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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Gitanjali lighting a candle. She hears a woman crying. She goes to see in storeroom and gets scared hearing knocking sounds from a trunk. She opens the trunk and screams. Gitanjali is on the way and panics. She takes the route towards the dead end. Her car breaks down. She relaxes and thinks to get water. She finds the bottle empty and thinks its just dry sand here, no water. She sees a well and thinks its not water there, its an illusion. She gets a call from her brother and says yes, I m at friend’s house, I m not worried, what happened to my sound, I will reach before sunset. She sees some monument type scary place and goes there. She says I have go there, have courage. She screams seeing the dolls hanging to the wall.

Lights flicker and pigeons sound to scare her more. She sees the water and goes to get it. She sees someone’s reflection and shouts who’s there. She gets away and says there is nothing. She self pacifies. Someone from the water hold her hand. She screams and runs away. Someone holds her. She panics and gets dizzy. The man lifts her and takes her out. She says my car broke down here, and I wanted water, I went to the well to get water, there was darkness, I felt like someone held my hand and was suffocating me. He says everything is fine, relax.

She says move back, who gave you right to touch me. He holds her close and says your love gave me right. She asks do you call this love to hide and meet me since 2 years, I have to lie to my brother to meet you, Choti Maa got to know, you keep talking of love here and my brother will fix my marriage with someone. They roll down the sand. He says I won’t let you marry anyone, I will snatch you from everyone. She asks for whom are you waiting then. He says I wanted to hear it from you. She says I m saying today, go and ask for my hand, what happened Captain Abhimanyu Rathore, don’t you have courage or intention. He says I m Rajput, and that too Rathore, I will take you and run away, then see my courage and intentions. She says we will see.

He drops her to her haveli at night. She asks what happened, did you change your motive. He says I will win all promises. She says then come. She goes and hugs Choti Maa. Choti Maa asks where were you, Rishabh asked for you so many times, did you go to meet Abhimanyu, Rishabh will kill us if he knows this. Gitanjali holds Abhimanyu’s hand. Choti Maa gets shocked and says he is the one right. Gitanjali says yes, he is Captain Abhimanyu Rathore. She introduces her younger sister. Choti Maa says Rishabh is at home. Gitanjali says I know, let the storm come today.

She asks Abhimanyu to wait, she will go and get Rishabh. Rishabh is at the wall clock. He hears Abhimanyu’s whistling. He gets angry. Abhimanyu sees Rishabh and Gitanjali’s picture. Rishabh comes and says don’t touch it, its oil painting, not photo, you were whistling right, but why this tune, tell me who are you, why did you come here, tell me, are you mute. Abhimanyu checks his vision. Rishabh holds his hand. The clocks alarm. Rishabh says I can’t see, but I can hear everything, any wave, light sound, hand shiver, or a breath, you will be caught, I caught your hand by the sound of your moving jacket, who are you. Gitanjali says I got Abhimanyu here.

Rishabh holds his hand and says your rough fingers show you have good practice of shooting. Abhimanyu introduces himself as army officer Abhimanyu Rathore. Rishabh takes his class to trap his sister in love. He asks Gitanjali to go, Abhimanyu came home for the first time, we will drink and have a talk, leave us alone for some time. Gitanjali leaves.

Rishabh talks to Abhimanyu. Gitanjali goes to Choti Maa and asks her to do something, I m scared. Choti Maa says I can’t manage, you got Abhimanyu home, you think Rishabh will agree. Gitanjali says he is a nice guy. Choti Maa asks do you know anything about him. Gitanjali says I know, he is a Rajput, he is army officer. Choti Maa says we have provinces, we are a royal family, do you understand. Gitanjali says I will give up my life. Choti Maa says one life will go if you stay adamant, that’s a promise.

Abhimanyu and Rishabh drink. Rishabh says you saved Gitanjali today. Abhimanyu says when I looked inside well, she got nervous attack, we both know her state. Rishabh says she is scared of darkness and I have sunk in darkness, cheers, bottoms up. Rishabh says wait, I just started talking, I m not done. Abhimanyu says I came to talk about me and Gitanjali. Rishabh says I know, have a drink more, its old wine, I know you like old songs, you were whistling an old song, Lag ja gale….. you like it right. Abhimanyu says yes, but why did you get worried hearing it, what’s hidden after it, any secret, or any crime.

Rishabh says a promise, we Rajput are not scared to promise, we just know to keep promise, if you are not true Rajput…. Abhimanyu says to your promise Rishabh and drinks the wine. Rishabh smiles and says you promised that you will leave Gitanjali, we are not equal, forget Gitanjali and don’t come back. Alarm rings. Rishabh asks what’s this alarm. Abhimanyu says its 9. Rishabh says no, its not 9, look back. Abhimanyu sees the clock. Rishabh says remember your promise. Abhimanyu says Gitanjali loves me madly. Rishabh says I know her, she does not love you, your watch does not match with us house clocks, you think you are a good match for her, I will explain her. Abhimanyu says we will see. He leaves. The clock strikes 9.

Gitanjali asks Abhimanyu what happened, did Rishabh agree for our marriage. Abhimanyu says Rishabh reminded many things, he won’t let me marry you, I promised him I will not come after you. She asks what, why did you promise, break it. He reminds they are Rajput. She asks what about the promise made eyes to eyes, Prithviraj made Sanyukta run away, even he was a Rajput. He stops and asks her what’s her decision, it was Sanyukta’s decision to go with Prithviraj, if you have courage, come to me, I will be waiting. He goes. Gitanjali is called by Rishabh. She cries and runs back to haveli.

