will I if I hear sound from walls.

She recalls his words. He asks her to say. She hugs him and says you won’t get any noise, you won’t get scared. Someone knocks the door. Rishabh asks who is it. Gitanjali and everyone come. They go to living room. Chanda knocks the book shelf. Servant moves it. Rishabh asks about the door, what’s this Choti Maa. She says I m seeing it for the first time. Chanda comes there dressed as bride. Gitanjali says Ragini… and moves back. They all get shocked seeing Chanda. Gitanjali asks what were you doing there. Chanda faints.

Gitanjali goes to Chanda’s room. Kavya says don’t ask anything. Gitanjali stops Chanda and asks her to answer questions. Chanda says we were playing hide and seek, Priyam showed me the way, I went there. Gitanjali asks her whom did she meet there, who gave these clothes. Chanda says Choti Maa was inside. Choti Maa asks why are you lying. Kavya asks what nonsense, you said it was darkness there. Chanda says I heard Choti Maa, she threatened me, she said she will kill my child. Gitanjali gets shocked. Chanda asks what would I do, I was scared, I did what Choti Maa said.

Choti Maa says why will I go there, Chanda has illusion. Gitanjali argues and says it means just you are true, will you say Chanda is lying, what were you doing there, how did you get Ragini’s clothes. Choti Maa says I won’t answer. Gitanjali says you have to answer. Choti Maa says fine, I will tell you who is Ragini. Rishabh says enough Choti Maa, you want to know who is Ragini, I will tell you, Ragini is an illusion, you want to know where Ragini disappears, she did not come in this haveli, she stays in your mind, you are getting cheated, you can’t face the truth. Gitanjali asks what truth. He says truth of Abhimanyu’s truth. He shows her the cupboard which she kept till now. He asks her to throw everything out.
Gitanjali cries. Rishabh holds her and says I m hurt to tell this to you, but if you don’t accept reality now, you can cross the limits of madness, from where I can’t call you back, please come to senses, I beg you.

Choti Maa goes to Rishabh. He gets angry and says your mistake would have got costly. He says everyone fall weak sometimes. He says no, we have to be united, even if you hate me, you have to stand with me, else everything will be ruined. She asks why do you think I hate you. He says I know what you said about me and Chanda, I know you will cheat me and this family one day, its in your blood. She says I would have said about Ragini. He says there is someone else in this room except us. Choti Maa turns and sees Priyam. Priyam says don’t worry, I did not hear anything, I know, I m feeling bad, the day was bad, you have to keep courage, coming days will be more tough. He says Rishabh, now Ragini will take Gaura to tell truth of Abhimanyu’s murder, stop her if you can. He whistles and goes.

Gitanjali thinks of Abhimanyu and thinks what’s true, what I see or what they say, am I getting stuck in some trap, whom shall I trust, I feel I m going mad. She cries and recalls Rishabh’s words. She thinks of Priyam’s words and thinks Ragini will take me to Abhimanyu’s murderer.

She goes to the living room and goes to the book shelf. She says I will get some way that takes me to truth. She goes to the secret passage. Rajveer sees Kavya drunk. She asks for whom did you come here. He asks her to come to senses. She reminds him that he can do anything for Gitanjali, as he loves Gitanjali a lot. Gitanjali hears their conversation, which echoes in the passage. Kavya says love can make anyone cross limits, like you wanted to kill Abhimanyu, I can kill Gitanjali for you. Gitanjali says what, Kavya loves Rajveer and can take my life for him. She gets shocked. Rajveer says enough of your nonsense, I m going to meet Gitanjali. Kavya says Gitanjali hates you, she won’t see your face, I know you will come back to me, then I will take revenge.

Gitanjali walks ahead and gets to hear sound from Rishabh’s room. She hears Rishabh hearing Ragini’s recording. Rishabh and Ragini have a sweet lovely conversation. Rishabh cries hearing Ragini. Gitanjali says Rishabh said there is no secret of his life which I don’t know. She cries and says what will I get to hear today. Rishabh asks who’s there. Gitanjali walks ahead. Priyam says I m coming Rishabh, I won’t let you live in peace. Gitanjali says Priyam. He hears her and calls her out. He knocks and asks who’s there. She runs ahead. The torch light switches off. Gitanjali runs back. She runs and finds a door. She pulls and opens it. She sees Choti Maa meeting Chanda’s husband Radheshyam. Choti Maa pays him money. Choti Maa asks him to go, don’t forget you are missing since Abhimanyu’s murder, you will be saved. He says you are scared that you will be caught, so you kept Chanda here. Choti Maa goes and gets some more cash. She throws money and asks him to go. He asks her to send money, else he will come. She asks him to leave. He asks her not to worry for Gitanjali, this time I will stab her face. Gitanjali’s phone rings. Choti Maa asks him to leave. She turns and sees Gitanjali hiding inside the cupboard. Gitanjalo cries. Choti Maa locks the cupboard and goes. Gitanjali shouts to Rishabh and Priyam. She thinks there is no way to go out from here, I have to go by library door. She runs back. She uses her asthma pump and says how shall I go out, so much darkness, I have no torch, I have to go for Abhimanyu’s sake, to reveal his murderers. She runs to the library door. Choti Maa reaches there and locks the door. She places the book shelf. She hides the keys.

Choti Maa plays bhajan. Gitanjali shouts to Rishabh and Priyam. Rishabh wakes up and asks who is it. He calls out Sevakram and Chanda. Gitanjali asks is anyone hearing me. Kavya puts ear buds and sleeps. Priyam gets disturbed. Gitanjali knocks the wall and shouts Priyam. Sevakram asks Choti Maa to lessen the music, everyone will wake up. Rishabh asks Choti Maa did she get mad to play bhajan in such loud voice. Choti Maa asks don’t I have this right. He goes to stop it. She says now this won’t stop, if you stop me, I will leave this house. He says I will get mad, I can’t bear this, I will go out. Choti Maa smiles. She asks Chanda to wake up Kavya and tell her to go somewhere. Gitanjali shouts for help. Her asthma pump falls. She looks for it.

Choti Maa thinks sorry Gitanjali, I know its not your mistake, you have to pay for the crimes you did not do and did not know, its the punishment of being the daughter of this house, many people died here, today one more. Gitanjali asks someone to get her out, I have to tell Choti Maa’s truth to everyone. The bhajan stops. Gitanjali shouts to Priyam. Priyam hears someone knocking. He gets shocked hearing Gitanjali. He asks who is inside. Gitanjali asks him to get her out of there. He asks how did you go there. She says I will tell later, open library door fast, Choti Maa should not know it, she has locked me. He asks her to reach door, have courage. He runs out. Choti Maa plays bhajan again. She turns and sees Priyam. She asks what are you doing here. He asks what are you doing here. She asks him to go. He goes to room. He knocks and asks Gitanjali is she there, say something. He worries for her. Priyam runs out and says what shall I do, how to save Gaura, she may die. She shouts to him and gets dizzy.

Choti Maa tells Kavya that she locked Gitanjali in the walls passage. Priyam enters the passage. Choti Maa says she has seen me with Radheshyam. Priyam looks for Gitanjali.

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