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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 18th March 2017 video watch online on 

In this episode of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai you will watch Servant says I have seen Abhimanyu. Gitanjali comes home and sees chandelier falling over Priyam. She shouts Abhimanyu. Stay Tune with us .

The Episode starts with Choti Maa asking questions to Priyam. She asks are you Abhimanyu. Priyam walks under the chandelier. Gitanjali gets shocked seeing the chandelier falling down. She saves Priyam in nick of time. She argues with Choti Maa. Rishabh hears them. Gitanjali takes Priyam and asks him to sleep. He says I know you are worried, you don’t know to lie, I told you none likes me in this house. She goes out. Choti Maa stops her and asks Gitanjali to see her love in eyes. She says I have raised you, I loved you so much, you think all my love ended, you think I can hurt Priyam. Gitanjali cries and says I don’t know, Priyam is claiming to be Abhimanyu, whose letter was it. Choti Maa asks are you doubting me. Gitanjali says sorry, I just don’t want to lose Abhimanyu again. She hugs Gitanjali and cries.

Rishabh recalls Abhimanyu’s words. He hears servants talking about Abhimanyu. Chanda scolds servant. She asks him not to tell anything in front of Gitanjali. He says I swear I have seen Abhimanyu. Rishabh hears the clocks ticking.

Its morning, Priyam asks Gitanjali to tell him what to wear. She asks him to wear anything. He says you used to tell me what to wear. She says this one. He says fine, I will wear which you said, get ready, I m waiting. Chanda looks on. He goes. Chanda says shall I say something, will you feel bad, Priyam is always after you. Gitanjali says he is a kid. Chanda says he is a kid, but he does not believe so, sorry if I said anything wrong. She goes.

Rishabh goes to meet Rajveer. Rajveer is training his cadets. Rishabh asks how are you, you did not come home to meet Gitanjali. Rajveer says you did not come to say this. Rishabh says no, I came to talk about Priyam. Rajveer says I did not get anything in Priyam’s house, I should have not interfered, if Gitanjali does not want. Rishabh asks his help. Rajveer says Rajputs do not ask help. Rishabh says today a brother is asking for your help, Gitanjali is getting trapped by Priyam, now she is sure that Priyam is Abhimanyu.

Rajveer says I m sorry, but I can’t help you, you came to a wrong man. Rishabh says you are right, I was wrong, I thought you are a real soldier to face any problem, but you are a coward, you know Gitanjali needs you, just we Rajputs know love. Rajveer asks cadets to do the impossible, nothing is impossible for a soldier. He does the drill himself and says nothing is impossible for an army man.

Priyam goes to Gitanjali. She asks what are you hiding, show me. He shows anklet and says your anklet, you forgot again. He makes her wear the anklet. She asks where is the other one. He says I don’t have, its there. She goes to the jungle.

She sees Abhimanyu. He shows her the anklet. Lag jaa gale……plays………… They sit in the boat. He makes her wear the anklet. He kisses her. They get close. Chanda asks Priyam about Gitanjali. He shows Gitanjali lying unconscious on the boat. Chanda gets shocked and shouts. Everyone see Gitanjali from terrace and shouts.

Rishabh and Rajveer come home. They hear Kavya shouting and rush to see. Rajveer runs to save Gitanjali. He asks Gitanjali to open eyes. He gets Gitanjali back. They all ask her to open eyes. Gitanjai says Abhimanyu came and he left me again. Priyam smiles. Rajveer says you said right, Gitanjali needs us. Rishabh recalls Choti Maa’s words.

Chanda says its good Rajveer saved you. Rishabh comes to talk to Gitanjali. H says Rajveer came, you go out with him, he is your childhood friend. She refuses. He says its his birthday, go. Priyam comes and looks on. He hides from Rishabh.

Kavya meets Rajveer and gives him birthday greetings. She teases him and asks him who is her competition. Gitanjali comes and wishes him. He thanks her. She asks where to go. He says nearby. Kavya says so dinner plan is made, can I come along. Gitanjali says yes. Choti Maa says Kavya won’t go, you both go and enjoy. Gitanjali leaves with Rajveer. Kavya asks what’s your problem. Choti Maa says I don’t want you to come between them.

