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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu coming to Gitanjali and saying I will sleep here today. She shows him a knife and says his intentions are bad. She warns him to leave. He catches her. She scolds him and asks him to leave. He pushes her on bed and says I have no interest in you. She asks did you come to play cards here. He thinks she can get attacked again, I can’t tell her, don’t know how will she react. He says we are husband and wife in world’s eyes, I won’t go. She says don’t know what will you do to keep up drama, I will leave. He stops her and ties her with ropes.

She asks him not to come close, he is doing wrong. He gets close to her and picks pillow, saying I will sleep down. She says I will see you. He says good night and sleeps. Its morning, Gitanjali wakes up and looks for Abhimanyu. He gets breakfast. She recalls Abhimanyu getting breakfast for her. FB shows Abhimanyu getting breakfast. He sits and offers her a tea. He asks her to open eyes, dreams are something else. Tea falls on them. She asks him to clean it. FB ends. She says no one made tea for me, I made tea for people, I got emotional.

He asks do you get emotional for tea also, I thought you get emotional for money. She says everyone has emotions. He says I got this so that you end this soon and prepare for evening, everyone will see you. She says everyone will see my Jalwa. He asks her to come as Gitanjali, your training will begin now.

He asks Choti Maa to get to work, you have to make Chamki as Gitanjali completely. Choti Maa says I made this possible in one day, Gitanjali was princess, this girl is illiterate. He says person’s habits change if they get a reason. He shows her a reason. She says Kavya… He says I have sent Kavya to shop for Chamki’s clothes, Radheshyam is after her, if you don’t agree, anything can happen to her. He calls Chanda and asks her to keep an eye on Choti Maa. He taunts Choti Maa, calling her a servant. She goes to Gitanjali and asks her not to have sugarcane.

She says its Gitanjali’s birthday party today, you have to meet guests as Gitanjali, I will train you. Gitanjali asks her to run away. Choti Maa asks Abhimanyu how is this possible to make her Gitanjali. He asks Chamki to cooperate. Gitanjali says its tough for me, tell me what to do. He asks her to listen to Choti Maa. She asks Choti Maa to talk slowly. Choti Maa asks her to behave like Gitanjali.

Priyam smiles seeing the drama. Abhimanyu says I have to go and prepare for party, Choti Maa make her ready. Choti Maa asks Gitanjali to learn greeting people. Gitanjali jokes. Priyam and Chanda laugh. Choti Maa asks her to listen and not joke. Gitanjali troubles Choti Maa. She asks was Gitanjali as drunkard. Choti Maa asks her to stop nonsense and hold wine glass well. Gitanjali says I don’t want to become Gitanjali and leaves. Choti Maa gets angry.

Munshi ji asks someone to do work well, none should get any clue. The man gets Gitanjali’s pic and asks how will entry in party happen. Munshi ji says I will manage that. He calls Rishabh and says work is done.

Rishabh hears Priyam laughing and says its time to turn their laughter into sorrow. Gitanjali refuses to wear such dress. Choti Maa says its classy dress, Kavya call Abhimanyu. Gitanjali agrees to wear the dress. She changes and comes. Choti Maa teaches her walking. Gitanjali does makeup to Chanda and says Chanda looks rangoli. Chanda screams seeing her face.

Rajveer sees a cameraman and thinks who is he taking pics of haveli. He follows the man. He calls to get car details. Abhimanyu thinks I have to protect Chamki, maybe she will be attacked again. Kalyani likes preparations. The man tells Abhimanyu about CCTV footage, recording is checked, metal detector will find even a needle. Abhimanyu says my wife is high profile, its because of enemies, keep an eye on everyone, give ids to staff by checking them well. The man gives the ids and asks assistant to note their names. Kalyani says the newspaper will have much written about this party, everyone’s doubt about Gitanjali will end. Abhimanyu says yes, but Chamki should not do mistake. Bhavani jokes on Abhimanyu’s plan. Kalyani says that girl is sensible.

Gitanjali talks to Sharma ji on phone. Chanda hears her and gets shocked. Chanda calls Abhimanyu and says I heard Chamki talking to Sharma ji, she is going to do something against you all. Abhimanyu gets angry and goes to Gitanjali. He checks her phone and calls Sharma ji. Sharma says your work is done, they all will be shocked seeing this, I made a nice necklace, tell me on whose name to make bill. She says Abhimanyu. The man says fine. She says I have to order such costly necklaces to look like Gitanjali. He scolds Chanda. He asks her to keep an eye on Choti Maa and Kavya.