Rishabh says Abhimanyu is a fraud and clever man, he does not love you. Gitanjali says no, he loves me, you are mistaken. Rishabh says you are blind in love, this relation will not happen, you won’t meet him again. He locks her. She knocks door and cries.

Abhimanyu goes to wipe Gitanjali’s name on the sand. Gitanjali comes and hugs him. He asks her not to go. She says you are a beautiful deceive. He asks who told this to you. She says Rishabh. He pushes her and asks why did you come. She says I love you, how to marry someone else, I don’t know to make fake relations, I have promised to live and die with you, I have seen dreams of our love, how to forget that. He asks if there is love, why this fear in eyes. She asks will you leave me, I have broken relations with my family, will you cheat me. He says if there is no trust, you should have not come. She says I came here as I trust you. He goes away.

Gitanjali is stopped by a lady in procession. The lady asks are you mad, after whom are you running, its all an illusion. The lady disappears. Gitanjali gets scared. Abhimanyu holds her and she gets relieved. He asks do you trust me. She says more than myself. She asks will you regret. She signs no. He says then come, we will marry today itself. Next morning, they go to some temple and marry. She prays to Lord. The diya blows off. Pandit worries. Abhimanyu signs pandit not to say anything and lights diya again, till she prays.

Rishabh aims gun at Abhimanyu. Gitanjali asks Rishabh to stop. Rishabh pushes her and scolds Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says you want to kill me, you will not get peace as you are jealous of Gitanjali’s fate, you did not get someone who loves you madly, I know you love Gitanjali, but I regret you could not understand Gitanjali’s life has place for both of us. Rishabh asks am I jealous, one thing is right, either of us will live, I will be very fair. He says its just one bullet in this revolver now, its all game of fate.

Gitanjali and Choti Maa ask them to stop. They shoot at each other. Rishabh says this is the last turn, I will win if it has bullet. Gitanjali says please Bhai stop, even if either one of you die, I will die, better you kill me, not Abhimanyu. Rishabh shoots and its empty slot. Rishabh laughs and says fate declared his decision, this last bullet has my name written. He asks Abhimanyu to shoot him. He calls him a coward. Choti Maa asks him to stop this madness. Gitanjali says if you die, I will also die. She reminds their childhood, where Rishabh tried to commit suicide because of his blindness, and Gitanjali stopped him from attempting suicide. Abhimanyu shoots in air. The chandelier falls down. Rishabh gets angry and leaves.

Gitanjali goes to Rishabh and tells him that her relation with Abhimanyu is for births, and her relation with Rishabh is of siblings, she will be with Rishabh all his life, why should she choose one of them. He asks are you happy marrying Abhimanyu. She says if you are happy then… He says Abhimanyu is wrong, I m not jealous of my sister’s happiness, I m worried that someone may hurt your heart, you girls and your tears….. Abhimanyu would be waiting for you, go. She smiles.

Abhimanyu and Gitanjali romance in bed. He asks about Rishabh’s connection with the clocks. She says I don’t know his annoyance. He says don’t worry, we will end his annoyance with our love, I promise, his complains with me will get away with his time. She says now all watches will show same time, I have tied everyone’s time together now. He says battery should not go, this one has no battery. She says yes, this clock will run by your heartbeat. He says we have a tradition in our family, husband gives a new name to wife after marriage, I chose a new name for you, Gaura. She smiles. He says my Dada ji used to call my Dadi ji as Gaura, but I love you more, I tied all the sangeet in this anklet, never remove this, till your anklet has sangeet, my heart has beat. They get close.

Its morning, Gitanjali wakes up and sees Abhimanyu getting ready in army uniform. He says I have to go to report to my unit. She asks is it necessary. He teases her. She runs. He runs after her. They laugh. He shows her the anklet. Lag jaa gale….plays…………. He kisses her. They have a romantic moment. Abhimanyu waves to her and leaves in the car. The weather gets stormy. She calls Abhimanyu and asks where are you, when are you coming, I m tensed and feeling strange. Abhimanyu says I m coming, don’t worry, I will reach home at 6 and I have to give you a surprise. She asks what surprise. He asks her to wait. The call ends.

Gitanjali waits for him. She takes sindoor to apply. Abhimanyu comes and applies sindoor to her. She smiles and says don’t love me so much, I m scared, that this dream will break. She hallucinates. She touches her hairline and does not find sindoor. She calls him out and sees the clock striking 6 ….. Much time passes. The power goes. She panics seeing the darkness. She shouts to Choti Maa, Kavya and cries, asking them to switch on lights. She calls out Abhimanyu and falls down. She thinks of his words. She gets a call. A man calls her and asks are you Gitanjali. She says yes. He asks the car number. She says yes, my husband took the car. He says I m inspector, we found your car on highway, the car fell in the lake, maybe brakes failed, we got your number by car registry office, are you listening, come here soon. She gets shocked. The maid gets the candle and gets shocked seeing Gitanjali’s state. She gets shocked and runs to Choti Maa. Gitanjali gets a panic attack.

Rishabh says we would have got him if he was alive. Abhimanyu calls Gitanjali. She sees Gitanjali. Rishabh says if he is alive, why does he not come here. The old lady does puja to call spirit and says its sign of his coming. Abhimanyu says Gaura…….. Gitanjali gets shocked.

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