Gitanjali asks Rajveer why are you silent, you did not talk anything. He says I m thinking, we are together after many years, we used to sit under table and have cake. Priyam gets up from back seat and says yes, I also like cake, happy birthday buddy, are you annoyed that I came, can I come. Rajveer says yes, come.

Kavya says Abhimanyu came between Rajveer and Gitanjali already, I like Rajveer, he is eligible. Choti Maa says you are wrong. Kavya says you hate me. Choti Maa says Rajveer is for Gitanjali, he is not interested in you. Kavya says he is interested, but Gitanjali is not interested in him, why don’t I get anything, why always Gitanjali. Kavya argues with her. Rishabh asks them to come along instead arguing, else we all end up hurting each other.

Gitanjali asks Priyam to dine well. Rajveer says you never leave Gitanjali alone right. Priyam says I came back for her. Doctor tells Rishabh that rebirth is a puzzle which none could solve. Gitanjali asks Rajveer what did you think about marriage. Rajveer says girl is required for marriage. She says you are good looking, you are a major in army, you belong to a good family, any girl will be ready to marry you. He asks anyone and looks at her He says I know a girl since childhood, she did not agree till now, I m ready to wait, she does not tell me to wait or not, tell me, shall I wait. Priyam looks at them. She says I will go washroom and go.

Priyam asks did you feel bad, you loved her a lot, and had her pic in pocket. Doctor says old house, friends, talks, which none did not know except them. Priyam reminds Rajveer the old moment. Abhimanyu teases Rajveer about Gitanjali’s pic. Priyam says I have stolen your Gitanjali and you could not do anything. Gitanjali comes back and asks what were you talking. Choti Maa asks does rebirth has no truth. Doctor says I don’t believe anything without proof. Rishabh says its nonsense.

A baba comes to haveli. Chandra screams seeing him. Servant asks baba to leave. Baba says there is a spirit in this house, a reincarnation. Servant says true, tell me how many spirits are there. Chandra and other servant laugh seeing the head servant getting scared.

Rajveer cleans the food from Gitanjali’s lip. Some men comment on them, saying they look Romeo and Juliet, maybe they have run away from home, but a child is also with them. Gitanjali asks Rajveer to not fight. Rajveer says fine, we will not stay here. The man says he got angry, I think we have to apologize. The other man teases Gitanjali. Rajveer gets angry. Gitanjali stops him. Rajveer and Gitanjali start leaving. The man stops her. Rajveer scolds the man. The man holds Gitanjali’s hand. Priyam takes a bottle and hits on the man’s head. He says if you touch my Gaura, I will kill you.

Doctor says its same habit, to get violent and fight on small thing, its similar things seen in this case, I hope I helped. Rishabh says no, you just told us we have to help ourselves, we all are caught in big trouble. Manager asks what’s all this. Rajveer says the men were teasing Gitanjali. Priyam says I have broken the bottle on his head, what would you do if anyone teases your wife, I have done this. Gitanjali asks Priyam to leave this, and takes him.

Servant asks Lord to protect him, how will I get saved. He goes to sleep. He gets scared and chants mantras. Other servants scares him as ghost. Choti Maa comes and asks what happened. She sees Chanda and others. She asks what’s happening. Rishabh asks what’s happening. Gitanjali, Rajveer and Priyam come home. Kavya asks Priyam how did he get hurt, and asks Chanda to get aid. Gitanjali asks Priyam why did he break bottle on that man’s head. Priyam says he teased you. She says Rajveer was there. He says but he did not save you, I saved you, let that man die. Rishabh says you broke bottle on his head, you did good, you proved you are a Rajput. She asks what are you explaining the kid, are you in senses. Rishabh goes.

Gitanjali takes Priyam to room. She says if you raise hand on anyone, I will not bear it, promise me. He says no, I can’t. She says you are not Abhimanyu, you are Priyam. He says its not true. She says truth is you are a 6 year old, and I m 28 year old girl, we have no future together, make your future. He says you are my future Gaura. Rajveer comes and gives first aid box. Priyam asks Rajveer to forget her, Gaura is just mine. She shouts Priyam. She recalls Chanda’s words. She says Rajveer you asked me how long to wait, not anymore, will you marry me. Rajveer and Priyam get shocked. She says I m ready, tell me, will you marry me.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishabh calls out servant. He takes sword and waves. He holds someone’s legs and gets shocked.

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