Gitanjali shuts the door and calls Sharma. She says Sharma ji you act well, its good I saw Chanda, are papers ready. Sharma says yes. Munshi ji asks for a card for his driver. He gives the card to the killer.

Kavya gets ready. Choti Maa compliments. Gitanjali asks is it your birthday, why did you get ready. Choti Maa asks her to behave like Gitanjali. Gitanjali argues. Choti Maa asks her to forget half property, she will get it when she becomes Gitanjali. She asks her to go to room. Gitanjali goes and calls Rajveer, saying Sharma made papers ready. He asks her to get ready, Abhimanyu will want you to become Gitanjali, he will lose in his game, take care.

Guests start coming in party. Rishabh asks did that girl not come till now. Munshi says she left from home, she will be coming, everything is ready. Choti Maa tells Abhimanyu that she did as he said, whatever will happen, that girl will be responsible, ask your spy Chanda I did everything I could. Chanda nods. Kalyani asks Abhimanyu why is he worried. He says if Chamki does mistake, it will be trouble for me. Bhavani says we will be foolish to trust illiterate.

Gitanjali walks down the car. Abhimanyu and everyone get shocked seeing her. She asks Abhimanyu what happened. He reminds her to stay as Gitanjali. She holds his hand. Munshi says she looks like Gitanjali. Rishabh says impossible, she is acting, she thinks she will take Gitanjali’s place, she is dreaming, very soon her dream will break. He drinks. Abhimanyu looks at Gitanjali. Kavya says she looks like Gitanjali. Choti Maa says yes.

Rajveer gets the call. The man says we got car details, I will message it. Rajveer thinks to find the man and his motives, its imp than going in party. Rajveer goes to meet the man. Munshi calls the man and asks how will you get weapon inside. The man says its already inside the party. Munshi tells Rishabh everything is fine. Rajveer sees Gitanjali’s pic on the wall. He gets worried. He asks Gitanjali if she can hear him. Gitanjali does not hear him. He says I have to reach haveli before he…..

Gitanjali greets the guests and asks them to believe what’s seen than what’s heard. Lady asks where did she go. Gitanjali says I have come back, enjoy the party. Kalyani says great, none can say you are not Gitanjali. Bhavani says you are more good than I thought. Gitanjali says you are not so rude, I got a surprise. Abhimanyu asks what surprise. She says I will say. She asks Sharma ji to tell everyone their surprise. Choti Maa asks lawyer? Sharma says we are filing these documents in court, we are appealing all property will be named to Gitanjali again. She says it should be named after Gitanjali, as she is alive, this is gift to myself. Bhavani says I hate fraud people. Abhimanyu stops him.

He calls his lawyer Verma and asks him to say what’s the matter. Verma says we have documents to appeal against their claim, its not proved she is real Gitanjali. Sharma says its nothing like that. Verma says its not so easy, you need my client Abhimanyu’s signatures. Abhimanyu smiles and thinks real player is to confuse enemy, so that she fulfills his motive first, I want her to prove in court that she is Gitanjali. She looks at him.

She goes on stage and says birthday wishes are special, enemy’s fraud can be big, wishes give you strength to overcome problems, this time there are many problems, give me wishes by heart, I have much desire to win, I m so glad to see you all here, I know you all are here to support me and give me best wishes, thanks.

She performs on Aaj ki raat….. Rajveer is on the way. Killer takes the cake to the party. Someone collides with Rishabh. He falls on the table. She gets shocked and shouts bhai. Rishabh hears her and says Gitu…. She sees everyone around busy and gets relaxed. Rishabh says Munshi ji this girl is Gitanjali, she called me bhai, she is my Gitu, stop that man, nothing should happen to my sister. Munshi says how to find him. Rishabh says do anything, nothing should happen to her. Munshi stops killer and says the girl should nt get saved at ant cost. Killer goes and sees Gitanjali. She gets Rajveer’s call. He says you can get attacked in party, killer is around, leave from there. Rishabh walks to the stage. An arrow proceeds to Gitanjali. Rishabh comes in front and gets hit. Shooter gets shocked and runs. Everyone gets shocked. Rishabh falls on Gitanjali. She shouts bhai and sees his back bleeding. She asks someone to call ambulance. She asks Rishabh to get up and panics. She asks someone to call doctor fast. Abhimanyu gets shocked and says Gaura…..


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhimanyu forcibly takes Gitanjali in his jeep. He says I think your lover is coming after you. Rajveer follows and asks her not to worry. She asks him is he mad. He says I will see whether love wins or hatred. Abhimanyu catches Gitanjali and says I will show you what’s love. She asks him to leave her, else he will regret a lot.

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